Real-Life Romance: Tim & Jess


Imagine a young seventeen year old girl heading off to Bible college after a good long stint of running from Jesus. Naive. Impressionable. Rowdy….selfish.

God had his work cut out for me. He still does. I’m grateful that He’s long-suffering. I walked onto campus ready to do things right after doing things so wrong for so long. Everything was new and fresh. 

And I had all these ideas about who I was going to become and what my life would be like. Much of it meant using my dad’s credit cards and not having to get a job during college days. What? I said I was seventeen. 

I was going as a missions major with a heart for India. I was going to marry a missions major. We would graduate and then we would head for the mission field to work with girls rescued from brothels. Children of my own weren’t even on the radar. 

I’m a planner. 

Planning is great. “A man’s heart plans his ways…” Proverbs 16:9 God never said we couldn’t make plans. The plans I had going on were good. God-glorifying.

However, I needed cash. Dad cut me off! And um…I wasn’t selling plasma. Needles. Not happening. Someone told me about working on my own time (good for a planner like me) telemarketing.

Yes, I was one of those people you hung up on…or told dirty jokes to. I have a whole other post on this. But hey, it was money and it was fun. 

One particular evening a blond-haired guy with smart-looking glasses set down beside me. Big blue eyes. Full lips. Wide smile that sent crater-like dimples into his cheeks. I thought, “A shy, smart guy. Cool.” So much better than the perv on my left. 

I was wrong. He wasn’t shy at all. In fact, without the f-bombs, he could have been a white Eddie Murphy. He leaned over my cubicle and made a witty remark about my phone skills and I don’t know if he had the intuition or was just so competitive himself that it didn’t matter, but he challenged me. 

Love to hear my man sing
and the sleeves rolled up…bonus!
What is it about a man with
his sleeves rolled up?

Um…don’t challenge me! Don’t make bets! I get all crazy-competitive. Ask Susan Tuttle and Julie Jarnagin. 🙂  I won btw…making the most calls without hang ups that night.

He offered to give me a ride back to my dorm, and I found out he attended the same college. I’d never seen him before. But later I found out, he’d seen me. 

I declined his offer. 

The next work night, I accepted. We sat in his truck until curfew laughing and talking. I found out he was an Evangelism major which immediately threw him off the radar. I was marrying a missions major. And I told him that. 

I will never forget that smirk and arrogant twinkle in his eye. “Okay.” His tone? Smug. But I let it go. No point arguing.


Me and my evangelist…in Thailand together
ministering to the children!

And then he asked me out for Valentine’s and again, I reminded him. I was marrying a missions major. “Come on, as friends.”


“Alright. But just as friends. I’m serious.”

Arrogant eye-twinkle. Smug smirk. “Okay.”

When he showed up at my dorm, he had a dozen roses, heart-shaped box of chocolate, and a card. Inside I was giddy. On the outside, I frowned. “I said, as friends. This is a friend date.”

“Well, you don’t know me very well yet. I do this for all my friends.” He grinned, opened the door for me and we drove into Branson and had a steak dinner. It was fun, I had to admit. But I wasn’t marrying an evangelist. And I was going to India. 

That evening on the way back to the dorms, he pulled off a secluded road. I knew exactly what that meant. Oh my good gravy! I am not parking with this evangelist! Ack! I remember freaking out inside. He turned to me and grinned. 

“What are you doing?” I asked, a cautious look in my eye. 


Thai kids take ice cream sandwich literally.
They eat it on bread. Look closely!

He fiddled with the radio. “Hop out.”

“I’m sorry, what?” 

“Get out, Jess. Come on.” He opened his car door.

I thought, “Hey, better than the back seat.”

And that’s when he took me in his arms and we danced. Just a sweet, soft slow dance on the side of a road overlooking a field.

Yep, REO Speedwagon blared I Can’t Fight This Feeling. LOL But it was so romantic and sweet and I think at that moment, my heart slipped away.

The following year, we were married. He wrote me a song and sang it to me on our wedding day. 

No, we’re not in India…yet. But we’ve ministered to so many people as a team, a partnership. I can’t imagine my life with anyone else. We laugh, we act like complete idiots…well, I do! Tim is my best friend.  Here’s an example:

That’s a photo he sent me.
My ruts in the yard backing out!

