What To Do When Your Calendar Seems Bigger Than God

I look forward to Christmas every year. I love the neighborhood lights, the music playing in the stores and the sweet commercials of little kids leaving cookies out for Santa. Kids in jammies are plain ole’ adorable.

And every year, my calendar seems to get fuller, my days shorter, my to-do lists longer. 

I want to remember “the reason for the season”, put “Christ in Christmas”, have “Ho Ho Hope for the Holidays”. 

But as the days go by, I feel like I’m running out of time. Time to meet my deadlines, fight the crazy crowds to buy a 3 inch barrel iron for my daughter, a Web-blaster for my son, find the perfect gift for my girlfriends, one they won’t re-gift. I’m running out of time to bake my famous Christmas cookies that everyone wants a bag of, get my website text to the designer, get my hair done, get my next manuscript to my agent.

I have Christmas parties to attend, programs to sit through (yes, I’m going to make fun of the children who squeak their clarinets–it’s what I do), and library books that are close to overdue. 

And in all that hysteria and feelings of walls closing in on me, I’m reminded, early in the morning–when I’m barely awake–between yummy dreamland and the first thoughts of sipping coffee that Someone wants to spend time with me, to help me organize my day, to make this season smooth and wonderful, not dreadful and busy.

I’m reminded that if I’ll give up a couple hours of sleep to sip coffee and share the breaking dawn with the Lover of My Soul, the panic will turn to calm, the walls that are closing in–removed– and the joy and peace I crave will be lavished upon my soul.

I’ll remember:

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1
And I’ll remember the One who took off robes of righteousness, for a robe of tender infant flesh, broke through an ordinary girl’s womb for me. I’ll remember the infant flesh that grew into a Man’s and that it was His joy to allow it to be torn and shredded…for me.
And I’ll remember the gift He gave to me. 

What do you do to remember what this season is all about? Do you wake and tiptoe  into the living room before the house is up? Do you put your kids to bed and enjoy an hour or so at night? 

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What To Do When the Unexpected Happens


Have you ever made plans only to have them unexpectedly and forever altered? Me too. I didn’t think I was alone. One of my favorite Christmas movies is Christmas Vacation. And one of my favorite scenes is when Clark Griswold has been expecting a big, fat bonus and then when it finally comes…it’s a jelly of the month club. He falls apart and loses some sanity for a few moments. 

That’s happened to me before. I’ve been making plans. Good ones. Nothing over the top. Working toward them. You probably have too. I mean after all, putting in a pool for the fam isn’t exactly a bad idea for summer fun, and that’s what Clark was planning.



“The preparations of the heart belong to man, but the answer of the tongue is from the Lord.” Proverbs 16:1

I can think of several occasions I’ve felt like I’ve been given jelly when what I was expecting was a nice big fat bonus–to bless me with putting that “pool” in. I love what Clark’s cousin, Eddie, says. “That’s the gift that keeps on giving…”



Even unexpected good gifts, promises, dreams can feel like jelly because they still come with some cost.

It reminds me of Mary. A young girl, and by young I mean she could have been 13 or 14 when she was betrothed. Nowadays we put men in prison for asking the hand of a girl that young. But then, it was customary.



Imagine the great, and unexpected news she was given. I imagine she was filling up her hope chest and preparing for Joseph to come, like a thief in the night–since that’s how the bridegroom came. I wonder if she was thinking about children, teaching them how to bake bread, sew, whatever it was they taught them…preparing her heart for life. All good plans.

And the angel Gabriel came and interrupted her preparations, her plans. Oh, it was wonderful news, but I think it may have felt a little like having jelly at times. It came with a price, like anything God conceives in us. A beautiful promise, gift, dream…it grows….

And with that we have to grow, stretch, and feel things move inside us. Pain comes as we move closer to that fulfillment. 

No doubt Mary was the talk of the town/s. 

“Did you hear Mary was pregnant?”

“Mmm…hmmmm, you know who the baby daddy is?”

“She says, God, but…I saw her with that guy down by the watering well.”




Her own husband was going to divorce her quietly. No one probably believed, except her cousin Elizabeth…because she had her own miracle growing inside her! Thank God when we have a wonderful gift growing inside us, that He planted, He always makes sure to supply us with at least one person to encourage us, to believe in us.

