3 Words and Your Imagination! Bring it!

That’s right, ladies and gents. It’s time for another round of Urban Translation fun! 

Here are the three words and their definitions. Make up a sentence using these words and I’ll choose the top three. Then I’ll post them and let you vote for the winner! 
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Mizzled: Mizzled is when somebody deliberately misleads or dupes you with malicious intent. 

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Yacht Snot: This is normally a young person who has access to large – and often times – unlimited amounts of money. The money comes from their parents. This person can be either male or female. A typical place to find such a person around your local university campus.

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Phone-Yawn: The act of taking out a cell phone from one’s pocket or purse, resulting in other people in the vicinity taking out and checking their phones as well.
*all definitions came from urbandictionary(dot)com

Okay, everyone! Have fun using the words, can’t wait to see what you come up with! And it’s Friday the 13th so if you toss that in, you’ll get bonus points!

Urban Translation Contest! Vote!

Friday before last, I posted some words from the Urban dictionary and had you use them in sentences. I picked the top 3 choices, but today YOU need to vote for your favorite one!
The winner gets his/her choice of:
  • A first chapter critique by moi
  • A guest post


  • A fun interview on the blog


To read the Urban Translation Fun post and see all the comments, click HERE!
It was really hard to choose. They were all hilarious. Congrats everyone! Here’s the Top 3 in no particular order:
“I stroked the fake cookie duster I’d pressed on my upper lip and peeked at my subject from behind my copy of the shelf esteem runaway best-seller “Say Yes To The Mess” wondering if my giving him the book off had disguised the fact that I was investigating him for the murder of his wife.”
“What do a man with a cookie duster and a man with a shelf esteem book have in common? 
They are both likely to get the book off!”
“Whipping out a shelf esteemer entitled, “Happiness Is A Choice”, I prepared to give the tall man with the cookie duster the book off — then realized my mistake when I recognized him from the picture on the back cover.”
Whichever one gets the most votes by midnight, Tuesday, wins! I’ll announce the winner on Friday!
Happy Monday! Have a great week!

Urban Translation Fun!


I love reading the urban dictionary. It makes me laugh, and I enjoy using terms other people don’t know just to see if I can get them to use the phrase. This works well on my BFF “Jane.” 

Many times, I’ve used a word in a sentence over and over until I hear her mimic it. It’s grand fun. (Ugh, you hear the Dowton Abbey coming out in my dialogue?) 

So today, I’m posting 3 words with their definitions and nothing would please me more (that might be a lie) than if you would try to use these 3 words in a sentence! I will post the top 3 at a later date and we can all vote on the best one. 

Winner gets a guest post on my blog or a first chapter critiqued, if you’re a writer. If you’re a reader, you get to be spotlighted with a fun interview here on my blog! 



the book off:
The act of getting a book out on the train, tube bus, or plane in order to avoid talking to the person next to you. Substitutes include a newspaper, phone or iPod
shelf esteem:
When someone builds their self esteem from self help books
(btw, there’s nothing wrong with reading books to help you out!)
cookie duster:
A full mustache capable of dusting the tops of cookies
Okay, so get to it! Can you use these 3 words in a sentence?

Urban Translation Thursday: Christmas Theme

Christmas Buzz:

A feeling common during the month of December. It is the need to buy many overpriced gifts for your family, normally on a credit card. The buyer feels no feelings of regret for the rest of the month, as he/she feels they are being a good person. The buzz is always followed by the New Year’s hangover, when the credit card bill comes in and the buyer goes on about how much money they have spent.

Christmas Graduate:

a student (usually university or college) who drops out at Christmastime when they go back home to visit their parents. Often caused by homesickness, academic failure, unpopularity, or a significant other living back at home.
Christmas Grief:
The sadness you feel inside of yourself for not getting what you wanted after you’ve opened your presents.

Christmas king:

Someone who always gets what they want on Christmas. No matter how outrageous their wish list is, every year, they will receive every single item. Christmas kings will brag to you about their Christmas list weeks, even months in advance. Upon receiving every gift they could ever possibly want, they will again brag about their great Christmas.

Know one of these folks or experienced any of these feelings? Okay, give it a go! Use the words in the craziest sentence possible! Be creative!

Urban Translation Thursday!

Take a stab at using the following words to make a sentence!
“Whatever lifts your luggage”- synonomous with “whatever floats your boat”



Roommate Chicken-

The condition where a group of people sharing a living space each avoid doing a household chore for an extended period because each believes it’s someone else’s responsibility. The idea is that eventually the situation will reach a critical mass where the guilty party will cave in and do the chore. In practice, the situation can escalate to extreme levels.


Tomorrow’s guest blogger–Mary Lange!!!

Urban Translation Thursday!

“What is TTYL,” asked my husband when he looked at my tween daughter’s artwork. She and I laughed hysterically and told him Talk To You Later. Times are a changing, my friends, and if you want to keep up, you gotta go with it!

I happen to love new words and meanings. So Thursday will be dedicated to urban lingo. Today’s words are:

bomb dot com :

another way to express when something is awesome/cool/amazing.
party foul:
something socially unacceptable done in a social setting
head splinter:
A painfully annoying song that gets stuck in your head, in extreme cases, impeding everyday tasks.
Have you ever heard these words before? Try and use all three of these words in a sentence. Let’s see what you got! Oh, and when you go to work tomorrow, or school, or wherever, I dare you to use them in your conversation just for fun!