It’s True, I Broke Into a House

Me and Lindsay at the ACFW.
Pretty much all our photos look like this.

Today, I’m over at the wildly fun Lindsay Harrel’s blog. Have you seen her upgraded site? It’s awesome. And since it’s October, I’m sharing a ghoulish story that is all true about something I did as a child. 

Tomorrow, I’m going out to dinner for my birthday with my husband, and he keeps me out of trouble, so it’ll be a relaxed evening with lots of laughs…and gifts, and maybe a movie. Guess I should see what’s on.

Okay, enough gabbing! Head over to Lindsay’s blog and get a good laugh on me. CLICK HERE.

10 thoughts on “It’s True, I Broke Into a House

  1. Love the photo. 🙂 Heading over right now…

  2. Yeah! Heading there now! And so excited cause I get to see Lindsay on Monday!

  3. Why does this not surprise me? You probably have a rap sheet at the sheriff's dept. too, don't you??

    Have a happy birthday!!

  4. I thought the story on Lindsay's blog was hilarious! Happy Birthday!! Have fun.

  5. Happy Birthday, Jess!

  6. Why doesn't the title of this blog surprise me even a little…. 😀

    Happy, Happy Birthday, Jess!!!

  7. Happy early birthday, girl! And like everyone else…not a bit surprised about your childhood antics! (Fess up, and admit you did that last year!! LOL) We've all got you pegged!!! Love you friend! 🙂

  8. Have I told you lately that I love you?


    I love you.

    And I love that pic!!

  9. Thanks, everyone for the awesome birthday wishes! 🙂

  10. Happy birthday, Jess! I hope you have oodles of fun celebrating.


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