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Thanksgiving has passed and the Christmas season is in full swing! Before you know it January will roll out and February will roll in, meaning A Cry in the Dark will be hitting online and brick-and-mortar bookshelves everywhere.


Maybe you haven’t added it to your Goodreads Want to Read shelf. Now would be a great time. I’m so excited about this book and following Violet’s story. I’ve had a lot of reader feedback and interest in her. You’ll get some more definitive answers to what transpired between her and the killer in Her Darkest Secret and quickly discover why she seems aloof and distant. It’s tragic really. But God’s grace is overwhelmingly good and it’s a story that showcases that!

Here’s a peek:

Deep in the Kentucky hills, three women have been found brutalized and murdered.
But the folks in Night Holler have their own ways and their own laws.
And they’re not talking…

Led to an isolated Appalachian Mountain town by a trail of disturbing murders, FBI special agent Violet Rainwater’s determined to catch a serial killer with a twisted agenda. With locals refusing to reveal their secrets, Violet’s only ally is Detective John Orlando. But even John has an ulterior motive—he’s convinced this case is connected to his wife’s murder. 

As they dig deeper, Violet uncovers a link to her own unresolved past. For years she’s worked the cold case of her mother’s abduction, which had led to her birth. The need to look into the eyes of the sinful man who fathered her consumes Violet. Until she can, she’ll never have peace. Because she’s terrified she might be exactly like him.

In this chilling novel, when the present collides with Violet’s mysterious past and John’s tragic loss, they must unravel the warped, sinuous connections before the killer strikes again. But solving the case might not be nearly as terrifying as the possibility that Violet’s finally found her roots…

I can’t wait for you to read it. You can also preorder the book from your favorite retailers including Walmart and Target!

New Book Projects!

At the moment, I’m working on a new novel that will be included in a collection with some of your favorite inspirational authors. I’m using two characters from Her Darkest Secret for the heroine and hero. Any guesses who they might be? Oh, this book is going to be so fun! I’m writing it organically, meaning I haven’t plotted anything. All I know is how the killer is murdering his victims and why. I know the hero and heroine. AND fun fact: I’m setting it in Splendor Pines, East Tennessee where Rush Buchanan and Nora Livingstone are from in Cold Case Christmas, so you’ll see cameos and revisit the lovely mountain town in a sizzling hot summer!

The rest of the story will just come straight from what I’m imagining in that moment. I have no idea WHO the killer is or how the investigation is going to play out, but that’s okay. It’s all part of the joy of writing organically.

I’m also working on new books for Love Inspired Suspense in a Texas Crime Scene Cleaners series featuring two brothers and a sister! It’s been a lot of fun too. 

Lastly, I’ll be bringing you Tiberius Granger’s story in 2024! If you’ve read Her Darkest Secret,  you’ve met him and he’ll take a more active role in A Cry in the Dark as I prep him for his own wild story set in the Outerbanks, North Carolina during hurricane season. It’ll be a real thrill ride with some crazy wild twists and shocking ending–at least I hope it will be! 

So what are you up to these days? Reading any great thrillers? Let me know in the comments!

And if you care to guess who the characters might be from Her Darkest Secret, share in the comments. Patch Pack members already know, so no commenting from any of y’all! That’s cheating! 🙂 


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Her Darkest Secret Goodreads Giveaway!

Hey friends, my Publisher (Harlequin) is hosting a Goodreads giveaway for Her Darkest Secret! EEEK! 

It starts today, June 1-June 20th. They’re giving away 1 of 20 paperback copies to U.S. and CA! Take advantage of this opportunity and enter for a chance to win today. Feel free to share this news with your friends too! The more the merrier, right? I mean we’re not stingy. 😉 





September Quiz Fun! What Lipstick Color Suits Your Book Genre Personality?

It’s that time again, friends. Time to take another monthly quiz. Your shade of lipstick says a lot about which genre of books you enjoy most. 😉 Of course, these are all in good fun and I hope you have a ton of it and share it with friends!

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Now, have some fun and tell me in the comments which book genre and shade of lipstick are you? 



New Quiz: Which Flower Best Fits Your Personality?

Hey y’all!

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I’m also doing a month long giveaway to celebrate my upcoming release, Cold Case Double Cross. 

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And now for the Quiz! Yay! Comment below and tell me which flower best represents your personality: The Marigold, the Night-blooming jasmine, or the African violet. Also, be sure to share your results so your friends on social media can participate too!





