Urban Translation Fun!


I love reading the urban dictionary. It makes me laugh, and I enjoy using terms other people don’t know just to see if I can get them to use the phrase. This works well on my BFF “Jane.” 

Many times, I’ve used a word in a sentence over and over until I hear her mimic it. It’s grand fun. (Ugh, you hear the Dowton Abbey coming out in my dialogue?) 

So today, I’m posting 3 words with their definitions and nothing would please me more (that might be a lie) than if you would try to use these 3 words in a sentence! I will post the top 3 at a later date and we can all vote on the best one. 

Winner gets a guest post on my blog or a first chapter critiqued, if you’re a writer. If you’re a reader, you get to be spotlighted with a fun interview here on my blog! 



the book off:
The act of getting a book out on the train, tube bus, or plane in order to avoid talking to the person next to you. Substitutes include a newspaper, phone or iPod
shelf esteem:
When someone builds their self esteem from self help books
(btw, there’s nothing wrong with reading books to help you out!)
cookie duster:
A full mustache capable of dusting the tops of cookies
Okay, so get to it! Can you use these 3 words in a sentence?

21 thoughts on “Urban Translation Fun!

  1. I'll play.

    When the hunky dude with the cookie duster got the book off, I expected him to whip out an action adventure, but was shocked to see him stick his rather cute nose in a copy of Being God's Man by Understanding a Woman's Heart instead, proving he was more into ramping up his shelf esteem than seeking refuge from reality James Bond style–and causing me to move him higher on my Guys I'd Actually Consider Dating list.

  2. I'm going back for this! I want to play but I have to go exercise now.

  3. Ha! It's totally your fault I'm procrastinating from editing right now.

    Despite a cookie duster that reminded her of Tom Selleck, this guy was getting the book off because she’d seen him pick up “Moving out of Mom’s Basement” from the shelf esteem table in the bookstore.


    When the guy on the bus gave her the book off with a copy of Snooki’s new shelf esteem book, she knew she needed an appointment for a wax before her mustache turned into a cookie duster.

    Okay. Now I'm back to work 🙂


    Here goes:

    The moment I saw the cookie duster on his face like something straight out of A Bug’s Life, I gave him the book off, intent to concentrate on my shelf esteem by brushing up on my “Well isn’t that special and people like me.”

    ~ Wendy

  5. Much. Too. Early. For. This. Game. I will try to come back later to play.

    But these cracked me up. Sh-eriously.

  6. You guys are cracking me up with these! I was wondering if anyone would use Tom Selleck and his classic cookie duster! That's why I chose Hall and Oates. To which I've been singing: "She's a man eater, watch out for she'll chew you up! Oh Oh here she comes…" LOL

  7. These are hilarious!

    I stroked the fake cookie duster I'd pressed on my upper lip and peeked at my subject from behind my copy of the shelf esteem runaway best-seller "Say Yes To The Mess" wondering if my giving him the book off had disguised the fact that I was investigating him for the murder of his wife.

  8. OK, so like I'm feeling mighty dopey about now. I didn't get the meaning of getting, er, make that giving the book off. My college daughter would be rolling her eyes, laughing at me, or both. I'm such a dinosaur. LOL.

  9. I keep coming back to read what everyone comes up with. Too funny!

  10. Love Erica's example! Can you tell she's a NYT bestselling author? =)

  11. As I buckled my seatbelt and settled in for the long flight, a dude sporting a cookie duster to rival Pancho Villa (obviously relying on shelf esteem) sat next to me so I pulled the book off and added earplugs.


  12. FUN!! Here goes:

    After conspicuously eyeing his cookie duster, the cute blonde gave him the book off–with a copy of Mathmatics Make The World Go Round–fracturing his delicate shelf esteem and prompting him to download reading material of his own: Flipping On Your Animal Magnet.

  13. ROFL! Okay, this is too much fun!

    Keli: I can definitely see why she's on the NYT Bestseller list! And I didn't even notice that you "flubbed" ha!

    "sportin a cookie duster." Donna: Hilarious!

    Love Love Love!

  14. okay, so I was spying on my friend's boyfriend the other day, who does not have a cookie duster and should probably get some shelf esteem, trying to figure out why he hasn't called her in a month and I quickly realized that sitting in the restaurant staring at him wasn't going to work, so I had to pull the book off.

    True story

  15. Ahhh, this is too hilarious. I'm going to have to come back to write a funny sentence 'cause my adorable nephew is pulling my attention away. Love it!!

  16. Girl,I was minding my own business and out of no where this Cookie duster wearin', with his "Garbage pale kid", asked me for my number. I started to pull the book off on him. Ok Ok. You know I'm lying 🙂 Where was I? The "nook" off! BUT I didn't! He was HOT in a "3 Men and a Baby" kind of way. SO I had to remember what my ole' trusty Shelf esteem taught me… Which was..?? Nevermind- GIRL, He was HOT!

    I completely failed the "one sentence" part 🙂 Hee Hee

  17. Based on the above comment research:

    What do a man with a cookie duster and a man with a shelf esteem book have in common?

    They are both likely to get the book off!

  18. Ok, forgive me for not attempting the challenge. Can I just say this was a fun post that I enjoyed reading? 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  19. I've never heard of any of those phrases but they're so funny!

  20. OK: posting mine before reading anyone else's (and then I'll go back):
    There was no way I was talking to the dude with the mangy cookie duster sitting next to me– more than five minutes evading his attempts to flirt would mangle my shelf esteem – so I gave him the book off and buried my face in my well-read copy of The Care and Keeping of You.

  21. Okay, I'll give it a whirl. 🙂

    Whipping out a shelf esteemer entitled, “Happiness Is A Choice”, I prepared to give the tall man with the cookie duster the book off — then realized my mistake when I recognized him from the picture on the back cover.


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