Urban Translation Thursday: Christmas Theme

Christmas Buzz:

A feeling common during the month of December. It is the need to buy many overpriced gifts for your family, normally on a credit card. The buyer feels no feelings of regret for the rest of the month, as he/she feels they are being a good person. The buzz is always followed by the New Year’s hangover, when the credit card bill comes in and the buyer goes on about how much money they have spent.

Christmas Graduate:

a student (usually university or college) who drops out at Christmastime when they go back home to visit their parents. Often caused by homesickness, academic failure, unpopularity, or a significant other living back at home.
Christmas Grief:
The sadness you feel inside of yourself for not getting what you wanted after you’ve opened your presents.

Christmas king:

Someone who always gets what they want on Christmas. No matter how outrageous their wish list is, every year, they will receive every single item. Christmas kings will brag to you about their Christmas list weeks, even months in advance. Upon receiving every gift they could ever possibly want, they will again brag about their great Christmas.

Know one of these folks or experienced any of these feelings? Okay, give it a go! Use the words in the craziest sentence possible! Be creative!

One thought on “Urban Translation Thursday: Christmas Theme

  1. Stacey South fb'd me with hers. I copied it. lol

    "your blog hates me!!

    Man, I went on a Christmas buzz for nothing! I got everybody what they wanted and all I got was Christmas grief, thanks to my Christmas king of a little brother. I'll just go back to being a Christmas graduate.. it's what I'm good at!"


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