I’m thankful for the latter half of Proverbs 16:9 “…but the LORD directs his steps.” 

Maybe you’re out there and you’re a planner. Like me. Remember, God has your very best interest at heart. And when He changes your plans, it’s okay. You always get something better than what you thought you ever wanted! I’m living proof. 


What was your first date like? I’d love to hear in the comments! And have you ever been on a missions trip before? Where did you go? How did it change your life?

A New Path

I love the beginning
of a new year. I spend extra time with the Lord, meditating on His word and
allowing Him to fill me in on His plans for me for the new year.
I mentioned in my
one word post that I thought maybe God was giving me the word “love”
because I’d been stumbling upon those scriptures often. But He didn’t. He gave
me “joy.”
During these last
few days, I’ve been praying about this year and what it hold for me
spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially. I hope you’re praying about
these things as well.
As I was chatting
with a dear friend and critique partner of mine, Michelle Massaro, she
encouraged me to step out and do something new.
Something that really hadn’t crossed my mind. But after she said it, it stuck
with me. And I began praying about this new path.
On Friday, I kept
going back to the Proverbs 31 woman. She used what she knew, sewing, to help
provide income for her family. She didn’t have idle hands.
On Sunday, God
reminded me of something He’d shared awhile back about my purpose–about what
fulfills me most.
the  Saints.
That’s why I
restructured my blog. I want to be able to do what I love most. In everything I
And then I read a
sermon by John Piper about God’s will. He talked about meditating on the word
and knowing it, so when it comes time to discern God’s will we can line up what
we think we might need to do based on scripture.
Proverbs 31.
I prayed and
finished my study time, but before I closed my Bible, I read this verse.
no one seek his own, but each one the other’s well-being.” 1 Corinthians
If you’ll look to
the sidebar, under PAGES, you’ll see a new one! As of today, I’m offering a
service to others.
Paid critiques and
edits. I think this comes at a great time,
especially for Christian writers who plan to enter the Genesis contest soon.
I’d love to help you make those pages shine!
So give the page a
look and please feel free to share the Critiquing/Editing page on Facebook and
Twitter! I’d love to get the word out. 

Here are a couple endorsements, but there are more on the actual page!

“I was just a newbie writer when Jessica took me under her wing. She critiqued the first 50 pages of my first manuscript, and wow–she provided me with some very eye-opening comments. The best thing about her critique is that I never, ever felt dumb. She offered both encouragement and constructive criticism, but the criticism never came across as negative. Also, she clearly stated her thoughts and gave actual suggestions for improvement. My manuscript and my writing are better because of Jessica and her heart for other writers.” ~Linsdsay Harrel
“Even editors needs editors, and that’s what Jessica Patch is for me. She is the most prolific writer I know, but she’s also got a keen eye for a wide range of edits. I rely heavily on her to help me craft balanced characters with smooth arcs. She has the uncanny ability to spot and draw out subtle spiritual threads, which is invaluable to the writer of Christian fiction needing help beefing up a puny manuscript. She has a gift, and I won’t submit another manuscripts anywhere unless it’s passed under her red pen first.”
–April W Gardner, award-winning author and editor for Astraea Press, represented by Karen Ball of the Steve Laube Agency
If you are
interested, please send me an email at: jessicaropatch(at)gmail(dot)com
Have a great weekend
and please pray for me!
Based on 1 Corinthians 10:24 above, what is one thing
you can do today to make this verse real in your life?
*photocredit for snowy trees with light: freedigitalphotos/papaija2008
*photocredit for way in the lake: freedigitialphotos/EvgeniDinev
*photocredit for road in the park: freedigitalphotos/coward_lion

The End of the World–I Mean 2012!

 Hi everyone, I’m back! I missed you, but I
kept up the best I could through Facebook and some twitter. I hope you had a
wonderful Christmas. I enjoyed spending time with my family–watching Christmas
movies, baking, playing games (even dumb made-up ones by my 8 year
old),Christmas shopping–though I did most of it online. Turned out to be a big
fat waste of time. But other than that fiasco, it’s been relaxing.

