Research, Chocolate, and Cake!

I’ve been at my mom’s all week, playing with my great niece…she’s a doll I tell ya, a doll! And today, I’m in St. Louis with my sister! 

Yep, it’s a research trip for a new book I’ve been plotting. I grew up a little over an hour away, so I’m familiar, but I haven’t looked at it from a writer’s view and I haven’t been to some of the places my characters will be! 

If you love chocolate desserts and drinks you
MUST CLICK HERE to see where I’ll be!

I’ll be visiting Lafayette Square and Bailey’s Chocolate Bar (which may or may not be research) as well as a few other places my characters will hang out, live, or work!

Saturday is Crimson’s first birthday party! Seems like just yesterday she was born. I blogged about it HERE.

Holding Crimson after she was born!
Crimson a year later! She’s a mess! 🙂

I’m getting her fake food for her new toddler kitchen and a gift card to KFC, since she loves potatoes and gravy from there! Yeah, I’m that aunt! 

Sunday, I’ll be heading home. So with all the crazy busy stuff going on, I’ll be taking a blogging break on Monday, but will be back on Wednesday!

I talked about romance and dog poop over at Lisa Jordan’s blog yesterday. I’d love for you to come by! Lisa’s new website is gorgeous like her!

If someone gave you a chunk of change and told you to visit somewhere fun this summer, where would you go? 

16 thoughts on “Research, Chocolate, and Cake!

  1. I would visit somewhere cooler. Much cooler (and I mean cool as in colder temps, b/c KY is way-cool, but it's also way-hot at the moment). I'd visit Oregon, I think. Oh, yeah. That's where I'm going very, very soon. Yay for me.

    Have fun on your research trip!! And that Crimson is hug-worthy, for sure!

  2. I would visit my daughter again in Seattle!
    Glad you are having a good time and enjoy your break!

  3. Where can I place my order for some chocolate? 🙂 Cute girl!!!

  4. I would head to a beach!

    Sounds like an awesome trip.

  5. What a cutie, that Crimson! So glad you're having fun. I love research trips. My hubby is going to take me somewhere in Colorado at the end of the summer for our anniversary, so I'd use the chunk of change for that!

  6. Crimson is adorable! Enjoy the chocolate bar!

  7. I love the name Crimson! And she's a cutie petootie! Wow, you're just a traveling bee! If someone were to give me a chunk of change for a vacation, I would have to say Yellowstone National Park. I've never been, but absolutely LOVE God's amazing creation and animals. I'd backpack through the park from lodge to lodge and really immerse myself in that incredible place. Have a blast in St. Louis, FIEND!!

  8. Sounds like a week I'd enjoy – but I'd be in Denver with my four month old little nephew Tucker! My sister's first baby. 🙂

    If I had a chunk of change, I'd go east! Somewhere in New England and I'd be happy to stay there for as long as my family would allow! About twenty-four hours, I'm sure.

  9. Oh, wow … I love the name Crimson.
    And I'd love to hang out with you …
    Where shall we go with a chunk of change?

    I'd love to go to Venice …
    We visited there back in our military family days, when we were stationed overseas. I so, so, so want to go back. Maybe I need to make it a research trip.

  10. York Beach, Maine. The water never quite warms up and the sand is perfect for making drip castles. And it's close enough to run down to Boston and catch a Sox game at Fenway Park.

  11. Wow, a year old already?? I remember your first post about Crimson. And I must say–you are one cool aunt. KFC has the best mashed potatoes and gravy on the planet.

    And thanks for the sweet things you said about my blog! Your post makes me giggle every time I think about it.

    If I had a chunk of change, I'd take my hubby on a fishing trip to Alaska because he's been talking about it for years–and I'm that kind of wife….but we'd have to make a detour to a beach where polar bears didn't play…

  12. Ooh, you're having fun in St. Louis. I would go to the Florida Keys. I heard that they have pirate reenactments. Plus, it's where one of my favorite film noirs, Key Largo, was filmed.

  13. I want to go to Denver. I spent a day in the airport there last week and I killed me that I couldn't go out and see the city.

    On a side note, we need to have an adventure day the next time you are in the area. Go get into some trouble. Not too much trouble, but something to write about.

  14. Southern California. Seeing Santa Barbara on all those episodes of Psych has convinced me it's the most perfect place to relax!

  15. You had me at research. Chocolate sent me over the edge. Enjoy that beautiful baby! And if I had the dough, it'd visit the Channel Islands for you, yup, research!

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