Mary believed. She had child-like faith, probably because she was a child, really.


“Blessed is she who believed for there will be a fulfillment of those things which were told her from the Lord.” Luke 1:45
Even when it came time to give birth to that dream, to labor through and deliver it, it came with pain, sweat, tears, and a price. They couldn’t even get a room! There in Bethlehem, the House of Bread, in the stable, Mary’s unexpected gift,–one she didn’t deserve–but was given to her by simple, beautiful grace, was born. And they laid the Bread of Heaven in a sheep trough, another glorious picture, and the heavenly army that had followed Him–the Angel of the Lord– the Commander of the LORD’s Army–sang Him His first lullaby. 
“Glory to God in the highest, And on earth peace, goodwill toward men.” Luke 2:14
I don’t know what your dream is, what God has conceived inside of you, but without faith it is impossible to please God. I know if He’s planted it, He will grow it. It won’t be easy. You’ll stretch, you’ll endure those around you who won’t believe with you and maybe some of those people will be loved ones, friends, co-workers. You’ll adjust, even your walk will change as you carry a growing dream or promise inside you.

The stretching will be painful, the labor–strenuous. At times, you might not even be able to catch your breath. Pant if you need to. It won’t come without sweat, fatigue, and some grunting. It takes time. The time may seem to tick by slowly. But it will be born. God will see it to fulfillment.

“And those who know Your name will put their trust in You; For You, LORD, have not forsaken those who seek You….” Psalm 9:10
What stage are you in? Conception, growing, labor? Have you birthed your promise or dream? Have you given up?
*This is a portion of what I’m speaking on this weekend at a Women’s Christmas Banquet, so if you go to Central Christian Church, you’re going to hear this again!


Top 5 Things I’m Thankful For


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! This year, I’m having it at my house with my husband’s family. Normally, I do most of the cooking (at my mom’s), but I’ve never done the Turkey. It could possibly end up like the one in Christmas Vacation and many of Tim’s family may already be practicing their “Monica” line from Friends. “Mmmm…it’s gooood.” If they take their plate in my bedroom to make a phone call…I’ll know it sucks. 



But I’m excited and I’m looking forward to, you know, amazing people with my super culinary skills. Okay, not true, but I am excited to eat. That is true. 

I love turkey smothered in mashed potatoes and savory gravy. I love yeast rolls and cornbread dressing. I love pumpkin pie! 

But that’s not what Thanksgiving is all about. I mean I guess it kinda is since they did have a big feast. 


So here’s my top 5 things I’m thankful for at Thanksgiving.

5. I’m thankful I didn’t have to grow corn or kill my own turkey or wear white paper or feather hats. Because with feather hats comes war paint and I’m out this year. And with the white hats come no make-up and um…well that ain’t  happenin! (make-up and war paint are totally different)

4. I’m thankful the dude at Kroger’s let me know if I didn’t have a Kroger card my turkey would have been $30 bucks, so I saved over $12 since he saved me. So I’m totally thankful for young punks who yawn at 7:30 in the morning but are on top of saving money for old broads like me.

3.I’m thankful I got to brag about my savings to my husband as most times, I’m trying to talk him into believing all the money I spend is for good reasons…you know like pretty stuff for my house or books. Or 10 assorted creamers and yes, I will drink all of them. Yes, I do need them all. I like making choices–or at least having choices, I don’t necessarily like making them.



2. I’m thankful no one expects me to dress up on Thanksgiving and I can wear my “eating” pants and no shoes.

And the #1 thing I’m thankful for on Thanksgiving is….



Naps! Because 1, I love naps especially on Turkey day and everyone knows it’s inevitable because of Tryptophan and 2,  it gets me out of conversations I care nothing about. Like who’s scoring a touchdown or who’s not backing the line…thus line backers, right? Right?


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Gobble Gobble! 
What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dessert? And if it’s really yummy and you have a minute, share the recipe!

I know this wasn’t a devotional like I normally do on Wednesdays. If you would like to read a Thanksgiving devotional I wrote, click HERE! or click on the link to the sidebar under popular posts, What’s In Your Basket?. 

I’m a Lush…

I admit it. I like to drink. Coffee. I wouldn’t say I’m a coffee connoisseurer, but I am a creamer lush. Creamer is my crack.

