Christmas Comes Early! Two Giveaways For You!

This upcoming holiday season is especially exciting for me. For the first time I have a Love Inspired Suspense Christmas book releasing December 1st! Cold Case Christmas kicks off a new Storm Chaser series which I have been giddy about writing. I love weather disaster plots. Mix that in with murder and romance…oh yeah! 

Here is a little about Cold Case Christmas which is available for preorder HERE.


Secrets lie buried in ice…

One of them can kill her.

Home for Christmas after her long-missing mother’s body is found, nothing will keep Nora Livingstone from uncovering the truth about the cold case. Especially not Deputy Sheriff Rush Buchanan, whom she once loved and left. Even when threats become attempts on her life, Rush can’t dissuade her—but he will protect her. Because someone is determined to bury the truth…or bury Nora.

Doesn’t that sound mysterious and fun? Well…it is. 🙂 And I’m giving away 5 signed paperback copies to U.S. citizens only. 18+ Just enter below!


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But that’s not all of the fun news! Not only do I have a romantic suspense Christmas book coming out, but I also have a fun contemporary romance novella releasing November 1st.

A Honey of a Christmas is the 2nd novella in the Honeyhaven series. It can be read as a standalone, but you can find book 1, Under the Honey Moon,  in the Once Upon a Laugh collection with romances by 7 other fantastic authors! It’s only .99 cents for the entire collection! Purchase it HERE.  

Here is a little about A Honey of a Christmas:

They say opposites attract; it’ll take a Christmas miracle to keep this couple from killing one another!

Agnes Piercy is finally going to make her mark now that she’s in charge of the Honeyhaven Winter Wonderland. She’s created a new event this year—Santa’s Village—which will bring in tons of tourists and money for charities and church ministries, and secure her a full client list when she opens up her own event planning business. But things go haywire from the get-go, including her feelings for one Tuck Renner.

Tuck Renner has been tasked (against his will) with building the Santa’s Village which means taking orders from Miss Bossy Pants herself—Agnes Piercy. But she’s off to a seriously rocky start. Feeling sorry for her, and a lot sorry for himself having to hear about it day in and out, he vows to make this the greatest event ever. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned. But, they may go exactly like they were meant to.

This story has lots of fun banter, crazy situations, and swoony romance all set in a small, quirky southern town. It’s available for preorder HERE at a SPECIAL PREORDER PRICE OF .99 CENTS. IT WILL GO UP TO $2.99 ON RELEASE DAY. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT AND GRAB IT NOW. I’m also giving away 5 ebook copies. Open to all! 18+

Enter the contest below.

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*See Jessica’s privacy policy page for more information on contests.

Well, there you have it friends! I hope you enter and feel free to share this post with friends. 

And if you are really jonesing for great Christmas romances, try my good friend Jill Kemerer’s newest: Wyoming Christmas Quadruplets (Wyoming Cowboys series) You can purchase it HERE

A nanny at Christmastime…
Will she find love in this Wyoming Cowboys novel?

Six weeks on a ranch caring for quadruplets—aspiring nurse Ainsley Draper’s prepared for a busy Christmas. When the children’s handsome uncle opens the door, her task gets extra complicated. Marshall Graham is upholding his promise to look after his twin sister, the babies’ mom. But as family loyalty clashes with new love, will the perfect present include a future with Ainsley?

How adorable are those babies, right? 

Have a fabulous week, friends! 

Talk to you soon,


93 thoughts on “Christmas Comes Early! Two Giveaways For You!

  1. Carol Alscheff

    My favorite Christmas event is our family Chritmas Eve gathering at my oldest daughter’s house.

  2. Susan Snodgrass

    I would love to have signed copies! Agnes and Tuck’s story was soooo good! And I love your suspense.

  3. vera wilson

    Watch the Christmas Parade on tv, while fixing Thansgiving Dinner with family.

  4. Debbie Williams

    My favorite Christmas event is going to the Christmas play at church. Our family spends the evening together and afterwards we play games at home. Lots of family fun!

  5. Tracy Shafer

    My favorite tradition is getting together on Christmas eve with my whole family and having food, fun and games!

  6. I really enjoy the Love Inspired Suspense books and don’t think I’ve read any of your books, so thank you for bringing this to my attention. Thank you also for the chance to win a copy of “Cold Case Christmas”.

    wfnren at aol dot com

  7. Perrianne Askew

    You have certainly been busy writing! The quads cover is so adorable.

  8. Rebecca B

    Hi Jessica,

    Congratulations on your new releases. I love Christmas stories. My favorite Christmas tradition is driving around looking at all the Christmas lights in the surrounding neighborhoods especially Candy Cane Lane and then coming home to have hot chocolate and cookies.
    No I’m not much of a planner. I’m usually a procrastinator and wait until the last minute. This can drive my family crazy. If it’s work related, I’m usually not a procrastinator if there’s a deadline. Thank you for the giveaways.

  9. Patricia Whitesell

    All the books sound like fun reads but I especially like the ideas of Cold Case Christmas and A Honey of a Christmas.

