Shut Up or Get Out: Coffee with Jess

Hey everyone! Today is a Coffee with Jess installment! Today’s question comes from Erica Vetsch! Thanks for asking such a fun question!

I’ll be here on Monday with some helpful and important tips for attending the ACFW conference, so come by! 

If anyone has any tips on helping me with my lighting on the vlog, cough it up! I think it’s the back light from my screen, but I don’t know how to fix it! Ack!

Ok, on with the show this is it! Have a great weekend. 

24 thoughts on “Shut Up or Get Out: Coffee with Jess

  1. Chewed up Jujyfruits stick really well in hair…not that I have EVER accidentally lobbed or dropped them on people who don't follow movie theater etiquette. Just saying.

    Great job using your "mom-glare" and attitude on those kids. Happy Friday!

    1. Yeah, surrrree you haven't! lol

      I love the "mom-glare"!

  2. Oh my gosh! Who talks on a phone in a movie theater?! Rude!
    I would have given her the eye and lip move too. And honestly, I usually keep quiet on things but that probably would have set me off too.

    1. I know! Junior High brats, that's who! LOL

  3. You're way too much fun, Jessica! I can just picture this in my head. 🙂 I used to go to the movies all the time, even when we had two children we still managed to sneak away – but since the twins came along the movies have been few and far between!

    1. Ha! Thanks, Gabe! Just wait till they're a little older…then it'll be movie time again!

  4. I would sit and silently stew! I'm not one to cause a scene, but it would totally tick me off!

    1. If I were with you, I'd say something! LOL

  5. Oh my goodness!!! You are hilarious. 🙂 lol

    1. Ha! Are you going to ACFW?

  6. BWAH HAAA HAAAAA!!! I would've been right there with the "Ten seconds from going crazy stupid on you" statement! LOVE! Dude, we'd have such a buffer zone around us to enjoy the movie in our own drama-filled heads. 🙂

    1. For real!!! LOL

  7. OH my word! Loved this! I did have a similar episode at the Twilight showing @ a dollar theater. Two teens on one side, taking cell phone pics of Jacob. On the other side, a hubby/wife duo, in which the hubby was narrating the film and saying stuff like "I don't remember that in the book."

    What did I do? Since my friend and I were sandwiched like sardines between them, we just smiled to each other and endured. After all, we hadn't gotten our acts together to goto the MIDNIGHT SHOWING in the real theater, like some people do! MIDNIGHT SHOWING would've amped it up several notches for me. Then, I would've at least asked the guy if he could pipe it down.

    And my hubby bailed on me after the 2nd movie. "It got too weird" is something he says, every time I bring it up.

    Here's hoping you and I both can make it in Nov. to the last one! Love your vlogs, Jessica! And I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of your movie "evil-eye!"

    1. Ok, I think it's just hilarious dude read the book! 🙂 This year do the midnight showing and we'll tweet each other before show times!

  8. Yes!!! I love your duck face. 😛 It would scare me, that's fo sho.

    I would probaby be real mature and say, "Shhhhh."


    And confession…I've only seen the first Twilight movie and haven't read the books. Do I need to change this or am I better off?

    1. I shall use it and scare you at ACFW! LOL
      Personally, I liked the books. The last book wasn't as good through the middle (imo) but I liked it.

      My goofy friend bought all us girls I heart boys who sparkle shirts, and we wore them to the second one. I saw it 3 times. Bwahahahaha. But I saw the first one 5 times. So many friends to go with! And hubby!

      I'll never forget we were running late which I hate and my pregnant friend said as we sped past the concessions, "What no snacks?" LOL

  9. Wow, Jessica, great vlog!! SOOOOOO glad you addressed this question because it's one of my pet peeves 🙂

    You TOTALLY cracked me up with the duck face, sooooo funny!!!! By the way, love your little accent also 🙂 I don't have the courage to say anything when people are rude at the movies, but I have used the head turn and uptight body language when someone kicks my chair or whips out their phones for texting (the glare always distracts me). For what the movies cost these days it would be nice if everyone could watch the show without these distractions 🙂 I pray for extra patience whenever I go to the movies.

    God bless your husband for going to see twilight with you even though it's no chore for him since he enjoys it, but what a treat to share that with him 🙂 Thanks for such a great video, you did such a good job and I really enjoyed it!
    I agree with grabbing a theater employee as your version of going crazy and stupid on disrespectful kids, that would be my choice of stopping the rudeness as well (even though you have to leave your seat to do it).
    Have a great weekend, Jessica!

  10. You are a hoot, Jess! I'm looking forward to meeting you in person. I'm prepared to do some serious laughing. =)

  11. Hee Hee hee! That was great!!! I love the 'Ten seconds from going crazy stupid" part. I'll sit with you and Donna. 😀

  12. Love your statement of lemon heads being too delicious to pelt them with! Jess, I'm going to have to watch more of you as this was my first coffee session with you 😉
    Your too fun! You haven't ever changed!!
    Love you!!

  13. I totally enjoyed this. So funny! And it's nice to know other women (and men) proudly watch the Twilight movies. I was starting to feel like I had to keep my fandom a secret, especially in certain crowds.
    I probably would've stuck with the "look and sigh" routine for the teenagers. I'm a "don't rock the boat" kind of person. But what I CAN'T STAND is people who bring infants and toddlers to movies intended for an older audience. This makes me insane for two reasons. 1. Hello?! Your baby doesn't need to see blood and hear screaming and God knows what else in a movie theater. They have ratings for a reason. I'm pretty sure G is the only thing appropriate for an infant! 2. I got a babysitter so I could enjoy this movie without my children. You can get a babysitter too. And if you can't, sorry, stay home.
    So when I see young, stupid parents bringing that bucket baby into Avengers or whatever, I give them a "you need to rethink your priorities" look. Yeah, I know it's judgmental and for the most part that's not my style. But where pet peeves are concerned, it's hard to hold back the crazy eyes.

  14. Hahaha!!! I don't ever want to make you mad because I don't want you to go all crazy stupid on me. That's hilarious.

    I would sit there and be mad about it, but I probably wouldn't do much. That's why I need to go to the movies with you 🙂

  15. This video is epic. I'm a big proponent of the heavy sigh and the head turn. And I'll definitely be practicing the duck face in the mirror for my next trip to the movies.
    But I don't go to midnight showings because after years of thinking I wanted to be involved in youth ministry, I have come to find out I actually hate teenagers. You have to pay ME to go to a movie surrounded by teens.
    I like to go on Friday afternoons when they're in school.
    Also midnight is past my bedtime. I'm old.

  16. Jess, You're amazing on camera!! You inspire me to give it a try but nobody could wade through my southern accent;) You need to come visit. We live about an hour from FORKS, WA of Twilight fame… Anyway, thanks for a great vid. You make it so memorable!


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