Good-Bye Summer

In my neck of the woods, summer is gone. Oh the heat still toys with us, trying to play mind-games on our already fried brains. Fried from heat. Fried from to-do lists, schedules, etc…

This is my last week with my kids before the new school year begins. I’m always nervous for them. Nervous they’ll get picked on, nervous they’ll have rotten teachers with no compassion, nervous they’ll be nervous. Generally, I’m not a worrier.  But this time of year, I am. 

I know God has it all under control. I know He’s promised to take care of them. I trust Him to do it, but those pre-school jitters still get me looking like a drunk marionette. Right now, you’re picturing me as a trashed Pinocchio-ette. Admit it.

This summer has flown by. I mean really. I can’t figure out where summer went. So this week I’m taking a blogging break and I’ll probably be online less, although my iPhone makes it hard. School supplies are bought. Clothes and shoes are purchased and my house is mostly clean. So I’m taking this last week to hang out with my kids and yeah, do some writing when they get sick of me. Depending on how much sarcasm I drop will determine how long it takes before they beg me to go away! 


I’ll be back, you can all sigh in relief now, on Monday, August 6th and we’ll all get to hang out at Cuppa Josie’s in Shelby Lake with Lisa Jordan. Expect a recipe, a super cool ending to the day, and lots of coffee, tea, and pastries! Holla!

Would you rather take math classes the rest of your life with a teacher you like, or creative writing with a teacher you detest? Why?
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17 thoughts on “Good-Bye Summer

  1. Creative writing, hands down! Once I start in writing the rest of the world disappears and so would that teacher!

  2. Creative writing, definitely! I'd much, much rather have my after-school work be writing than math. In math there is one answer, and one way to arrive there. In writing, you have a lot more leeway with your words!

  3. Haha, I actually DID take a math class (pre-calc–shudder!) from a teacher I loved. The class itself was like swallowing thumb tacks, but the teacher was such a blast. And he had a soft spot for me, I will admit.

    But even that awesome teacher can't win out over creative writing. Yep, creative writing it is. 🙂 Have a fun week with your kids!

  4. Creative writing! You can always write about the teacher you detest. Can be very therapeutic.

    But math?? Ugh….

  5. Wow, your school year starts early! Well, just take it easy and enjoy this week with your kiddos. You're right, God has it under control and you're a great mom, so all is well. Hugs!

  6. Oh, I'm torn! I hate math, but for that reason I should take a class from a teacher I love and maybe I'd start liking the stuff. However, even if I didn't like the creative writing teacher, at least I'd be doing what I loved…I think I'm over thinking this one. 🙂

    School, next week already?!?! We still have four weeks of summer vacation left and then I'm sending my second baby off to kindergarten with my oldest. It will be just me and the crazy two year old twins at home this year! Ahh!!

  7. First, boo that you're taking a break. I will miss you. But I understand, I guess. 😉

    Second, I'd take the creative writing, because I think you can always learn something new even from teachers you don't like…and I'm waaaaay more passionate about creative writing than math!!

  8. Ah, summer. Everyone but the farmer mourns its loss. Personally, I can't wait to be able to breathe again. I mean, actually have time to sit and ponder something. Anything. 🙂
    I have found that the teacher makes the subject. I was once told "If you don't like a subject, it's because your teacher didn't do his job correctly." Tall order for teachers (and homeschool moms). I don't know which I would choose, but I do know that classes with fun teachers make the time pass quickly. 🙂

  9. Although I second (third, fourth, fifth, sixth, etc. – look, I can count. Who needs math classes?) the creative writing class choice, I do want to give kudos to a Geometry teacher who passed me with a C in high school because he thought I deserved it for effort. He also was the only teacher who stood by me when I fell under the wheels of the uber-legalistic "Christian" school system of rules and rigidity and was "asked to go away and never come back" the summer before my senior year. He was the first person to put his arm around my shoulder and tell me, "Becky, Christians are the only ones who shoot their wounded." He was also the only person in that program to tell me that he believed in me and that the Lord obviously had something great planned for me.

    In other words, Mr. G might sway me….

    Great question. Praying for your week off!

  10. This is the last week before my son heads off to California to Law School next Monday. Everyone is home and we are just hanging out…being together. The summer seems to go quickly these last few years…

    Enjoy the moments…

    Creative writing…I hate math!

  11. I took my last required math class long, long ago.
    And since I have this personal white noise filter that turns on in my head when anyone even vaguely starts talking math, I'm going with the creative writing class. I'll probably skip some of the sessions … but, yeah.
    No numbers for me.
    Enjoy your kiddos.

  12. Creative Writing–hands down. I've actually done that, my senior was a mutual dislike I do believe, based on my teacher telling my parents she was glad I was graduating…huh. I did ace the class though:)

  13. Oh goodness, Creative Writing for sure! To at least enjoy all the homework would make it worth the hour in class with a teacher I dislike. 🙂

    Are your kids in year round school? It sure is early to be going!

  14. I actually like both of those subjects, so having a great teacher would be the choice I would make.

  15. I would rather flamenco dance with an ill-fitting bra than take math.
    Thank the Lord you didn't mention gym.
    Write me to the moon, where I'll soar among the stars.

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