New Quiz: Which Flower Best Fits Your Personality?

Hey y’all!

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I’m also doing a month long giveaway to celebrate my upcoming release, Cold Case Double Cross. 

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And now for the Quiz! Yay! Comment below and tell me which flower best represents your personality: The Marigold, the Night-blooming jasmine, or the African violet. Also, be sure to share your results so your friends on social media can participate too!





9 thoughts on “New Quiz: Which Flower Best Fits Your Personality?

  1. Lisa Stillman

    Night-blooming jasmine, although I should point out that there was no “scream and run in circles” as a choice for the first question! So I opted for the one that I’d like to be– I’m getting there but not the immediate response yet.

    1. Jessica R. Patch

      Hahaha! I should have added that one!

  2. Gloria A

    I am like Night-blooming jasmine. 🙂

    1. Jessica R. Patch

      Ah! Such a pretty flower!

  3. I am a marigolds and it does fit my personality. For girls night out,you should have added book club at a friend’s house with wine!😘

  4. Paula Shreckhise

    I’m a Night Blooming Jasmine.
    I am pretty good in a crisis.

  5. Betty w

    I don’t agree with my flower profile. It was fun though.

  6. Alana Head

    Night Blooming Jasmine – not all of the suggestions fit me, but I went with the closest!!

  7. Night-blooming jasmine


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