20 Random Things

My  sweet, wonderful
friend Casey
 tagged me in a 20 Random Questions post. So, here goes

How tall are you? 5’0 even. Yep. I’m a shrub. Deal with it. I have to.

Do you have a hidden talent? If so, what is it?
It’s hidden. I don’t know. I’m well versed in quick-wit and sarcasm. That’s a talent, right?

3. What’s your biggest blog-related pet peeve?
I’m probably supposed to have one,
but I don’t. Oh wait, yes I do. It annoys me when I “friend” or “follow”
someone and they immediately ask me to read their blog. I don’t care much for

4. What’s your biggest non blog-related pet
I don’t like to be interrupted. It’s
true. When I’m in the middle of something and someone, anyone, starts talking to
me I cringe. And if they’re asking something of me, you can bank I’ll either say
no or I’ll make sure they know I’m not happy about it. I didn’t say it was
right. Is there a support group for this?

5. What’s your favorite song?
I love music. So I can’t really pick a favorite song. But I’ve
had David Archuleta’s “To Be With You” on repeat lately b/c it fits a story I’m

6. What’s your favorite Etsy shop that isn’t
What is Etsy?

7. What’s your favorite way to spend your free
time when you’re alone?
Reading of course. Catching up on
shows I’ve DVR’d. Writing.

8. What’s your favorite junk food?
There are other kinds of food?
Huh. I’m a fan of French fries. I could eat them every day. Especially from
Back Yard Burger. O. M.W.

9.  Do you have a pet or pets? If so, what
kind and what are their names?
This is not my favorite subject. I
so want to love animals but I can’t seem to make myself. But I do have a
Snorkie (part schnauzer/Yorkshire terrier) and her name is Sarah. That’s all I’m
saying about that. 
10.  What are your #1 favorite fiction and
nonfiction books?
I’m not sure I can give you a #1
fave in fiction, I love too many. As far as non-fiction, it really depends on
what I’m going through at the time and why I pick one up. Probably the Circle
Maker by Mark Batterson has really stuck with me and Beyond the Soiled Curtain
by David & Beth Grant. 


11.   What’s your favorite beauty

I don’t really use beauty
products. My name is Jessica not Esther. But I like Vaseline’s Shea Butter
lotion and oil. 

12.   When were you last
embarrassed? What happened?
Honestly, I rarely get embarrassed.
I probably should. Is there a support group for that too? But once I remember
total embarrassment and that’s when I cheated on my husband in front of the entire
church. You read that right. I blogged about it HERE.

13. If you could drink one beverage (besides
water) for the rest of your life, what would it be?
I drink Perrier. It is water but
it’s mineral water so it doesn’t count as water. Right? I do love a diet Dr.
Pepper with a shot of cherry from Sonic. I also like their Ocean Water.



14.  What’s your favorite movie?
Ah! Toughie. The Princess Bride,
Clue, Jaws, I love all the Harry Potter movies. An Affair to Remember,
Philadelphia Story, It Happened One Night…I have way too many.

15.  What were you in high school: prom
queen, nerd, cheerleader, jock, valedictorian, band geek, loner, artist, prep?
I didn’t fit into any of those
categories. I was just me. Some people liked me. Some didn’t. I was in Journalism
and really liked that, but it didn’t define me. Wow, that’s tough.

16.  If you could live anywhere in the
world, where would you live?
 I’d like to live in Vermont in the fall. But not
winter. I’d like to live on a yacht and go wherever whenever. Yeah. That’s what
I’d like.  

photocredit: freedigitalphotos/EA

17.   PC or Mac?
PC because that’s what I have. I’m
scared of the Mac!

18.  Last romantic gesture from a crush,
date, boy/girlfriend, spouse?
My husband surprised me with tickets to see The Phantom of
the Opera for an early birthday present. It was quite the romantic evening!

19.  Favorite celebrity?
I don’t really have a favorite celebrity.
But I think Matthew McConaughay is a wonderful actor and I’ve seen almost
everything that he’s been in, minus Magic Mike and the True Detective show. 

20. What blogger do you secretly want to be best
friends with?
Hmmm…I can’t think of one. Not
one. Is that bad? Not that I don’t want to be friends but I am friends with all the blog authors I read from!

***The winner of Sarah Varland’s Tundra Threat is Sandra Orchard! 

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