  10. Patricia

    I am a planner.

  11. Ellen Gray

    I love going to the late Christmas Eve service at church. We get out close to midnight and then I usually go home and wrap gifts!

  12. Ellen Gray

    I am sort of both. I try to plan but sometimes end up just going with whatever comes.

  13. My favorite Christmas tradition in our house is – Each kid picks a day and I take them shopping for presents from them and then take them to lunch and they get to choose the restaurant! I started this when they were little and couldn’t drive. Now that they’re teens we still do it. It’s our special day!

  14. KC

    I love Christmas stories!

  15. Peggy Harris

    Cold Case Christmas sounds good. Can’t wait to read.

  16. tammy cordery

    I love the fall. The leaves are changing.

  17. tammy cordery

    I love to plan things. Sometimes things don’t plan out but it is all good.

  18. Linda Ortiz

    My favorite Christmas tradition is eating Tamales, also baking.

  19. Linda Kish

    I like to look at the lights and bake.

  20. Linda Kish

    I am a bit of both. I make lists and like to have an idea of how things are going to happen but, I don’t mind changes in my schedule either.

  21. Pam Graber

    I think my favorite Christmas event/tradition is the Lights before Christmas event at the Toledo Zoo. It is absolutely dazzling!

  22. Pam Graber

    I’m kind of a mix of planner and seat of my pants. I like to know what’s going on, but if something doesn’t happen according to “THE PLAN” I’m not going to freak out about it.

  23. Donna Griffin

    I like getting together for lunch and then going to a movie. We try to see a Christmas movie at the theater.

  24. MS Barb

    I enjoy time with family & watching young grandchildren opening their gifts! And, I love Christmas carols! 🙂 And I love nativity sets! 🙂

  25. MS Barb

    I’m a planner!

  26. Margaret Wurth

    Going to Midnight Mass

  27. Tiffany Hall

    My favorite Christmas tradition is decorating the Christmas tree/house with my family while singing along to our favorite Christmas songs.

  28. Tiffany Hall

    I am definitely a planner!

  29. Beverly Duell-Moore

    Oh, Cold Case Christmas sounds soooo good! I’m reading Wyoming Christmas Quadruplets right now!

  30. Paula Shreckhise

    My favorite tradition at Christmas is the Christmas Eve candlelight service at Church. Friends and family are in town and the Church is packed!

  31. Nancy L Griggs

    I love Christmas Eve Candlelight service.

  32. Jan Hall

    I love going to church on Christmas eve.

  33. Jan Hall

    I like to plan rather than just fly by the seat of my pants.

  34. Melissa Thomas

    My favorite Christmas tradition is all 4 us decorating the tree and the house together.

  35. Connie Saunders

    I always enjoy being with family members that we seldom see through the year and I also love our Christmas program at church. It is usually in early December and it gets me in the mood for this season! I never tire of seeing the Nativity scene or hearing the carols!

  36. Connie Saunders

    I am more planner than seats of my pantser!

  37. Connie Saunders

    I am a planner

  38. Beth Nagy

    Christmas Eve church service.

  39. Carol Smith

    Our favorite Christmas time prep is playing Christmas Carols while
    decorating the tree with all the ornaments my sons made or bought
    when they were young.
    I am both a planner & fly by night person depending on situations.
    Love Christmad stories. Thanks for the chance. 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

  40. Merry

    I have always been a planner.

  41. Amelia

    Driving around to look at Christmas lights. Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. Shelia Hall

    sounds like 2 great books!

  43. Shelia Hall

    I love decorating the house and I am a fly by the seat type person

  44. Tia Harmon

    Our Christmas tradition is to have all the grandkids over and we decorate the whole house together, listening to Christmas music. Also making truffles together.

  45. Tia Harmon

    Definitely a planner….I make lists about everything!

  46. Winnie Thomas

    I love getting together with my family. We have a Swiss bread recipe and Swiss cookie recipes that some of us make. We usually get together on Christmas day. Those who can’t make it that day, come later in the week.

  47. Winnie Thomas

    I’m mostly a planner. I need to know what is going on and when. I’m not very spontaneous, though I’d like to be more so.

  48. Tracey Hagwood

    I loved Under a Honey Moon, so cute!!! and I can’t wait to read A Honey of a Christmas and Cold Case Christmas!
    It’s raining Jessica Patch books this fall and I couldn’t be happier about it!
    Would love to win these!

  49. Probably my favorite is just having family come. Since we don’t live close by, it makes it more special.

    I like to plan but about half the time, just have to fly by the seat of my pants.

  50. Tricia

    My favorite Christmas event is baking Christmas cookies!

  51. Looking forward to Christmas and the Lord’s birth; spending time with family and giving them gifts; doing things together, and making good memories. Thank you for the opportunity to enter a giveaway! Would love to win a print copy of your book! Thanks, again, and God bless!

  52. Brenda Witt

    I love to bake cookies and decorate with my family.

  53. Brenda Witt

    I’m a planner.

