Story Tellers


Let’s play a game. 

Ah, don’t say it’s too early! Or your brain is fried. I know better. Come on! Pleeease!

We’re going to write a little story together. Come on! 

Genre: Romantic Comedy

I’ll start with one sentence and then the next person pick up where I left off. One sentence or two but no more! Then the next and next. It’ll be fun. You know it will. I’ll post the final product on my facebook page on Monday. 

Jane clomped down the hall in heels she hated, but right now all she had over Amber Donaldson was the three extra inches. Not that height would get her the promotion, but at this point in the game she’d stoop–well not so much stoop– but tower to get any recognition she could. She swung open Jeremy’s door and… (your turn)

Oh and this isn’t for publication so don’t sweat the editing or perfect word choice. Notice, I didn’t. Have fun!

Did You Know…?


On April 12 in 1861, The Civil War began. 
I can’t imagine what it would be like not to know what was happening. Now we can turn on TV, check Facebook, Twitter, you name it and we have pretty much direct access to what’s happening in the military. 

In 1872, Jesse James and his gang rob a bank in Columbia, KY for $1500 and one person died.
I wonder how much that was to people back then. Sad thing, people kill for just a pack of gum today. I don’t see Jesse James doing that. 


In 1945, Franklin Roosevelt died.
According to Arsenic and Old Lace, he yelled “Bully” before going downstairs. And he blew a horn. Is that true? Or was that Teddy? I think it was Teddy.

In 1954, Bill Haley and the Comets recorded Rock Around the Clock. 
I myself enjoy rocking…around…clocks, carts, cabinets, cars…you know anything goes!

In 1988, Sonny Bono was elected Mayor of Palm Springs. 
His victory song? I Got You, Babe. Because really, what else did he have going for him? RIP, Sonny.

In 1990, James Brown moved to a work release center after serving 15 months.
It’s rumored on his way out, he did a spin and hollered, “Wow! I feel good. nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh.”

I leave you with Bill Haley and the Comets, because it’s a good song to sum up what we’ve done here today. Rocked right around the clock. Don’t you feel smarter? 

What are you doing to make history? 

Christmas Classics

Oh yeah, I’m all about watching Christmas movies all month long. Not the Hallmark or Lifetime movies, although that one with Steve Guttenberg is really good. He’s Santa and needs a wife. I just like Steve Guttenberg. Ever since Three Men and a Baby days. 

Here’s my list of top five Christmas comedies that I must watch at some point and here they are starting with 5 and working to number 1:

And my #1….
Share your top 5 favorite Christmas comedies in the comments!

Top 5 Things I Hate About Fall

photocredit: freedigitalphotos

Fall is my favorite season. Seems like it’s a favorite of many. I’m sure I’ve commented on dozens of things I love about Fall. 

But what about the things I don’t? I think they should be voiced. So here they are:

5. Dew

photocredit: freedigitalphotos

I do not like Dew because my annoying rat of a dog won’t go outside. It’s like she wakes up and knows it’s going to be wet, therefore some mornings she won’t even come out from under the bed. I know when I get back from dropping my kids off at school, she’s going to have dropped a load on my floor. I’d say I just don’t like my dog in Fall, but I don’t really like her all year round so…

4. Confusion

photocredit: freedigitalphotos

It’s cold in the morning but by afternoon it’s sunny. How are we supposed to dress? Flip-flops and Hoodies? What if my feet get cold and my torso gets hot? I can’t hang my flip-flops… well anyway…

3. The lazy sun

photo credit: freedigitalphotos

I think it’s unfair that the sun gets a break from shining a full day’s work. I don’t like that it gets dark at 2 in the afternoon. I have to keep going, I think the sun should too. I don’t care if it’s all part of some lunar/planety kind of we-would-fall-off-the-earth kind of thing. “Where there’s lack of vision, the people perish.” Just sayin.

