Dear Journal….

Thanks, everyone for all the happy wishes for my anniversary this past weekend! We stayed off our electronic devices, which was nice. 

The winner for Reckless Heart by Amy Clipston is……..drum roll……..

Wendy Newcomb!! 
I’ll be sure to get Amy your email address so she can send you a copy of the book! Congratulations! 
One of my favorite things about school ending is my kids home every day all day the end of the year “stuff”. I love reading through essays and junk neat things my kids wrote. 
When they’re little, they get to journal.  I love to watch the change in handwriting over the course of the year and giggle at their misspellings as well as see their heart. 
Kids take journaling serious. They don’t think to lie or wonder what their teachers might think of their honesty. And that I truly do love. So I thought today I’d share with you some of the things my son, Myles, wrote in his journal. He’s 7. And of course, I think he’s brilliant, but I’m his mom.  I can say, if you read my facebook post, many times they’re of things he says. His unusual ability to be quick-witted and sarcastic without being obnoxious floors me and makes me laugh all the time, but in all honesty, TP and I have always talked to our kids like grown ups, played jokes and retorted with with or sarcasm so they’ve learned it early. 
Be prepared: I’m going to spell it exactly as he did, but you’ll figure it out easily! 
what i do on a rainy day is play my d.s. and i wach tv. and play with my toys.and play jokes on my sister.and i wood paint a chicken.and woch the rain por down. and madey take a nap. and go to bed when it’s bed time.

(a chicken? Really?)

What my family dose whith me is eat dinner. and go to the zoo whith me. and go to the birthday partys whith me. and woch movies whith me. and they pray whith me.

(I teared up at the end of that.)

bucaroo maens hello in texis. because what els would it mean. texis has all cinse of words we don’t know. So buckaroo must mean hello.


i don’t eat turky but my family does. i just eat corn thats what i eat. but i sill have fun. i like being whith my family when we eat. i like to eat whith my family. either don’t eat turky still eat.

(he’s a super picky eater! or as he says, “I’m persnickety about my food, Mom.)

I like Christmas because it’s jecuss birthday on Christmas and being whith family. and my dad makes chocklate chip cookies. and what i get in my stocking and what presents i get. i wander if i get pajamas agin.

(He did!)

I had a great spring break! I went to the zoo and saw the Robotical Dinosaur exhibet. The dinosaurs were awesome! My favorite part was when the dinosaurs spit on me and my mom and she screamed and jumped.

(I did. It shot water. And his writing improved so much!)

What did you love most about school as a child? Have you got a good laugh over reading your kids’ journals and stories from school? 

30 thoughts on “Dear Journal….

  1. Ha! Those were great!
    Yes, I love reading the journals too–and any writing excerpts the kiddos does. I love to see what's going through that brain of hers. LOL

    1. I agree! Their minds crack me up!

  2. Love that! It's one of my favorite things too, seeing them write down what's in their little minds. Raleigh is my youngest and next year she starts journaling daily for school–I'm the teacher, so I say so:) Her older brother and sister's are tucked away, but they were one of my favorite things to read each year too!

    1. Ha! You say so! Love that!

  3. What a treasure. My kids didn't keep a journal and what I wouldn't give to have something like that to look back at now.

    1. I know I'll be looking back on these often! 🙂

  4. I love reading what my kids write in school. My all-time favorite was when my oldest daughter drew a picture of our house and under it the caption read, "My house is piss."

    I think she meant pretty. 😀
    ~ Wendy

  5. Paint a chicken??? And of course it means hello in Texas…what else could it mean? LOL

    Wendy, I sure hope she meant pretty!!!

    Love these glimpses into your kid's mind, Jess. My children constantly amaze me with what's going on in their heads, and they're 20 and 16 years old. 😀

    1. I know! I have no clue what he meant. LOL I always wonder what in the world my kids will think like in their early 20's and at 16! Scary! LOL

  6. Too much fun – LOVE reading my kids' journals. And his writing HAS improved. AMAZING to watch, isn't it?

    I LOVED school as a kid. In EVERY WAY.

    1. I loved school too! 🙂

  7. So cute!! Cherish those.

    New school supplies was my favorite part of school! Art class and any writing projects were also my faves.

    I don't have any journal entries my son did, but I do have his art work from grade school. I LOVE them!! Such a wonderful glimpse into his imagination.

    1. I loved new school supplies too! Hmmm…which trapper keeper did I want? LOL

  8. How cute! I think your kid is funny, too. I always laugh at your Facebook posts featuring him.

    I loved school as a kid. And I was the strange nerd who actually liked learning. In other words, recess was NOT my favorite class period. 🙂 I loved English, and I loved when we got to write creative stories and the teacher would make them into "books" (aka, put some sort of binding on it). I guess that isn't surprising considering the field I'm in now. 🙂

    1. I loved making books at school too! Myles is a crazy kid for sure! Like his ma!

  9. Okay – HILARIOUS story coming atcha….

    My mom and I were going through all our old stuff and found my brother's 1st grade journal. We started reading and in one entry it said:

    "I love my p.p. I love playing with my p.p. I could play with my p.p. all day long."

    We were literally DYING with laughter. Like can't-breathe laughter, trying to figure out WHAT in the WORLD he was talking about!? We finally discovered, as we continued to read, that he meant Pound Puppy! Remember pound puppies?? Can you imagine how much the teacher must have laughed?! That was for surely brought to the teacher's lounge!

    1. O…M….G!!!!!!!! I had to read this one to the staff it was so funny! That's awesome!

  10. That kid sounds like so much fun. My son is also a "persnickety" eater. He sticks to foods that are beige. :p

    1. beige food! That doesn't even look appetizing! Ha!

  11. Love this. We pull out some of my kids grade school writings and art on the holidays. We just crack up! I have some of it framed in my family room. That stuff is so precious and cute. Great memories for all.

    Your little guy is really special. You may have another writer in the family.

    I always loved the first day of school. Everything was new again. Learning was new again.

    1. Sometimes, I think I might have another writer! I can only hope!

  12. Such sweet entries. Treasure them!! My baby is graduating high school in just a couple of weeks. Images of the past 12 years sweep through my thoughts as tears cloud my eyes. ~sigh~

    1. Sigh too! I can't imagine my babies graduating HS! College! Ack!

  13. I love reading over old stuff like that–and enjoyed reading your examples too. Sweet (spelling attempts and all). 🙂 Happy belated anniversary to you and your hubby!!

    1. Thanks, Carol! We had a great time!

  14. I love your son is persnickety about his eating!! ;-D

  15. LOL…that was awesome! Seriously…kids say/write the funniest stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  16. I actually miss Anna Marie's weekly spelling word sentence-writing assignments (which I guess they think fourth graders are too advanced for) because she wrote the BEST sentences. I never guessed I'd enjoy reading my child's writing as much as I do. It's a little window into their world!

  17. My son came home with "Letters to Famous People" recently. Now, let me say, we do not talk politics in my house. Well hardly ever. We did not put these words into my son's head. He wrote a letter to the president. It said:

    Dear Obama,
    My favorite resuraunt is Subway. I would never tak you there because your not going to President much longer.

    After we laughed really hard about the fact that our son wouldn't take the president to Subway, we had a talk about respecting our president whether we agree with him or not.

    For the record, I'd love to take Mr. President to Subway. I'd even buy for the chance to chat with him.

  18. I got a nice laugh, Jessica!

    At my kids school we always had a fall carnival called Buckaroo Fun Night–my kids LOVED it. I tolerated it. 🙂

    Aloha! –Cheryl


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