  54. Margie Hager

    I love Christmas romance stories! My favorite activity is going to see the Christmas lights at a nearby resort.


    My favorite Christmas tradition is baking on Christmas eve to eat that night before opening presents.

  56. Jennifer Hibson

    My favorite Christmas activity is keeping our family’s German hertitage alive with our Advent, St Nicholas Day and Three Kings Day celebrations.

  57. Marilyn

    I like to put away anything I see that would make a great gift fro Christmas. It could be put away even in January for next Christmas. I like to plan ahead for any holiday or birthday,too.

  58. Debra Shutters

    It is just me and my special needs son so Christmas is now just the two of us and he helps decorate the tree and I love watching him on Christmas day opening his presents. Thanks for the chance in the giveaway 🙂

  59. Shirley Cochran

    Christmas is my favorite holiday so I would love to win the stories.

  60. Sonnetta Jones

    I love our breakfast tradition of garlic pork and/or pepperpot with freshly baked bread. It is such a highlight of our day.

  61. Sonnetta Jones

    There are something’s that I like planned. I like some semblance of a schedule. When I am on vacation then I can be spontaneous

  62. Both of these books sound great.

  63. Jackie Smith

    Celebrating with family. Thanks for your giveaway!

  64. Tracey Hagwood

    I have commented twice and they’ve disappeared into cyberspace, maybe the third times the charm!
    I’ve preordered A Honey of a Christmas and would love to win a copy of Cold Case Christmas! Thanks!
    I am mostly a planner, but I’m also creative which occasionally has me winging it 🙂

  65. Anitra Parmele

    Flying by the seat of my pants!

  66. Anitra Parmele

    I love all of the activities of Christmas!

  67. MJSH

    I love putting our Christmas tree together. It goes up after Thanksgiving and stays up until Easter 😉

  68. Joan Arning

    Having my family all together sometime near Christmas.

  69. Judy Fritz

    I love the Love Inspired Suspense Books. I love all the bright Christmas decorations, but most of all Jesus, the real reason for Christmas. Thank you for a chance to win.

  70. Joan Arning

    I’m definitely a planner!

  71. Jackie Wisherd

    One of my favorite things to do is shop for a bird ornament for the tree with my daughter. Some years there are a lot of different bird ornaments to pick feom and some years not so many. It is always a fun thing to do with my daughter.

  72. Debbie Clark

    I love the Christmas programs at church, especially the children’s program! They are so adorable and it always brings to life the story.

  73. Linda Horin

    My favorite Christmas tradition is going to church on Christmas Eve with my family, then all of us going to my aunt’s house afterwards. Our large extended family is almost all there, and it’s wonderful to see everyone and spend time together.

  74. Linda Horin

    I am definitely a planner, but if the plan doesn’t work out I’m perfectly capable of flying by the seat of my pants.

  75. Love the books

  76. Vicki

    I love reading Christmas stories.

  77. Shaun

    I am definitely a planner! Agnes and Tuck’s story sounds like a quaint read.

  78. Laura AKA Loves 2 Read Romance

    I love singing in our choir each Christmas along with watching all the great Hallmark Movies.

  79. Sandra

    My favorite Christmas tradition is new pajamas (even if I have to buy them myself now) and making a special Christmas breakfast with my sisters. It might be later in the morning when we actually eat all the food, but laughing and arguing over the stove as we make breakfast is what I look forward to every year.

  80. Andrea Stoeckel

    I used to love late service on Christmas Eve when I was an active church pastor. I’d sing the first verse of Silent Night in German in memory of my parents as the candles were shared in the pews.

  81. Julie Waldron

    My favorite tradition is spending Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with my family. I also enjoy watching Christmas movies with my husband.

  82. Vivian Furbay

    My favorite Christmas activity is getting together with family on Christmas day to share dinner and exchange gifts.

  83. Mikki

    I think we have all your other suspense books because my teenage son loves them and it gives us something fun, exciting, and clean to read together. Looking forward to Cold Case Christmas!
    Hope you have a great one.

  84. Jackie Ann

    My favorite Christmas tradition is watching Christmas movies with family and friends, or even by myself. There’s something special about Christmas movies.

  85. Chanel Monroe

    Thank you for the great giveaways! I love listening to Christmas music while decorating the tree, baking cookies and watching Hallmark movies. And I’m definitely more of a planner.

  86. Lori R

    I am a planner.
    My favorite is a Christmas Eve buffet followed by our family watching a movie together.

  87. Rebecca A. Hobbs

    i cant wait to read your new book i love Christmas watching my gradkids opening presents

  88. Trixi

    Our favorite Christmas tradition is watching Christmas movies together as a family! Our two too favorites are It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol by George C. Scott.

    Thank you for the giveaway chance, Jessica!

  89. Paula Shreckhise

    My favorite thing about Christmas is celebrating with family.
    I am a planner. But that doesn’t mean everything goes according to that plan! LOL

  90. LucyReynolds

    My favorite Christmas event is Candlelight Christmas Eve Service with family.

  91. Cassandra D

    I’m a planner and I like decorating the tree with music.

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