Show Me the Love


So, is everyone blogging about love today? It is Valentine’s Day. I thought I should blog about love and romance since I am a romance writer. I thought I might share some pointers of writing about romance, showing how to create a scene that is full of romantic tension, or even writing about why we love romance. God created us for romance. Divine romance! But I’m not not going to blog about any of that.

Today I’m simply going to use this cyber platform to tell you how much my husband loves me. This morning I woke up to yummy chocolates and a thoughtful card. Was it on my pillow? No. It was on my laptop! Somewhere he knew I’d see it.  I’d forgotten today was V-Day. I was surprised and of course, freaked out as I have bought him nothing!

My husband, of almost 16 years, still dates me. I love that.  Now, my husband isn’t a writer. He’s a muscian, so he understands my passion for writing because he has a passion to tell a story through a song, (Although not through words. He doesn’t write lyrics, much.) He’s usually rather quiet about my writing. He doesn’t brainstorm with me, and I generally don’t use him to bounce ideas off of. While he’s romantic to be sure, he doesn’t enjoy reading romance (he did read one of my novels and he did like it, but I’ve written 12 so, you do the math). In fact, he doesn’t enjoy reading at all. “Jess, why read when I know the movie will be out in six months to a year.” That’s his philosophy. I cringe every time he says it, but we’re all different, right?

He listens to me when I share my goals or my frustrations. It’s called Book Club time to him, but he doesn’t often understand because he’s not walking in my shoes. I’ve mistaken it at times for him not supporting me, but that deduction is very wrong. He supports me in spite of his lack of understanding.

I think it really hit me this weekend. He may not be able to speak writing lingo with me. He can’t wrap his brain around how I come up with ideas, scenes, plot, etc…but he can show me just how much he’s in my corner by doing other things. Huge things!

I just got back from a very expensive conference. Not only was it a chunk of money(and very worth it), but the hotel, the airfare, the extra hundreds of dollars I needed for various things before the trip, the money to take on the trip, and the job of running the family and working still had to be taken care of.  That was something he could do. And he forked money out like it was falling from trees. I don’t know how he put it back, saved, and squeezed. But he did and without so much as one grumbling word because he believes in me. He believes in my writing. And it was a way he could be a part of this. 

When I came home, my house was spotless. I knew it would be. Floors had been vaccumed and the lines still shown where he’d ran them vertically. Cause I like that! The kids had been bathed, Myles had a hair cut, the laundry including towels had been done, the pantry and fridge were stocked because he knew I’d have work to do this week since the conference went well. The bathroom rugs were washed and the shower and tub scrubbed. The sheets were freshly washed and my pajamas had been laid out. Oh yeah, and he brought me food to the airport when he picked me up because he knew I’d be starving! And I was.

My husband loves me. He loves what I do, and he’s proud of me. And I love him and am so very proud of him. This could be my Valentine to him, but since he doesn’t read….

What wonderful thing has your special someone done to show his/her love for you?