I finished my last
WIP the first week of December and printed it. It’s been cooling, but this week
I plan to pull out the red pen and go to town. The most writing-related thing I
did was update my bio for my agent and plotted/toyed with a new story idea.
I read the following

  • Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia &
    Margaret Stohl (the movie comes out in Feb. and I needed to know what it was
    all about it)
  • Courting Morrow Little by Laura Frantz
  • To Write a Wrong by Robin Carroll
  • Short-Straw Bride by Karen Witemeyer
  • To Win Her Heart by Karen Witemeyer
  • Waking Up Married by Kelly Mira Lyn (not CBA)
  • Married By Mistake by Abby Gaines (not CBA)
  • The Merchant’s Daughter by Melanie Dickerson
Southern Fried Sushi Trilogy by Jennifer Rogers Spinola

  • Southern Fried Sushi
  • Like Sweet Potato Pie
  • Till Grits Do Us Part
  • The Forensic Psychology of Criminal Minds by
    Katherine Ramsland (research-nonfiction)
  • Self-Editing for Fiction Writers (a re-read,
    but it never gets old)
  • The Unfinished Gift by Dan Walsh
  • Madily In Love by Lynda Schab
  • If You Have A Craving, I Have A Cure by Sheri Rose Shepherd
  • Crime Classification Manual A standard system for investigating and classifying violent crimes by John E. Douglas, Ann W. Burgess, Allen G. Burgess, and Robert K. Ressler (big manual so I’m still reading)
Okay, enough re-cap.
We say it every
year: “Wow, this year flew by.” I’m saying it again. This year flew
by. I chose one word in 2012, well, I believe the Lord gave me that one word.
Strength. I wrote
many posts about strength or things I learned or was strengthened through. You
can click the tag “strength” on the sidebar and find them. I hope if
you do, that you’ll be strengthened as well.
My big post about my
strength goal can be found HERE. I chose Psalm 84:5-7  to be my year’s life verse. I printed
it.  Laminated it. And posted it on my
bathroom mirror, above my desk, on the fridge, and on my treadmill.
I met some of those
goals. And some I did not.
I’ll be honest, I focused more on the ones I did not
meet than the ones I did. I had a few–okay more than a few–boohoo moments
with God. I wanted to have accomplished everything. I wanted to say I was 100%
successful in fulfilling every single thing He planned for me.
But I’m not perfect.
And I think it was those few days of reflecting, that I realized how much I
wanted to be. I’m not really a perfectionist. I mean, I want things done right
and usually that way is my way…you know…maybe I am a perfectionist at some things.
I say that because you’ve never seen my pots and pans cabinet or plastic wares
cabinet…or my closet…. 🙂
After my mini major,
come-apart. God asked me to not concentrate (for now) on what I didn’t
accomplish but what I did. I’m pretty sure my reply was, “But I didn’t
really do anything!”
I’m also pretty sure
I got the God-stank-eye. Ok, maybe not. No…no I did.
  1. I wrote blog posts
    all year long with just a couple breaks.
  2. I studied in depth
    the armor of God and wrote posts.
  3. I revised a
    manuscript, wrote a proposal, sent it to my agent and it’s on submission.
  4. I wrote a new
    manuscript, revised, sent to my agent.
  5. I wrote another
    manuscript and it’s about to be edited/revised.
  6. I read over 40
    books, not all fiction.
  7. God worked on my
    heart and I let some bitterness and resentment go, allowing God to soothe my
    sore heart.
  8. By doing that, God
    opened up the opportunity for me to find my fit at our church and I wrote a 7
    week bible study/curriculum for new & growing believers called
    F.O.R.W.A.R.D. which launched in June. I’ve been teaching it ever since and
    it’s been amazing. I still feel blown away and honored.
  9. In all that writing,
    I’ve struggled with intense back pain, neck pain and horrendous carpal tunnel.
    I’ve laid on the floor and cried. Kicked. Screamed. And begged God to take it
    all away. I found a woman who’s a Christian therapist and unorthodox to say the
    least who helped me manage it. God’s grace has been sufficient.
  10. I’ve developed and
    strengthened friendships, which I needed.

