Moments with Myles: Pull the Stick and Get Over It!

Yesterday, I was having a conversation with Myles about his classroom management system. When he gets warned he has to pull a “light stick”…green means one warning but a good day, yellow means two warnings…red is big trouble! Myles gets green a lot and sometimes yellow. (He’s a talker…shocker!)

I asked him what do the kids in his class do when they pull their sticks? His reply, “They cry all day.”

“Do you cry when you have to pull your stick?”

He looked at me as though I was crazy as he said, “No, I just pull it and pretend I didn’t.”

My mom and I laughed at his remark but this morning I was thinking about it and it dawned on me he wasn’t ignoring the fact that he got in trouble and had to deal with the consequence of pulling his stick, which included coming home for mom and dad to see it and deal with it…he was moving on with the rest of his day.

He messed up. He accepted it. He dealt with it and he moved forward.

I think we could take a lesson from his attitude. We’re going to make mistakes and mess up and there’s nothing wrong with crying over mess ups and sins in our lives. Godly sorrow leads to repentance…but if we cry about it all day long how are we going to focus on what’s ahead? There are still things that we have to get done. If we continue to boo hoo over missing the mark then how can we hear the Teacher when He gives us our next assignment and He will give us more assignments! Our behavior might be unbecoming, but His blood covers it when we ask forgiveness and MEAN it…then He forgets–tosses it out as though it never happened and He moves on with us. The question is–can we move on?

Mourn it–pull the stick, face the consequences knowing that the Father disciplines those He loves and then suck it up and pay attention for the next lesson of the day. Who knows, maybe tomorrow you’ll get a happy face!  Myles rarely gets them, I rarely do too…I think his teacher and mine are just being gracious!

Today I’m off to IL with my BFF. We’re going to my mom’s. The first time we went together, we got to babbling and four hours later I finally looked up and realized my surroundings were unfamiliar.

“Heather, I don’t recognize any of these buildings…something’s wrong.”

Heather shrugged, “Huh…”

Turned out…we veered left instead of right and ended up in Little Rock instead of Illinois!  We had to back track and what should have been a 4 hour trip, turned out to be 8! I gotta say, I was pretty upset. Even Heather’s animal noises and silly songs to make me laugh were slightly irksome…all that time lost! But after I succumbed to the fact there was no way to make it up…I enjoyed the rest of the ride.

I suppose we veer off spiritually…we stop paying attention and end up way off course! It’s frustrating and irritating when you “come to” and see how far you’ve gone. Suck it up…make the best of it…let God get you where you’re supposed to be going! He makes crooked paths straight!

Today however, Heather and I will be paying attention…and I’m sure several friends will text us to remind us…veer right, freaks!!! 😉

I’m directionally challenged in so many ways! Have a great weekend!!!

Oh, It’s a Fine Line, Honey!

“Wait upon the Lord…”

There is a fine line between waiting and doing nothing. Sometimes waiting feels like doing nothing. Lately, that’s what my life has looked like. (to me anyway) When I’m in a period of waiting, I start out patiently and then as time creeps by…I start getting that panicky-caged-desperate feeling. Anyone relate?

I’m still trusting God, believing His promises and reciting my mantra–well scripture that has become my mantra…whatever, you get my point– “You are my exceedingly great reward.” I say it over and over. I take that from Abraham, you know. God told him that no matter what the great promise he was given, HE was the exceedingly great reward. I take comfort in that and it keeps my focus where it belongs–not on the good things He’s promised into my life but on Him. No matter what, He’s better than all the icing on the cake.

God is so great in the fact that His knowledge of each of us is thorough. And as the craziness starts up in me, thinking I have to do more…He reminds me in super ways that I’ve done what He’s asked me to do. I’m not doing NOTHING…I’m working–relentlessly and waiting at the same time. However, I’m in the stage where I’m not being patient as I wait and that’s what sets me off into the ‘trapped’ feelings. That’s also where I get myself into trouble! I can’t make things happen and neither can you. I mean I can (maybe)–we can, but it’s all about perfect timing and being in the center of God’s will. That’s where I want to be most. Smack dab in the center, permeated by all the treats that wouldn’t be there if I was in the center of my own will.

