Dear Journal….

Thanks, everyone for all the happy wishes for my anniversary this past weekend! We stayed off our electronic devices, which was nice. 

The winner for Reckless Heart by Amy Clipston is……..drum roll……..

Wendy Newcomb!! 
I’ll be sure to get Amy your email address so she can send you a copy of the book! Congratulations! 
One of my favorite things about school ending is my kids home every day all day the end of the year “stuff”. I love reading through essays and junk neat things my kids wrote. 
When they’re little, they get to journal.  I love to watch the change in handwriting over the course of the year and giggle at their misspellings as well as see their heart. 
Kids take journaling serious. They don’t think to lie or wonder what their teachers might think of their honesty. And that I truly do love. So I thought today I’d share with you some of the things my son, Myles, wrote in his journal. He’s 7. And of course, I think he’s brilliant, but I’m his mom.  I can say, if you read my facebook post, many times they’re of things he says. His unusual ability to be quick-witted and sarcastic without being obnoxious floors me and makes me laugh all the time, but in all honesty, TP and I have always talked to our kids like grown ups, played jokes and retorted with with or sarcasm so they’ve learned it early. 
Be prepared: I’m going to spell it exactly as he did, but you’ll figure it out easily! 
what i do on a rainy day is play my d.s. and i wach tv. and play with my toys.and play jokes on my sister.and i wood paint a chicken.and woch the rain por down. and madey take a nap. and go to bed when it’s bed time.

(a chicken? Really?)

What my family dose whith me is eat dinner. and go to the zoo whith me. and go to the birthday partys whith me. and woch movies whith me. and they pray whith me.

(I teared up at the end of that.)

bucaroo maens hello in texis. because what els would it mean. texis has all cinse of words we don’t know. So buckaroo must mean hello.


i don’t eat turky but my family does. i just eat corn thats what i eat. but i sill have fun. i like being whith my family when we eat. i like to eat whith my family. either don’t eat turky still eat.

(he’s a super picky eater! or as he says, “I’m persnickety about my food, Mom.)

I like Christmas because it’s jecuss birthday on Christmas and being whith family. and my dad makes chocklate chip cookies. and what i get in my stocking and what presents i get. i wander if i get pajamas agin.

(He did!)

I had a great spring break! I went to the zoo and saw the Robotical Dinosaur exhibet. The dinosaurs were awesome! My favorite part was when the dinosaurs spit on me and my mom and she screamed and jumped.

(I did. It shot water. And his writing improved so much!)

What did you love most about school as a child? Have you got a good laugh over reading your kids’ journals and stories from school?