2. Possessed People

photo credit: freedigitalphotos

I do not like flipping on the TV or changing a channel to see the Exorcist kid’s head turning like an owl’s or children crawling along the ceiling and walls only to shriek and cock their head to the side. Children with wide eyes that do that cocking-head-thing freak. me. the. crap. out. Down with the scary children and possessed teenagers who live in a creepy house!

And the number one thing (I almost thought possessed people were the worst, but no…)

1. Trick or Treaters (bet you thought I was gonna say Candy Corn didn’t you? Blech!)

photo credit: freedigitalphotos

Not just any trick or treater. I love the cute little chubby kids with dog noses and puppy ears. I grin at princesses and tiny little knights. I’m talking about those bratty tweens that are technically too old and they know it, so they show up in NO COSTUME AT ALL and expect a treat. 

Okay, so maybe not no costume at all, but they wear Camouflage pants and shirts. Really? That’s not a costume. I live in the south. That’s day-wear, night-wear, date-wear, wedding-wear, school-wear, and even church-wear down here. It doesn’t count. And they know it. They just want the candy.

Yeah, I got their treats this year. 

Have a great weekend, ya’ll! 
What’s your favorite Halloween treat?

It’s True, I Broke Into a House

Me and Lindsay at the ACFW.
Pretty much all our photos look like this.

Today, I’m over at the wildly fun Lindsay Harrel’s blog. Have you seen her upgraded site? It’s awesome. And since it’s October, I’m sharing a ghoulish story that is all true about something I did as a child. 

Tomorrow, I’m going out to dinner for my birthday with my husband, and he keeps me out of trouble, so it’ll be a relaxed evening with lots of laughs…and gifts, and maybe a movie. Guess I should see what’s on.

Okay, enough gabbing! Head over to Lindsay’s blog and get a good laugh on me. CLICK HERE.

Crud My Kid Says

I thought for Friday fun, I’d post some of my favorite conversations with Myles over the week.

Usually they occur on the way to or home from school.

“Mom, XXX called me a nerd today.” 
I always fear my kids’ having their feelings hurt. “Why did he call you that?”
Myles shrugged his shoulders. “I guess because I’m smart. As if I can help that.”
I giggled. “No, I guess you can’t. Did it hurt your feelings?”
“Nah. Not really.”
“You know next time he says it, just tell him it’s okay, but when he’s working for you some day, you might not appreciate it.”
Yes. “No. Don’t say that.” 

On the way to school my daughter said, “I need a tissue my nose is running.”
Myles’ tone suggested come-back talk. “Yeah, your face needs a tissue.”
Bailey turned her nose up. “Yeah…that’s why I said I need one. My nose is on my face…stupid.”
“Whatever, Bailey. Why don’t you pretend there’s a fire and stop, drop, and roll out of this van.” (It was moving at 30 miles an hour)
Did I intervene? No. No I did not. Why? Because I’ve always said, “Use your words.” I did not specify how. 

And my favorite:

On the way to school Myles said, “Hey Bailey, not that I’m going–Mom said I didn’t have to–but if we go to college, do we drive ourselves or will Mom take us?” 

He really will get called a nerd then. 

Happy Friday! 

What are some fun things your kids say or that you’ve heard kids say?

The Rhythm Really Will Get Yah

You all know I’m twenty kinds of crazy over my great niece, Crimson! I don’t see her enough sniff sniff, but wish I did. My niece constantly sends me little photos or videos over text. 

This one came late Friday night, I believe. I laughed until I cried. It’s less than 20 seconds. 

I caption it: She’s so tired, but she. just. can’t. help. herself. 

So yes, the song lyrics are true: The rhythm really will get you. 

 What songs do you just 
HAVE to dance to?

Shut Up or Get Out: Coffee with Jess

Hey everyone! Today is a Coffee with Jess installment! Today’s question comes from Erica Vetsch! Thanks for asking such a fun question!

I’ll be here on Monday with some helpful and important tips for attending the ACFW conference, so come by! 

If anyone has any tips on helping me with my lighting on the vlog, cough it up! I think it’s the back light from my screen, but I don’t know how to fix it! Ack!

Ok, on with the show this is it! Have a great weekend. 