  1. I’ve been a slacker
    when it comes to better eating and exercise, so I’m dragging that
    failure renewed goal into this year.
  2. I’m going to
    continue to strengthen my relationship with my family.
  3. I’m going to bring
    building my online presence into this new year as well. I’m looking forward to
    meeting new people and developing relationships. And people simply
    fascinate me.

I’ll also be setting
new goals, but that’s for another post when I reveal my new word for 2013. And
I admit to telling God to pick a new word.
A better word. Yeah, I do stuff like
Btw, He said,
“Not happening.”
Figures.  Join me Wednesday for my ONE WORD.
about you? I want to hear a goal, or a few, that you accomplished in 2012. What
was your word if you had one and did it impact your year? Let’s catch up! Don’t
feel bad if you write a “book” in the comments. I want to know what’s
been happening with you!
*photocredit: freedigitalphotos/StuartMiles 

Have a Happy New Year’s Eve! 

The Rhythm Really Will Get Yah

You all know I’m twenty kinds of crazy over my great niece, Crimson! I don’t see her enough sniff sniff, but wish I did. My niece constantly sends me little photos or videos over text. 

This one came late Friday night, I believe. I laughed until I cried. It’s less than 20 seconds. 

I caption it: She’s so tired, but she. just. can’t. help. herself. 

So yes, the song lyrics are true: The rhythm really will get you. 

 What songs do you just 
HAVE to dance to?

Good-Bye Summer

In my neck of the woods, summer is gone. Oh the heat still toys with us, trying to play mind-games on our already fried brains. Fried from heat. Fried from to-do lists, schedules, etc…

This is my last week with my kids before the new school year begins. I’m always nervous for them. Nervous they’ll get picked on, nervous they’ll have rotten teachers with no compassion, nervous they’ll be nervous. Generally, I’m not a worrier.  But this time of year, I am. 

I know God has it all under control. I know He’s promised to take care of them. I trust Him to do it, but those pre-school jitters still get me looking like a drunk marionette. Right now, you’re picturing me as a trashed Pinocchio-ette. Admit it.

This summer has flown by. I mean really. I can’t figure out where summer went. So this week I’m taking a blogging break and I’ll probably be online less, although my iPhone makes it hard. School supplies are bought. Clothes and shoes are purchased and my house is mostly clean. So I’m taking this last week to hang out with my kids and yeah, do some writing when they get sick of me. Depending on how much sarcasm I drop will determine how long it takes before they beg me to go away! 


I’ll be back, you can all sigh in relief now, on Monday, August 6th and we’ll all get to hang out at Cuppa Josie’s in Shelby Lake with Lisa Jordan. Expect a recipe, a super cool ending to the day, and lots of coffee, tea, and pastries! Holla!

Would you rather take math classes the rest of your life with a teacher you like, or creative writing with a teacher you detest? Why?
*photocredit: freedigitalphotos

A Whole Day Cleaning Out the…

Yeah, the pantry. School is starting in two weeks! Two. Two weeks and my house is simply not ready for grumpy heads rising before 6:30 a.m., heading to school to beat the tardy bell at 7:20.

It’s not ready for starving mouths that need after-school snacks and all that goes along with five days of kid-torture.

My pantry was ridiculous.

So maybe I didn’t spend a whole day on it, but I swear I did spend an hour and it’s possible more than one bag of trash went out, I will not admit to any more than one. 

I reorganized my spice rack, moved a few things to different cabinets, shopped for school supplies and got them ready to go in boxes, and basically cleaned house. No, not basically, I did clean house.

I was quiet online yesterday and I got zipola writing done. I will say while dinner was in the oven, I took a break with a cup of tea and Lisa Jordan’s newest book, Lakeside Family. A fifteen minute break. Yeah, it turned into an hour and I admit to laughing out loud and even sobbing tearing up. You can pre-order it! Click on Lisa’s name.

Now that my laundry is done, school supplies purchased, and I can open my pantry without stale chips and moldy bread falling out (I might or might not be exaggerating) I can get back to writing. Oh and I got inspired by Amanda Dykes uber-cool organized desk, so I cleaned mine off and did a little organizing myself! You can read about it at Melissa Tagg’s Tag(g)lines, where she guest posted, HERE!