Right now these are the flavors that beckon me from the fridge.

Cinnamon bun
French vanilla
Vanilla Caramel
Belgium Chocolate Toffee 

All of these are, of course, from Coffee-mate. 
I don’t slum it with International Delight.

But my favorite time of this fall season, is the holiday line creamers. Oldies I look forward to and new ones that tease me. 
I. Must. Have.

To get the holiday creamers I want, I’ll punch a kid in the nose, bash an elderly lady, trip a pregnant mom, and flirt with the guy that drives the cleaning Zamboni, if he’ll get me what I want. 

I’ve been known to drop the butter, spill the soy, dump the 2%  to create a diversion if the last Pumpkin latte creamer is on the line.

Here are my two favorites so far.  
I actually have 3 of the warm
cinnamon sugar cookies.
The new warm cinnamon sugar cookie is so good, I could snuggle up to it at night, if DH would make a little room in the bed, geez, selfish much? In fact, it’s so good, I might hook an IV line to my arm with it. Or marry it, if I could get away with it.
And of course, since we’re going into November. I’ll cherish my coffee and crack creamer in my holiday mug.
And when the holidays are over, I’ll be singing this song:

What say you, friend? 
What’s your holiday crack creamer of choice?  

*I really don’t trip pregnant women ,punch kids, or hurt the elderly. Flirting with the Zamboni cleaning guy…possible.

In the Word Wednesday: What’s the Point of Passover?

The Old Testament isn’t a dry piece of bread. It’s moist and delicious, full of juicy details that consistently point the way to Jesus.

What does the Passover story mean for us today? I wish I had time to touch on all the details, but I don’t so here is the big picture!  Some of you already know. Keep reading, maybe you can offer extra insight or you’ll learn something new. Maybe it’s going to be a reminder of Love that made His way into our hearts and lives. 

The Lamb

Exodus 12: 3 “On the tenth of this month every man shall take for himself a lamb…”

Exodus 12:5 “Your lamb shall be without blemish, a male of the first year.”

God’s people are about to be delivered from Egypt–from bondage–into freedom. This is the last plague God institutes before that freedom comes.

Look at what the prophet Isaiah says, as he prophesied of another Lamb. “He was oppressed and afflicted, yet He opened not His mouth; He was led as a lamb to the slaughter…” Isaiah 53:7

John 1:29, “…Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world!”

1 Peter 1:19, “but with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish or spot.”

Revelation 5:12, “Worthy is the Lamb who was slain to receive power, and riches and wisdom, and strength and honor and glory and blessing!”

Removal of Leaven
Exodus 12:8, “Then they shall eat the flesh on that night…with unleavened bread…”
Leaven represents sin and corruption in the Bible.

“…Do you not know that a little leaven spoils the whole lump. Therefore purge out the old leaven, that you may be a new lump…For indeed Christ, our Passover, was sacrificed for us. Therefore let us keep the feast, not with old leaven, nor with the leaven of malice and wickedness, but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth.” 1 Corinthians 6-8

Blood on the doorposts and lintels
Exodus 12:7, “And they shall take some of the blood and put it on the two doorposts and on the lintel of the houses where they eat it.”

The blood applied on the door saved all who chose to enter into it. 

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in  Christ Jesus, whom God set forth as a propitiation by His blood, through faith, to demonstrate His righteousness…”  Romans 3:23-26

Not only is Jesus’ blood what covers and saves us, He is also the door. He says so Himself in John 10:7-10.

Notice the blood wasn’t applied to the threshold, where people would walk upon. Why? Because the blood of Christ will not be trampled.

“How much more severely do you think someone deserves to be punished who has trampled the Son of God underfoot, who has treated as an unholy thing the blood of the covenant that sanctified them, and who has insulted the Spirit of grace?” Hebrews 10:29

God executes judgment. We are exempt.

Exodus 12:12, “For I will pass through the land of Egypt…and will strike all the firstborn in the land of Egypt…and against the gods of Eygpt I will execute judgment; I am the LORD.”

Exodus 12:13, “Now the blood shall be a sign for you on the houses, where you are. And when I see the blood, I will pass over you; and the plague shall not be on you to to destroy you…”

“Much more then, having now been justified by His blood, we shall be saved from wrath through Him.” Romans 5:9

Whoever eats leaven, dies.
Exodus 12:15, “…For whoever eats leavened bread…that person shall be cut off…”
“Cut off” meaning death. Romans 6:23, “For the wages of sin is death.”