A BFF of mine told me one morning when I was wigging out to her, that God showed her us. We were trees planted by waters and ripe fruit was hanging from us…she said, “God isn’t going to let it hang there and rot. It’s there for people to come and pick. We just have to be patient.”

I vent all this and make you wade through the paragraphs to simply ask you a question and encourage you. Has God spoken something into your life and you’ve been working toward it but haven’t seen the fruition yet? Are you feeling like you’re barely hanging on…feeling edgy…desperate to make something happen? Are you wondering if you’re waiting or doing nothing?

Take heart, when God makes a promise, when He sets something in motion–it will happen. Keep working toward what He’s asked you to do. Maybe that means studying more, making time to work on what it is He’s asked you to do. Dropping some worthless junk. I don’t know what it will look like, but I do know He never disappoints. Never deceives and He accomplishes everything He purposes.

How long? Who knows? I’ve been waiting for seven, but serious about it for over two so…
I guess you and I will wait together. Keep believing. Don’t give up. God will keep confirming your dreams and promises to you. He has for me…in some seriously crazy ways, but I’m a crazy person!

And above all else  “…the word of the Lord came…do not be afraid…I am your shield and your exceedingly great reward.” Genesis 15:1 NKJV

Now That’s Hardcore…

A dear friend sent me a couple of books for my birthday from the Voice of Martyrs. She knows my heart for the people of India, so I was elated when I opened them up. I want to share an excerpt from “Restricted Nations–INDIA” by the Voice of the Martyrs with Riley K. Smith.

This is a pledge that graduates from Emmanuel Theological Seminary and Bible College in Kota, Rajasthan make publicly.
I stand with the apostle Paul in stating that, ‘for me to live is Christ and to die is gain’.

I take a stand to honor the Lord Jesus Christ with my hands to serve all mankind.

I take a stand to honor the Lord Jesus Christ with my feet to spread the gospel to all the ends of the earth no matter what the cost.

I take a stand to honor the Lord Jesus Christ with my lips by proclaiming the Good News to all who hear and by edifying the Body of Christ.

I take a stand to honor the Lord Jesus Christ with my mind as I meditate upon His Word and His promises to me.

I give my earthly treasures and all that I possess to follow the way of the cross.

I commit to love my family, orphans, widows, lepers, the wealthy and the poor the way that Christ loved the church.

I surrender my will and life to His will and life.

I commit to the service of the Lord by being a good steward of my time.

I surrender this body on earth to the perfect will of Jesus, and should my blood be spilled may it bring forth a mighty harvest of souls.

I pledge allegiance to the Lamb. I will seek to honor His command. I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes.

Lord Jesus, Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

I love my India and my fellow citizens, and I claim India for Christ.”

After that ceremony, one of the graduates returned to his village. They tied old shoes around his neck and led him down the streets then forced him to drink cow urine and they beat him. Yet, what they had hoped for…the gospel to be shut down…wasn’t what happened. Hundreds who watched the spectacle came to Christ.

Truth is, you and I need to repent. What we consider persecution is rather pathetic, when’s the last time we’ve been beaten and forced to drink cow urine?!

I pray that this will come back to you and to me, when we feel the day can’t get much crummier. I pray that you and I will be bold enough to say this pledge and claim America for Christ. These Indians knew it wasn’t just lip service that day when they stood publicly and stated these strong words. Can we?…and truly mean it…

Moments with Myles

I know many of you wonder if my six year old son really says some of these things I generally post on fb. The answer is yes. If you’re a close friend, you can testify–as you’ve heard it yourself and sometimes if my phone is nearby and it’s a full blown conversation, I record it as proof. Here’s a run down of our afternoon.

It was 50’s day today, as they celebrated their 50th day of school. Here’s the dialogue:
“So, Myles, was anyone else dressed for 50’s day besides you?”

“No, well…yes, just one other boy.”

“What’s his name?”

“I don’t know.”