After All: A YA Flashback


Sometimes the mood needs to be set. I’m setting it now. First click play on the youtube video and then read. You won’t get the full effect if you don’t. And well…that’ll be a real shame. 

Last week was picture day for my kids. When it comes to school pictures, they want their mugs in the year book, but as far as ordering them. Not so much.

On the way to school, I thought about my Dorothy Hamill hair cut or the year perms came out and all my friends had their waist length hair cut and permed. I thought if you were getting a piggyback perm, you had to cut your hair. I was torn. It was only a week later when a girl came to school, still waist length hair, and permed that I realized it could be done. I cried. Mostly I was mad at my mom for not clarifying.

But when pictures came, extra wallets were ordered. I wrote my name as neatly as possible and then cut them so the white edges were perfect. After stacking and placing them in a ziplock bag, I climbed on the bus full of anticipation. 


Trading day!


I don’t know why we traded wallets. We just did. And it got me all nostalgic. One of my all time favorite artists was Cher. You love her or hate her. I love her. Always have.  And one of my all time favorite songs was her duet with Peter Cetera. After All–which you should be listening at this moment!

I remember recording this song onto a blank tape so I wouldn’t have to rewind over and over. I’d listen to it in my room, in the car, as I drifted to sleep. And during that time, guess what I did? I made up a story. Played out like a video. 

A love story. 

Before High School Musical there was…

It involved a high school boy seeing me while on the court. That moment. When he knew it was meant to be, that’d he’d made a big mistake dumping me, but he turns away only to make the winning 3-pointer and instead of letting his team lift him on their shoulders, he runs to me. We tripped down the bleachers and tumbled onto the sweaty gym floor laughing, because it didn’t matter. We were together…after all. Suddenly his face turns serious and for the next thirty-five minutes of tape on repeat we’re kissing. And somehow no one is left in the gym, but then after two teenagers making out in a crowd, why stick around? (plot hole)

Remember this movie: Chance Are
This song was the theme song! I loved this movie!

Don’t laugh, you had a story like that!

Now I’d say, that’s great writing. Subtext showing their fall was how they stumbled through a rocky relationship and also adding comedic relief after the tension of me walking into the school full of anxiety. Will he even care I’m at the game? Should I even be here–and in flats? They’re pretty slick (foreshadowing). Did I put the pack of Chicklets in my purse? My new Guess denim purse–they just came out. Will it matter? 

He’s been zoning out during the locker room pep talk. Thinking about me. Why was the line busy every time I tried to call her and apologize? Was it off the hook? Was she talking to another guy? Will she notice I permed just the back of my hair? Did she get the note I left in her locker? It’s two whole pages, front and back! I was stupid to say I’d never date a freshman. And braces aren’t so bad. 

Readers would need the break. Right? That’s a lot of tension!

But in the end. Afterall. It’s just him and me. Point is:

There is no point. I just wanted to take you back in time with me a minute. After all, it’s Friday and there’s nothing left to say. Except…sorry have a great weekend! 

Did you love Cher? What was your favorite song by her? If not, did you have a perm? And more importantly, did you know you didn’t have to cut your hair to have one?

Tips for the ACFW Conference

Okay, here they are: My extremely helpful tips for writers going to the ACFW conference (or any writer’s conference really).

But first…

Monday I’ll be posting the Faith Readers Group review of Code Triage, a novel by the lovely Candace Calvert! I’ll also announce the winner for the $5 Starbucks or Amazon card. You still have time to play the Urban Fun Words Game and get a shot at winning! You can enter HERE

Wednesday, I’m uber-stoked to host the launch of Donna Pyle’s new Bible Study, The God of All Comfort! She’s got an AMAZING giveaway (besides the study itself) so make sure you come and tweet and share about it on facebook! 

And Friday, that lovely author, Candace Calvert, I was talking about will be here with us chatting about her medical series. Think Grey’s Anatomy meets faith! It’s going to be a blast!

Now, tips you can’t pass up!
Have a great weekend!