Jesus entered Jerusalem at Passover time. He became the spotless sacrifice needed to save us, to give us eternal life. One sacrifice for all. No more sacrifices under the law. A new Covenant established in blood. It was His joy to endure the cross. For me. For you.

I leave you with this link to a video I couldn’t seem to get uploaded, but I think you’ll be blessed for watching it! A great song by an incredible band Leeland.  http://youtu.be/etXqqGAPYhY

 “Love is on the move.” He will find you. “Anyone can run into the arms of God.” Because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Show Me the Love


So, is everyone blogging about love today? It is Valentine’s Day. I thought I should blog about love and romance since I am a romance writer. I thought I might share some pointers of writing about romance, showing how to create a scene that is full of romantic tension, or even writing about why we love romance. God created us for romance. Divine romance! But I’m not not going to blog about any of that.

Today I’m simply going to use this cyber platform to tell you how much my husband loves me. This morning I woke up to yummy chocolates and a thoughtful card. Was it on my pillow? No. It was on my laptop! Somewhere he knew I’d see it.  I’d forgotten today was V-Day. I was surprised and of course, freaked out as I have bought him nothing!

My husband, of almost 16 years, still dates me. I love that.  Now, my husband isn’t a writer. He’s a muscian, so he understands my passion for writing because he has a passion to tell a story through a song, (Although not through words. He doesn’t write lyrics, much.) He’s usually rather quiet about my writing. He doesn’t brainstorm with me, and I generally don’t use him to bounce ideas off of. While he’s romantic to be sure, he doesn’t enjoy reading romance (he did read one of my novels and he did like it, but I’ve written 12 so, you do the math). In fact, he doesn’t enjoy reading at all. “Jess, why read when I know the movie will be out in six months to a year.” That’s his philosophy. I cringe every time he says it, but we’re all different, right?

He listens to me when I share my goals or my frustrations. It’s called Book Club time to him, but he doesn’t often understand because he’s not walking in my shoes. I’ve mistaken it at times for him not supporting me, but that deduction is very wrong. He supports me in spite of his lack of understanding.

I think it really hit me this weekend. He may not be able to speak writing lingo with me. He can’t wrap his brain around how I come up with ideas, scenes, plot, etc…but he can show me just how much he’s in my corner by doing other things. Huge things!

I just got back from a very expensive conference. Not only was it a chunk of money(and very worth it), but the hotel, the airfare, the extra hundreds of dollars I needed for various things before the trip, the money to take on the trip, and the job of running the family and working still had to be taken care of.  That was something he could do. And he forked money out like it was falling from trees. I don’t know how he put it back, saved, and squeezed. But he did and without so much as one grumbling word because he believes in me. He believes in my writing. And it was a way he could be a part of this. 

When I came home, my house was spotless. I knew it would be. Floors had been vaccumed and the lines still shown where he’d ran them vertically. Cause I like that! The kids had been bathed, Myles had a hair cut, the laundry including towels had been done, the pantry and fridge were stocked because he knew I’d have work to do this week since the conference went well. The bathroom rugs were washed and the shower and tub scrubbed. The sheets were freshly washed and my pajamas had been laid out. Oh yeah, and he brought me food to the airport when he picked me up because he knew I’d be starving! And I was.

My husband loves me. He loves what I do, and he’s proud of me. And I love him and am so very proud of him. This could be my Valentine to him, but since he doesn’t read….

What wonderful thing has your special someone done to show his/her love for you?

Urban Translation Thursday: Christmas Theme

Christmas Buzz:

A feeling common during the month of December. It is the need to buy many overpriced gifts for your family, normally on a credit card. The buyer feels no feelings of regret for the rest of the month, as he/she feels they are being a good person. The buzz is always followed by the New Year’s hangover, when the credit card bill comes in and the buyer goes on about how much money they have spent.

Christmas Graduate:

a student (usually university or college) who drops out at Christmastime when they go back home to visit their parents. Often caused by homesickness, academic failure, unpopularity, or a significant other living back at home.
Christmas Grief:
The sadness you feel inside of yourself for not getting what you wanted after you’ve opened your presents.

