Musing on Isaiah 42:16

One of my favorite
hope-filled verses. I can’t wait to unpack this on Wednesday!
Musing/Meditation prompts: Recount the times
God has led you as though you were blind, down ways you never knew before,
sometimes scary, sometimes thrilling. Think on the times God has brought you
out of darkness into glorious light, straightening out the places that seemed
crooked in your life. Praise Him for never leaving you to travel alone. Never
leaving you blind. Always doing these things for you.
you could name a street based on your life or personality, what would you name
the street?
I think my street
would be lovers’ lane. Because truly, Jesus has shown me how much a lover of my
soul he is.

Musing on Psalm 13:6

It’s great to be
back after a refreshing spring break! I think that’s why I chose this
particular picture with spring blossoms. This week I’ve had the chance to
really feel this verse. But it’s the last verse in a rather somber Psalm by
David. And I felt that this week as well.
Wednesday, we’ll
unpack the entire Psalm. It’s short, stop hyperventilating.
Meditation/Musings: Think on all the things
that seem small or trivial in your life, but are good things. Waking up. Kids
that are healthy. Breathing without machines. A chocolate bar. Coffee. Warm
weather. Oh how good God is! Remember the big things that have happened in your
life: safety from a car wreck, a good report from the medical lab, a
disappointment that became a blessing after all. A hurt that turned into a
God is so good to
us. Truly, in all circumstances, He deals bountifully with us. He is good to
one good thing whether large or small that has happened already today–and it
might be very early for you right now! 

Trust in the Lord: Psalm 37:3

Today we’re going to
muse and meditate on Psalm 37:3. Maybe you’re familiar with it. On Wednesday,
I’ll unpack it and give a practical application! I hope you’ll join me.
Here it is in a
couple other versions:
“Trust in
the Lord, and do good; so shalt thou
dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed.” KJV
“Trust in the Lord, and do good;
Dwell in
the land, and feed on His faithfulness.” NKJV
Musing/Meditation prompts: Do I trust in the
LORD? Remember over past things you’ve trusted God for and how He’s taken care
of you. Think on those moments of comfort when you trusted God in uncertain
times–what other scriptures did He use to “feed” you during those
times? Look those up and reflect. What does “dwell” mean to you?
What is one thing you will do today to show that you put your trust in

*Wednesday, we’ll unpack this verse and take a deep look at what it means and I’ll give a practical application. Hope you’ll join me!
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