Do you do a full scrub on your house before school starts up? And even better, if you could be one item in a pantry, what would you be and why?

Research, Chocolate, and Cake!

I’ve been at my mom’s all week, playing with my great niece…she’s a doll I tell ya, a doll! And today, I’m in St. Louis with my sister! 

Yep, it’s a research trip for a new book I’ve been plotting. I grew up a little over an hour away, so I’m familiar, but I haven’t looked at it from a writer’s view and I haven’t been to some of the places my characters will be! 

If you love chocolate desserts and drinks you
MUST CLICK HERE to see where I’ll be!

I’ll be visiting Lafayette Square and Bailey’s Chocolate Bar (which may or may not be research) as well as a few other places my characters will hang out, live, or work!

Saturday is Crimson’s first birthday party! Seems like just yesterday she was born. I blogged about it HERE.

Holding Crimson after she was born!
Crimson a year later! She’s a mess! 🙂

I’m getting her fake food for her new toddler kitchen and a gift card to KFC, since she loves potatoes and gravy from there! Yeah, I’m that aunt! 

Sunday, I’ll be heading home. So with all the crazy busy stuff going on, I’ll be taking a blogging break on Monday, but will be back on Wednesday!

I talked about romance and dog poop over at Lisa Jordan’s blog yesterday. I’d love for you to come by! Lisa’s new website is gorgeous like her!

If someone gave you a chunk of change and told you to visit somewhere fun this summer, where would you go? 

Dear Journal….

Thanks, everyone for all the happy wishes for my anniversary this past weekend! We stayed off our electronic devices, which was nice. 

The winner for Reckless Heart by Amy Clipston is……..drum roll……..

Wendy Newcomb!! 
I’ll be sure to get Amy your email address so she can send you a copy of the book! Congratulations! 
One of my favorite things about school ending is my kids home every day all day the end of the year “stuff”. I love reading through essays and junk neat things my kids wrote. 
When they’re little, they get to journal.  I love to watch the change in handwriting over the course of the year and giggle at their misspellings as well as see their heart. 
Kids take journaling serious. They don’t think to lie or wonder what their teachers might think of their honesty. And that I truly do love. So I thought today I’d share with you some of the things my son, Myles, wrote in his journal. He’s 7. And of course, I think he’s brilliant, but I’m his mom.  I can say, if you read my facebook post, many times they’re of things he says. His unusual ability to be quick-witted and sarcastic without being obnoxious floors me and makes me laugh all the time, but in all honesty, TP and I have always talked to our kids like grown ups, played jokes and retorted with with or sarcasm so they’ve learned it early. 
Be prepared: I’m going to spell it exactly as he did, but you’ll figure it out easily! 
what i do on a rainy day is play my d.s. and i wach tv. and play with my toys.and play jokes on my sister.and i wood paint a chicken.and woch the rain por down. and madey take a nap. and go to bed when it’s bed time.

(a chicken? Really?)

What my family dose whith me is eat dinner. and go to the zoo whith me. and go to the birthday partys whith me. and woch movies whith me. and they pray whith me.

(I teared up at the end of that.)

bucaroo maens hello in texis. because what els would it mean. texis has all cinse of words we don’t know. So buckaroo must mean hello.


i don’t eat turky but my family does. i just eat corn thats what i eat. but i sill have fun. i like being whith my family when we eat. i like to eat whith my family. either don’t eat turky still eat.

(he’s a super picky eater! or as he says, “I’m persnickety about my food, Mom.)

I like Christmas because it’s jecuss birthday on Christmas and being whith family. and my dad makes chocklate chip cookies. and what i get in my stocking and what presents i get. i wander if i get pajamas agin.

(He did!)

I had a great spring break! I went to the zoo and saw the Robotical Dinosaur exhibet. The dinosaurs were awesome! My favorite part was when the dinosaurs spit on me and my mom and she screamed and jumped.

(I did. It shot water. And his writing improved so much!)

What did you love most about school as a child? Have you got a good laugh over reading your kids’ journals and stories from school? 