“You’ve been at school for 50 days! How can you not know his name?”

He looks at me with a somber face and then he does that smirk many of you have seen, “Well, it’s like this, mom…I just don’t care.”

I try not to laugh, “What do you mean you don’t care? How can you not care?”

He shrugs indifferently, “If he falls, I can say…’hey, you okay, pal.’ Pal works just as good as his name and I showed I cared.”

How do you argue with that!?

During homework this evening:
“Mom, I didn’t have time to wait on you to finish jogging, so I cheated on my spelling–but I’m done.”

The spelling words are on the side of the sheet and I’m supposed to cover them up and read them to him. “Myles, cheating is wrong.”

“Yeah, but it’s also fast.”

We did redo the paper and he protested the entire time. We can learn a good lesson. Cheating is fast, but integrity is more important! Myles doesn’t think so…but one day…maybe it’ll take!!

Sorry, but You’re Just Too Fat for My See-Saw!

Naturally, you read the title and you expect this to have something to do with weight…it does, but certainly not the fleshly pound…well then again it’s all about your definition of ‘flesh’. Am I talking about skin? Nope.

I find myself on the see-saw of life, not being able to find a good balance sometimes. Anyone else feel like that?

I’m not a believer in horoscopes or astrology. I don’t study the stars to predict my future. I know who holds my destiny. (It’s God if you’re saying, “Wow, who?”)  I like the stars, don’t get me wrong. They’re pretty and twinkly and all that sparkly stuff. I say all that to say this…My horoscope sign is a Libra. I don’t even know what a Libra is and if I was a good blogger, I would have researched it maybe, but quite frankly…I just don’t care. However, the picture that goes with the Libra is the scale. Even scales.

I find that proof that horoscopes are a bunch of bunk. I have a hard time balancing things. I struggle with it everyday. I know how the pyramid works. God, husband, kids, ministry and whatever else, but sometimes I find the whatever else sliding into number 2 (not poo). I learned long ago to beat my family up! Meaning I’m up a few hours before them, so I have time to spend with God and He has discussed my balancing issues with me…sometimes I listen…sometimes not so much.

One day I was  engrossed in something I was writing when I glanced up my son was standing in front of me with an exasperated expression, his empty cup held out. His words (a small moment with Myles) “Mom, I could have milked the cow already!”

My response should have been, “I’m sorry, baby. I’m on it.” Then I should have gotten up and got him a glass of milk, instead I found my first thought to be, “Well, why didn’t you?” (We don’t have cows btw…so it would have been impossible.)

What it boils down to is, God expects us to balance our time. He gives us great things to do. Not everything that keeps us unbalanced has to be a sin. Sometimes it is ‘flesh’ that weights down the see- saw bringing us to a teeter. Sometimes it’s good things–just out of order, which happens to be where I struggle.

What’s weighting down your life’s see-saw– throwing it out of balance? Maybe you need to tell those things, like me, “Sorry, but you’re just too fat for my see saw.” Shave what doesn’t need to be there off, and put those things that are good and do need to be there on a healthier eating plan, so you find the balance. Easier said than done. I’m well aware. Thus the blog. 🙂

What are you doing here?

I’m a fan of the show Smallville. I love Superman–love heroes in general, but I’ve found on every episode, especially in the earlier seasons, one of them or several of them would end up saying in an overdramatized voice, “What are you doing here?”

They would look at each other with wide eyes and then pause for effect… you see it was important for both of them to be in that one place at the same time–the right time. They didn’t understand what was going on or why the other one was there, but it always ended up that they needed each other to make it through a critical time or maybe just a shoulder to lean on. (Col. 3:16 “Let the words of Christ dwell in you richly, in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another…”)

I believe in Providence and I believe God puts us in places, even in places of crisis, for a reason and He always sends someone in His body to encourage us (Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another,”) Sometimes we’re in the crisis, sometimes we’re sent into it to sharpen. So…what are you doing here?

I hope you enjoy the randomness and sometimes seriousness of the blogs and I welcome and encourage comments, but if you’d do me a favor start it with telling me…What are you doing here?!