Musing on Psalm 13:6

It’s great to be
back after a refreshing spring break! I think that’s why I chose this
particular picture with spring blossoms. This week I’ve had the chance to
really feel this verse. But it’s the last verse in a rather somber Psalm by
David. And I felt that this week as well.
Wednesday, we’ll
unpack the entire Psalm. It’s short, stop hyperventilating.
Meditation/Musings: Think on all the things
that seem small or trivial in your life, but are good things. Waking up. Kids
that are healthy. Breathing without machines. A chocolate bar. Coffee. Warm
weather. Oh how good God is! Remember the big things that have happened in your
life: safety from a car wreck, a good report from the medical lab, a
disappointment that became a blessing after all. A hurt that turned into a
God is so good to
us. Truly, in all circumstances, He deals bountifully with us. He is good to
one good thing whether large or small that has happened already today–and it
might be very early for you right now!