What’s Happening in Your Neck of the Woods?

My kids have one week of school left! I’m excited because I don’t have to get up quite as early, but to be honest, I’m not looking forward to 8 extra hours of bickering. I’ll probably rent a camper and park it in the backyard. Not sure if I’ll put them or myself in it.

I’m working on revising the 2nd novel I wrote.  I was ecstatic about this book when I wrote it and thought I knew it all without ever reading a craft book (this is where you seasoned writers shout, “Amen!” 

Can I just say…for the love! It’s taking me longer to revise than my other mss because it’s pitiful. PIT-EEE-FULL!

But salvageable.

 The plot is solid. I’m pretty good at plot, I’ve yet to be asked to revise one (I have been asked to revise numerous other things.) 

For example, every key scene for my MCs were in a bed. LOL Nothing going on that shouldn’t, it’s just they ended up in the same room for one reason or another. As I was reading, I was like WTC? And the writing? First I had to go back and nail down whose POV it was going to be in per scene/chapter, because I’m a recovering headhopper (Thanks, Nora. I blame you.) Then I had to print it again and cut scenes. Some were a joke, some were great but not necessary and it was over 100K…almost 120K! I knocked out at least 5,000K just by removing “just”. I might be exaggerating. Probably not.

Then I had to amp up the tension between the two. My main character was too perfect and I wanted him that way when I wrote him, you know before reading a craft book or studying a novel. That meant completely re-writing the first several chapters since their motivations changed. Well his did. Hers is still the same.

Then I had to cut backstory. That knocked most of my word count down. I’m at 95K now (I’ll keep it no more than 100K) I’m still hunting for the right place to enter what I think is important, but haven’t found it, so I just highlight places it might work for when I print it, yet again. I’m almost done with getting it up to par for the kind of first draft I write now…now that I have read craft books, written more, studied more novels and read writing blogs.

I’m not frustrated. It’s been irritating at times, but it’s also been a good laugh and fun to see how far I’ve come and where my strengths and WEAKNESSES lie. And I’ve enjoyed getting to know the characters again, better.

In fact, Julie Jarnagin @JulieJarnagin and I played a #badwriting game one day and tweeted some ridiculous lines we wrote. It was fun and it was a great stress reliever. If you’re interested, tweet some of yours and use the hashtag! 

Practice does make progress!

Oh! This Sunday is my 17th anniversary! I know…I look so much younger. I was a wee babe when I married. I kind of was. 19. So this year I’ve been with my husband longer than I’ve been single. We’ve been together 18 years. We’re probably just doing dinner and a movie, but that’s us. We’re simple. 

Looks like we’re getting a membership to the Country Club again this year. Here’s all the reasons I don’t belong. I wrote this last summer. Top 5 Reasons I Do Not Belong at the Country Club.

What’s going on in your neck of the woods? Summer plans? Anniversaries coming up? Any funny WIP stories?

Tag-a-doodle Doo

I rode this elephant in Burma (Myanmar) Yep. I did.

So it’s very possible I’ve been watching too many Modern Family episodes. One of my favorites is when Cam calls his drink a Drink-a-doodle doo. I say that now. Apparently, it’s carrying over to my post titles. Whatayagonnado?

I want to say thanks so much to Cathy over at Thoughts on Books for tagging me! Whoop! Go check her blog out. Click the red letters. RED LETTERS. 

Here’s the deal: I have to tell 11 random things about me, which I’m not since I already have 10 random things about me on another page (side bar) but…I’ll post 1 random thing, yah know in honor of following the rules. Then I have to answer 11 questions and make up 11 new questions for the people I tag. 

Everyone take a breath with me. 