Christmas king:

Someone who always gets what they want on Christmas. No matter how outrageous their wish list is, every year, they will receive every single item. Christmas kings will brag to you about their Christmas list weeks, even months in advance. Upon receiving every gift they could ever possibly want, they will again brag about their great Christmas.

Know one of these folks or experienced any of these feelings? Okay, give it a go! Use the words in the craziest sentence possible! Be creative!

Gifts For a Child: A fictional tale based on Biblical truth

Have you ever wondered what it may have been like for our Savior as He grew from an infant into a Man?  I’ve always dreamed about what it was like for Him long ago, on a starry night, when three Wise Men came for a visit…
The star was shining bright in the East as the three men traveled in expectation to see the young child– the King of all Kings.  They had been traveling for a long time and being very careful, for Herod the great earthly king desired to see this young babe slaughtered, unable to grow and usurp his throne.
They came upon the place the bright star shined down on; it was quiet throughout the sleepy town of Bethlehem.  A soft knocking was heard throughout the modest home of Joseph and Mary.  They both looked at each other and then at their darling toddler who played quietly in the floor at their feet.
Hesitantly, Joseph opened the door to see three extravagant men descending from their camels. “May we come in,” the man standing in the middle asked. “We’ve come to worship the Child.” The other men nodded as they craned their necks to see inside the home, to simply get a first glimpse.
As Joseph opened the door for the men to enter, they saw the young child sitting on His mother, Mary’s lap.  He was as precious as they had anticipated.  His raven locks covered His head like soft feathers and his rosy cheeks glowed with delight in seeing visitors.  His eyes, that matched his hair, were round and wide with wonder and shy curiousity as the men reverently entered. 
Mary put her Son down and stood as the men of wisdom came before her.  The toddler clutched his mother’s tunic with His tiny chubby hands and peered at the men from behind her.  She smiled gently and spoke softly, “Come, Yeshua, you have guests. It’s okay.”  She coaxed her Child to let go of her, He was but barely two.
The men knelt down and continued to stare in awe at the small Child.  Their lips trembled, and their eyes sparkled with wonder.  The same man who had asked to come in the home spoke worshipfully. “We’ve brought You gifts, look!”  Each man opened up their box before the little King and chuckled as the small baby boy clapped His hands with excitement.  The boxes alone were stunning;His eyes flickered with joy. 
“Go ahead, Yeshua, see Your gifts.” 
The baby Lord toddled closer to the men, looking each of them in the eyes, their hands began to shake as if he was looking right into their hearts.   The larger man of the three took from his box a crystal bottle, expensive and exquisite.  He carefully took the lid from it and motioned for the tiny Boy to come.  “This is frankincense.  Can You say frankincense?”  Yeshua looked at him and only smiled, showing all eight of His perfect little new teeth. 
 “Smell it! It smells good.”  He held the bottle of oil out for the Messiah.  He leaned in and instead of sucking in through His nose, He blew out, like all little ones do when learning to smell. 
The room’s silence was broken in laughter and the King looked about and squealed with delight.  “He enjoys being the center of attention.  You’ve just made His day.” Mary shook her head and chuckled at her Firstborn. 
He turned His attention to the smallest man, the quietest of the three. He toddled over to Him, His balance still unsteady from only learning to walk, and looked into his box.  It shone with brilliance.  “Gold, Child. This is for You.”
Yeshua looked at the gold, touched it, and then looked at the man with earnest eyes.  “Pretty,” He said as He touched the man’s hand, and a tear rolled down his cheek. The Child moved closer to the man and tried to reach out to touch it. 
Mary noticed the confusion on his face and picked her Son up.  “I’m sorry.  He saw you cry and He wanted to kiss you.  He’s a very tenderhearted Child.”  She looked at her Babe and kissed His nose. “Beloved, not everyone wants a kiss. The Baby puckered his mouth and a few silent tears streamed down His face.  It was as if the rejection had broken His little Baby heart. 
“Wait, I would love nothing more. It’s just, His touch…I can’t explain it.  I felt—something…”
She sighed with overwhelming love for her Child, “He has that effect on all of us. Just a touch.”
  She sat Him down and He hurriedly yet awkwardly ran to the man.  He touched his face and kissed him on the cheek.  The wise man tousled His hair and wiped another tear away.
After He delighted in His last present, the men stood to leave.  “We appreciate you bringing our Son these gifts.  May your travels home be blessed and safe.”  Joseph held the door as the men started to file out.
“Wait!” Mary called out after them.  She picked up her Son and brought Him to the door.  Though He was the Son of God, she still had a responsibility to teach Him. “Yeshua, what do you tell the nice men for bringing you presents?”
He clapped His hands and wiggled in her arms.  He was overjoyed at the gifts His new friends had brought Him.  He blinked a few times and stretched His hands out to His sides, showing them just how much He loved them and their gifts—identical to the way He would stretch His hands out to show His love for the world, as He hung on the cross– a man yet fully God.
“Thank you.” 
Mary nodded with approval at her Son for being polite.  They waved the men good bye and gave their own thanks to God the Father for supplying them with all their needs, in most unexpected ways. 
“For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6
He’s not a baby anymore, but He still desires to touch you. He still desires to be the center of attention. He still delights in the gifts you bring Him.  The greatest gift you can give Him this season is yourself.  May your holidays be Christ filled.
*a fictional story written from biblical truth

