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Nobody Has To Know by author Jessica R. Patch

Phoebe Bannister’s daughter was brutalized and murdered three years ago, and her killer was acquitted. Since then, Phoebe’s been obsessed with finding him dead-to-rights and bringing him to justice. He might never be tried again for her daughter’s death, but a man like him can’t stop himself. She knows she can catch him for someone else’s demise, but her quest has resulted in the deterioration of her marriage and bank account. When she’s given a mysterious invitation to come to the house on Echo Ridge for information on the killer, she’s desperate enough to be reckless. She has nothing left to lose.

Upon arrival, she discovers three things: One, she’s not alone. Two, everything she’s believed might not be true. Three, she has the opportunity to do what she’s dreamed about every single day since her daughter was abducted and butchered.

And nobody has to know.