Love Inspired Suspense

Standalone Novels

Many of these books share characters but do not need to be read in order.

Standalone Novels within K9 Continuities 

K9 standalone novels that are included in the Love Inspired Suspense K9 Continuities. 


The Security Specialists

Their mission is to protect.

Storm Chasers

These heroes and heroines share a love for chasing intense weather but they never expect to get caught in storms of the heart.

Cold Case Investigators

Cold Case Investigators with the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation reopen unsolved homicides across the Magnolia State.

Quantico Profilers

FBI behavioral analysts become deadly targets when profiling criminals and in even more danger in matters of the heart.

Texas Crime Scene Cleaners

The Spencer Aftermath Recovery Team is a private family company that offers trauma cleaning and compassion services to Texan families, communities and businesses after traumatic events. But sometimes, with their law enforcement backgrounds, they see things others missed which puts them into deadly crosshairs.

Elite Protectors

Meet the Elite Protectors. An international bodyguard agency comprised of FBI agents, Secret Service, detectives, and CIA operatives who are good at guarding their clients, but not their hearts when it comes to love.