Christmas Gifts That Keep On Giving!

Every day, girls as young as 12 are sold into sexual slavery. Exploited. Treated like animals.

Every night in the redlight district, small children crawl under their mothers’ beds while they “work” for a living. A job they never applied for. Many of those young girls lie under that bed and close their eyes, knowing they’ll never get out. Never get away and some day their children will be lying under their bed, while they “work.”

It’s something we don’t want to think about. We don’t want those thoughts in our minds. But it happens. It’s real. It’s hiding in plain sight.

However, there are Christians who are dedicating their lives to rescuing women and children from the brothels in India. Project Rescue is one of them. Headed by David and Beth Grant. Missionaries who’ve dedicated their life to the people of India. The following is taken directly from their website, which I encourage you to look at and read their blogs. In the dark clouds of sexual slavery, rays of hope do shine through! You can be a part of that HOPE.

Project Rescue:
“We exist to rescue and restore victims of sex trafficking through the love and power of Jesus Christ.
We believe that each child has been created by God with God-given purpose and the innate abilities to accomplish that purpose. We exist to help her discover that purpose and empower her to fulfill it.
We recognize the primary role of the local, national, and global community of faith in the restoration process and are committed to empowering them to fulfill it.
We provide global awareness and opportunities for concerned partners to help bring freedom and a transformed future to those imprisoned in sexual slavery.”

A testimony from Anita:
“When I was 12 years old a couple that I trusted promised me a job. They convinced me of a dream opportunity to work as a domestic helper along with the chance to pursue my studies. The idea of a secure job thrilled me, as it would any young girl in Nepal. Believing that I could trust this couple, I left my home in pursuit of a future.

After drugging me, the couple took me to a movie theater where a brothel owner met us.

Two hundred dollars was the price that sold me into forced prostitution. For the next 18 years I lived and worked in the red light district of Bombay.
It was here in the red light district that I first heard the Gospel from those involved with Bombay Teen Challenge. My brothel owner and I had a life changing experience by accepting Jesus into our lives. After this I soon decided to return to my home in Nepal.
Ten ladies, including myself, now live at the Kathmandu Home of Hope. God is continuing to work beautifully in each of our lives.

I am currently attending literacy classes and sewing classes and hope to one day have a tailoring shop of my own.”

You can help! You can pray and you can send donations!
In partnership with Project Rescue is The Jubilee Market. Young girls learn trades to help them become self-sufficient financially, when rescued out of brothels and sexual slavery. At this site, you can purchase items made by these young women!
What a great Christmas gift!
I emailed Liz Glover with Jubilee market and she said that they ship the items that day or the next, and priority shipping is 2-3 business days…which means you and I still have time!
Here are just a few of the hand crafted items, but there’s much more! How awesome to give a gift that really means something. Christmas is all about HOPE! By purchasing these gifts, for reasonable prices, you’re giving HOPE and an amazing story behind your gift. A constant reminder to PRAY!
Aren’t they fabulous!?
If you have problems clicking the link, a direct link is on the righthand side of my blogsite.
If you do choose to buy a gift, and I hope you do…drop a comment and share what you purchased!!!