Crud My Kid Says

I thought for Friday fun, I’d post some of my favorite conversations with Myles over the week.

Usually they occur on the way to or home from school.

“Mom, XXX called me a nerd today.” 
I always fear my kids’ having their feelings hurt. “Why did he call you that?”
Myles shrugged his shoulders. “I guess because I’m smart. As if I can help that.”
I giggled. “No, I guess you can’t. Did it hurt your feelings?”
“Nah. Not really.”
“You know next time he says it, just tell him it’s okay, but when he’s working for you some day, you might not appreciate it.”
Yes. “No. Don’t say that.” 

On the way to school my daughter said, “I need a tissue my nose is running.”
Myles’ tone suggested come-back talk. “Yeah, your face needs a tissue.”
Bailey turned her nose up. “Yeah…that’s why I said I need one. My nose is on my face…stupid.”
“Whatever, Bailey. Why don’t you pretend there’s a fire and stop, drop, and roll out of this van.” (It was moving at 30 miles an hour)
Did I intervene? No. No I did not. Why? Because I’ve always said, “Use your words.” I did not specify how. 

And my favorite:

On the way to school Myles said, “Hey Bailey, not that I’m going–Mom said I didn’t have to–but if we go to college, do we drive ourselves or will Mom take us?” 

He really will get called a nerd then. 

Happy Friday! 

What are some fun things your kids say or that you’ve heard kids say?