September Quiz Fun! What Lipstick Color Suits Your Book Genre Personality?

It’s that time again, friends. Time to take another monthly quiz. Your shade of lipstick says a lot about which genre of books you enjoy most. 😉 Of course, these are all in good fun and I hope you have a ton of it and share it with friends!

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Now, have some fun and tell me in the comments which book genre and shade of lipstick are you? 



4 thoughts on “September Quiz Fun! What Lipstick Color Suits Your Book Genre Personality?

  1. Gloria Anderson

    My lipstick personality type color/book genre is Naturally Glam Nude.

  2. Paula Shreckhise

    Well that was totally wrong! I got vibrant color. But I didn’t like some of the choices.
    I would go for sophisticated neutral. My take out wasn’t there. And I liked part of the choices but they paired thinks wonky for me! Think Museums, Antique stores, Reading books. I guess I’m not modern enough. And I find most if my brand labels in thrift stores!

  3. Mine was spot on! Vibrant colors are my jam… for real, I’ll rock my red all day every day and sleep in it, too, sometimes!

  4. Joy Shelden

    Matte…that’s not even a color! I’m a 90s girl, so I still love brown lipstick. My perfect date would be browsing a vintage bookstore, but not followed by a horror movie. I HATE being scared. I’d rather see a Marvel movie, or something indie or foreign. But an art museum or gallery would be great, too. I may try this quiz again…


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