Crud My Kid Says

I thought for Friday fun, I’d post some of my favorite conversations with Myles over the week.

Usually they occur on the way to or home from school.

“Mom, XXX called me a nerd today.” 
I always fear my kids’ having their feelings hurt. “Why did he call you that?”
Myles shrugged his shoulders. “I guess because I’m smart. As if I can help that.”
I giggled. “No, I guess you can’t. Did it hurt your feelings?”
“Nah. Not really.”
“You know next time he says it, just tell him it’s okay, but when he’s working for you some day, you might not appreciate it.”
Yes. “No. Don’t say that.” 

On the way to school my daughter said, “I need a tissue my nose is running.”
Myles’ tone suggested come-back talk. “Yeah, your face needs a tissue.”
Bailey turned her nose up. “Yeah…that’s why I said I need one. My nose is on my face…stupid.”
“Whatever, Bailey. Why don’t you pretend there’s a fire and stop, drop, and roll out of this van.” (It was moving at 30 miles an hour)
Did I intervene? No. No I did not. Why? Because I’ve always said, “Use your words.” I did not specify how. 

And my favorite:

On the way to school Myles said, “Hey Bailey, not that I’m going–Mom said I didn’t have to–but if we go to college, do we drive ourselves or will Mom take us?” 

He really will get called a nerd then. 

Happy Friday! 

What are some fun things your kids say or that you’ve heard kids say?

23 thoughts on “Crud My Kid Says

  1. He cracks me up! Last week my four-year-old announced that he was no longer Momma's boy. He's now (Name of a little girl in his mother's day out's) boy. He's already breaking my heart!

  2. My kids are nerds, too…and actually, I did have to drive one of mine to college, because he started before he had his driver's license!

    Sadly, they are overcoming their nerdiness.

  3. AH! I love that kid! Good job teaching them to use their words, mama;) My youngest is always saying things that make me stop…think I can remember ONE of them right now? Nope. I need more coffee for my brain to function.

    Have a GREAT day!

  4. LOL! Love those!

    Recently my kiddo overheard me telling my hubby that I was counting calories and watching my weight. So my kiddo rushes over to me and says< "Mommy, you don't need to do that. Your body is fine. Except your buttocks."
    LOL Thanks? And I love how she said "buttocks"

  5. I call myself a nerd all the time. I probably shouldn't in front of my kiddos, but I'm a little proud of my nerdeccentricity.

    And I like my made up words too.

    Kids = fun!
    ~ Wendy

  6. LOL Your kids are so cute!! Mine doesn't live with me anymore but that doesn't stop her from calling each day and leaving a few comments with me:))

  7. Ha! When he's working for Myles, he'd better not address his boss as a nerd! LOL

    Love it!

  8. Myles's comments are indeed priceless!

    Here's one from over our way:

    DD: "Do you know how God makes coffee?"
    Me: "No, I'm afraid I don't know. How?"
    DD: "He brews it."

    Happy Weekend!! 🙂

  9. Ha! So funny! We get a lot of "your face…" comments in our fam, too. Some of them are hilarious & I can't help laughing, which just encourages them even more.

  10. BWAH HAAA HAAAA!! Thanks for these guffaws today, FIEND!!! Your kiddos are priceless. 🙂

  11. Ha! He sounds like a smart little guy! And your daughter sounds cute as well! Hmmm. My kids are getting older, but I had to LOL when my son, who's 13 now, said they'd learned about "the crucification" in Sunday school the other day. I was like, "the WHAT? the crucifixion?" He honestly thought "crucification" sounded better!

  12. Oh, dear Jess, our children NEVER stop saying fun or goofy things…it NEVER ends…lol! Mine are in their twenties…and they still astound me with the funny/goofy things that come out of their mouths.

  13. Sooo funny! I love the stuff kids come up with. I made tuna casserole last week, and my daughter declared she wasn't eating "tuna grossness."

    Good times…good times…

  14. LOL! I love the things kids say. I once had a little girl tell me I have a fat thumb. Why yes, yes I do indeed have a fat thumb. 😉

  15. Love stuff our kids say – and of course, it's so much funnier and cuter because they're my kids, right?

    One of my favorite things my youngest daughter said (this was a few years ago), when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, "I'm going to be an octopus so I can do eight different things."

    Or when she was 5. "I think I'm going to grow a mustache."

    Happy Friday, Jessica. You always make me smile. I just love you. (Isn't there a song like that? "I already love you but I don't even know you….." Sounds 80's arena rock/glam/ballad-ish… Or just country. Hm. Maybe I should go into song writing. Uh-oh. My ADD is kicking in. I'm so glad you don't have any ADDs on your page. That's not how you spell ad, is it? Did I spell octopus right? James Bond – Roger Moore? Pierce Brosnan – Remington Steel. Sigh. I could be here all day. What were we talking about? Oh yeah – NOT ME.)


  16. I don't have kids, but just hearing the stuff yours says cracks me up!!! 😛

    When my nephew was little, he couldn't speak all that well (not surprising). Instead of "Uncle Mike," he called my husband "Hunky Mike." Hehe. I never corrected him, because I think he was right on the money!

  17. I've seen some of Myles' sayings on FB. He comes up with some good ones. I'm sure that precocious fellow of yours keeps your life interesting. =)

  18. Art Linkletter was right. (Anyone old enough to remember him?) Kids do say the darnedest things.

  19. Oh my gosh, this is hilarious! My nieces are always cracking me up. Jaelyn once told my grandmother, "You're too old to live in such a pretty house." LOL!

  20. My daughter used "sleeps" as a measurement of time. If she knew we were doing something cool in a few days, she would always ask, "How many sleeps is that?"

    I guess counting how many times she would be going to bed before then was easier than just saying days.

  21. I love the things Myles–or any kid–says. And teaching middle schoolers, I get to hear dozens of times more things than the average person. I need to keep a journal…

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