Gifts For a Child: A fictional tale based on Biblical truth

Have you ever wondered what it may have been like for our Savior as He grew from an infant into a Man?  I’ve always dreamed about what it was like for Him long ago, on a starry night, when three Wise Men came for a visit…
The star was shining bright in the East as the three men traveled in expectation to see the young child– the King of all Kings.  They had been traveling for a long time and being very careful, for Herod the great earthly king desired to see this young babe slaughtered, unable to grow and usurp his throne.
They came upon the place the bright star shined down on; it was quiet throughout the sleepy town of Bethlehem.  A soft knocking was heard throughout the modest home of Joseph and Mary.  They both looked at each other and then at their darling toddler who played quietly in the floor at their feet.
Hesitantly, Joseph opened the door to see three extravagant men descending from their camels. “May we come in,” the man standing in the middle asked. “We’ve come to worship the Child.” The other men nodded as they craned their necks to see inside the home, to simply get a first glimpse.
As Joseph opened the door for the men to enter, they saw the young child sitting on His mother, Mary’s lap.  He was as precious as they had anticipated.  His raven locks covered His head like soft feathers and his rosy cheeks glowed with delight in seeing visitors.  His eyes, that matched his hair, were round and wide with wonder and shy curiousity as the men reverently entered. 
Mary put her Son down and stood as the men of wisdom came before her.  The toddler clutched his mother’s tunic with His tiny chubby hands and peered at the men from behind her.  She smiled gently and spoke softly, “Come, Yeshua, you have guests. It’s okay.”  She coaxed her Child to let go of her, He was but barely two.
The men knelt down and continued to stare in awe at the small Child.  Their lips trembled, and their eyes sparkled with wonder.  The same man who had asked to come in the home spoke worshipfully. “We’ve brought You gifts, look!”  Each man opened up their box before the little King and chuckled as the small baby boy clapped His hands with excitement.  The boxes alone were stunning;His eyes flickered with joy. 
“Go ahead, Yeshua, see Your gifts.” 
The baby Lord toddled closer to the men, looking each of them in the eyes, their hands began to shake as if he was looking right into their hearts.   The larger man of the three took from his box a crystal bottle, expensive and exquisite.  He carefully took the lid from it and motioned for the tiny Boy to come.  “This is frankincense.  Can You say frankincense?”  Yeshua looked at him and only smiled, showing all eight of His perfect little new teeth. 
 “Smell it! It smells good.”  He held the bottle of oil out for the Messiah.  He leaned in and instead of sucking in through His nose, He blew out, like all little ones do when learning to smell. 
The room’s silence was broken in laughter and the King looked about and squealed with delight.  “He enjoys being the center of attention.  You’ve just made His day.” Mary shook her head and chuckled at her Firstborn. 
He turned His attention to the smallest man, the quietest of the three. He toddled over to Him, His balance still unsteady from only learning to walk, and looked into his box.  It shone with brilliance.  “Gold, Child. This is for You.”
Yeshua looked at the gold, touched it, and then looked at the man with earnest eyes.  “Pretty,” He said as He touched the man’s hand, and a tear rolled down his cheek. The Child moved closer to the man and tried to reach out to touch it. 
Mary noticed the confusion on his face and picked her Son up.  “I’m sorry.  He saw you cry and He wanted to kiss you.  He’s a very tenderhearted Child.”  She looked at her Babe and kissed His nose. “Beloved, not everyone wants a kiss. The Baby puckered his mouth and a few silent tears streamed down His face.  It was as if the rejection had broken His little Baby heart. 
“Wait, I would love nothing more. It’s just, His touch…I can’t explain it.  I felt—something…”
She sighed with overwhelming love for her Child, “He has that effect on all of us. Just a touch.”
  She sat Him down and He hurriedly yet awkwardly ran to the man.  He touched his face and kissed him on the cheek.  The wise man tousled His hair and wiped another tear away.
After He delighted in His last present, the men stood to leave.  “We appreciate you bringing our Son these gifts.  May your travels home be blessed and safe.”  Joseph held the door as the men started to file out.
“Wait!” Mary called out after them.  She picked up her Son and brought Him to the door.  Though He was the Son of God, she still had a responsibility to teach Him. “Yeshua, what do you tell the nice men for bringing you presents?”
He clapped His hands and wiggled in her arms.  He was overjoyed at the gifts His new friends had brought Him.  He blinked a few times and stretched His hands out to His sides, showing them just how much He loved them and their gifts—identical to the way He would stretch His hands out to show His love for the world, as He hung on the cross– a man yet fully God.
“Thank you.” 
Mary nodded with approval at her Son for being polite.  They waved the men good bye and gave their own thanks to God the Father for supplying them with all their needs, in most unexpected ways. 
“For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6
He’s not a baby anymore, but He still desires to touch you. He still desires to be the center of attention. He still delights in the gifts you bring Him.  The greatest gift you can give Him this season is yourself.  May your holidays be Christ filled.
*a fictional story written from biblical truth

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  2. You're welcome to repost! Thank you! I'm glad it blessed you!


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