Random thing about me: I’ve literally scared the pee out of the SAME woman, TWICE! Once, at a lock-in  (thought I was gonna say Band Camp didn’t ya?) I put on for the Women’s Ministry. While they were doing a scavenger hunt in the dark, I hid in the Pastor’s old shower, knowing they had to come there. When they pulled back the curtain….RAAAAAAARRRRRHHHHH! She went home and changed and came back. Priceless! The second time we went rolling/tp-ing houses and I turned the corner and scared her. I laughed then, but I get it now. I can’t jump on a trampoline without wetting myself. Having babies does stuff to yah. Anywho…


Would you rather go for a run or a walk?
Walk. I think better and day-dream better. When I’m running, I’m just focused on surviving.
What is your favorite movie?
I LOVE movies, so that’s a tough one. Right now, Lindsay Harrel and Melissa Tagg are screaming, JAWS! She loves JAWS! But that’s not my favorite. I love too many to have a favorite, but I’ll tell you I’ve seen Underworld: Rise of the Lichens at least 50 times! LOL…And I’ve seen CLUE 50 X 50 times. I just don’t know!
Do you have a pet?
Unfortunately. Let’s leave it at that.
What book in the Bible has moved you the most?
Song of Solomon hands down. HANDS. DOWN. Changed my life with Jesus. In a way that moves me to speak about it.
What is your favorite meal?
All my friends are screaming, “Sandwiches and soup!” They’d be right. I love a hot Turkey club on wheat and a bowl of veggie soup…or potato. LOVE.
If you could go back in time to live, what period would you choose and why?
Well, I’m not good with dates, so it’s hard for me to say a year because even when I’m reading historicals, sometimes I have to flip to the front again to remember what era I’m in. And I can’t tell you any of those years after the book is done. I remember periods by Cowboys and Indians, during slavery, during the war with Germany…or right after, when they wore flapper dresses, victorian–but I’m not sure how long that era lasted and it doesn’t matter I won’t remember if you tell me, Little House times, Dowton Abbey and Gosford Park times, and Biblical times.
I’d like to live during Dowton Abbey times but only if I got live upstairs! LOL I didn’t say Biblical because I’d only get to experience Jesus when He rolled into town. Now I get Him all the time. (Before death that is–after death…well it’s too hot and hard and who cares)
Do you enjoy watching sports? If so whats your favorite?
Ok this has zip to do with sports but DH just asked me if I was going to eat before the circus and I said, “No, my stomach hurts. I don’t know why.”
He grinned. “If you’re eating a lot of salad now, like you say you are, it’s a shock to the system.”
 “Then I’m appalled.” I thought that was funny. I hate sports. I write while my hubby glues himself to football and baseball. Works for us.
Country or City Girl?
I like the country. It’s gorgeous but the truth is, it’s overrun with critters and mice and I’d prefer those things to stay outside my house and pantry. But not the city like New York, because crowds and rushing brings out my pre-saved self. It’s ugly. Real ugly.
What kind of music do you enjoy the most?
I love all sorts of music, but I tend to gravitate towards haunting contemporary music with an acoustic and piano in the background (it’s the Jesse Patch genre), or usually the last song of every Vampire Diaries because I download them all on iTunes! Great for imagining scenes.
Beach or Mountain Vacation?
Mountains are pretty but once you’re up them, what’s there to do but get altitude sickness, see some wildlife, and come back down? Beach.
What author has influenced you the most in your christian walk and why?
Beth Moore because her Bible studies are amazing. When I want deep intimacy, I read Spurgeon. I’m a huge fan of Bob Roe but he only wrote 2 studies before he died. When I found out he was in heaven, I cried. I’m selfish like that. And I love Tozer and R.C. Sproul. That’s more than one, but it is what it is. Oh wait! Jerry Bridges. Not the actor, that’s Jeff. 

My 11 Questions:
1. Chocolate or Vanilla and why?
2. Have you ever shoplifted? Ever thought about it? 
3. Colored polish or French manicure?
4. Where’s the last place on earth you’d want to visit and why?
5. What’s your least favorite food?
6. How many licks do you think it really does take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?
7. Hotels or camping?
8. Which celebrity that is alive (there is no Jesus loop-hole here, people) would you like to meet and why?
9. Do you have a smart phone? Can you live without it? Be honest…okay you can. Would you want to? Be honest.
10. If you could be any animal which one would you be and why?
11. Home cooked or 5 star meal?

I’m tagging EVERYONE, mostly because I want to read all your answers! 🙂 If you don’t blog, do this in a facebook note or post. Or email me. LOL

Hap, Hap, Happy Friday! If you can’t play the game, answer one or more of the questions in the comments!