Urban Translation Thursday!

“What is TTYL,” asked my husband when he looked at my tween daughter’s artwork. She and I laughed hysterically and told him Talk To You Later. Times are a changing, my friends, and if you want to keep up, you gotta go with it!

I happen to love new words and meanings. So Thursday will be dedicated to urban lingo. Today’s words are:

bomb dot com :

another way to express when something is awesome/cool/amazing.
party foul:
something socially unacceptable done in a social setting
head splinter:
A painfully annoying song that gets stuck in your head, in extreme cases, impeding everyday tasks.
Have you ever heard these words before? Try and use all three of these words in a sentence. Let’s see what you got! Oh, and when you go to work tomorrow, or school, or wherever, I dare you to use them in your conversation just for fun!

4 thoughts on “Urban Translation Thursday!

  1. Ok, Stacey South is having a hard time posting to the blog so I'm copying and pasting her sentence from FB. It was good!

    Stacey South: "I tried to post this on the blog. But your blog hates me! "man, that head splinter resulted in a HUGE party foul. Oh well, I thought it was the bomb dot com anyway."

  2. Good question, anonymous. Sometimes when I'm with a friend I say "O.M.G." but she knows I mean "gosh." I think whenever we speak we should alway bear in mind who we're talking to and what would offend them. However, we may never get to speak again! I wouldn't. That's like saying "Hey, can I say "shoot, dang,son of a gun?" Are those words bad? They're all words that replace "bad words" for Christians. There is much debate on words. My advice (take it or leave it) is if you feel convicted in any way or you feel you're offending someone…don't say it. Would you say it in front of Jesus (not like you aren't anyway…He hears every word, but you get my point!) 🙂

  3. Waking up with a head splinter can be so annoying. "Shurley English Jingles(songs) go away! I already know what adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, prepositions, etc. are!" The problem is, I start singing them while I'm in public… which is a real party foul! This can lead to people saying "she is not the bomb dot com!" Not cool! Lol!

  4. Heather, funny! Take it away…:)


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