Christmas Gifts That Keep On Giving!

Every day, girls as young as 12 are sold into sexual slavery. Exploited. Treated like animals.

Every night in the redlight district, small children crawl under their mothers’ beds while they “work” for a living. A job they never applied for. Many of those young girls lie under that bed and close their eyes, knowing they’ll never get out. Never get away and some day their children will be lying under their bed, while they “work.”

It’s something we don’t want to think about. We don’t want those thoughts in our minds. But it happens. It’s real. It’s hiding in plain sight.

However, there are Christians who are dedicating their lives to rescuing women and children from the brothels in India. Project Rescue is one of them. Headed by David and Beth Grant. Missionaries who’ve dedicated their life to the people of India. The following is taken directly from their website, which I encourage you to look at and read their blogs. In the dark clouds of sexual slavery, rays of hope do shine through! You can be a part of that HOPE.

Project Rescue:
“We exist to rescue and restore victims of sex trafficking through the love and power of Jesus Christ.
We believe that each child has been created by God with God-given purpose and the innate abilities to accomplish that purpose. We exist to help her discover that purpose and empower her to fulfill it.
We recognize the primary role of the local, national, and global community of faith in the restoration process and are committed to empowering them to fulfill it.
We provide global awareness and opportunities for concerned partners to help bring freedom and a transformed future to those imprisoned in sexual slavery.”

A testimony from Anita:
“When I was 12 years old a couple that I trusted promised me a job. They convinced me of a dream opportunity to work as a domestic helper along with the chance to pursue my studies. The idea of a secure job thrilled me, as it would any young girl in Nepal. Believing that I could trust this couple, I left my home in pursuit of a future.

After drugging me, the couple took me to a movie theater where a brothel owner met us.

Two hundred dollars was the price that sold me into forced prostitution. For the next 18 years I lived and worked in the red light district of Bombay.
It was here in the red light district that I first heard the Gospel from those involved with Bombay Teen Challenge. My brothel owner and I had a life changing experience by accepting Jesus into our lives. After this I soon decided to return to my home in Nepal.
Ten ladies, including myself, now live at the Kathmandu Home of Hope. God is continuing to work beautifully in each of our lives.

I am currently attending literacy classes and sewing classes and hope to one day have a tailoring shop of my own.”

You can help! You can pray and you can send donations!
In partnership with Project Rescue is The Jubilee Market. Young girls learn trades to help them become self-sufficient financially, when rescued out of brothels and sexual slavery. At this site, you can purchase items made by these young women!
What a great Christmas gift!
I emailed Liz Glover with Jubilee market and she said that they ship the items that day or the next, and priority shipping is 2-3 business days…which means you and I still have time!
Here are just a few of the hand crafted items, but there’s much more! How awesome to give a gift that really means something. Christmas is all about HOPE! By purchasing these gifts, for reasonable prices, you’re giving HOPE and an amazing story behind your gift. A constant reminder to PRAY!
Aren’t they fabulous!?
If you have problems clicking the link, a direct link is on the righthand side of my blogsite.
If you do choose to buy a gift, and I hope you do…drop a comment and share what you purchased!!!

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