Musing on Psalm 13:6

It’s great to be
back after a refreshing spring break! I think that’s why I chose this
particular picture with spring blossoms. This week I’ve had the chance to
really feel this verse. But it’s the last verse in a rather somber Psalm by
David. And I felt that this week as well.
Wednesday, we’ll
unpack the entire Psalm. It’s short, stop hyperventilating.
Meditation/Musings: Think on all the things
that seem small or trivial in your life, but are good things. Waking up. Kids
that are healthy. Breathing without machines. A chocolate bar. Coffee. Warm
weather. Oh how good God is! Remember the big things that have happened in your
life: safety from a car wreck, a good report from the medical lab, a
disappointment that became a blessing after all. A hurt that turned into a
God is so good to
us. Truly, in all circumstances, He deals bountifully with us. He is good to
one good thing whether large or small that has happened already today–and it
might be very early for you right now! 

19 thoughts on “Musing on Psalm 13:6

  1. I'm so glad you had a refreshing spring break! It's been terribly cold here–and we have freezing rain this morning. Blech. But…I scrounged up enough food to make kids' lunches, threw the pile of dishes in the dishwasher, we're all healthy, and I'm on my second cup of coffee. It's all good. 🙂

    1. That is all good! I had to make my own coffee this morning since DH left for work very early. I made it pretty strong so 2 cups did me in! 🙂

  2. Had my favorite breakfast (Greek yogurt and granola) and woke up to a nice book review. 🙂 That's always a good thing. LOL

    1. Yum! And hey, who wouldn't love waking up to a nice review. 🙂

  3. My electricity came back on in time for me to get ready for work. (The storm knocked it out around 4:00am) A shower in the dark would not have been a good thing. And no coffee? Oh no!

    1. It was outrageous this morning, but our power didn't go out. Yikes! Um no coffee…that's a problem.

  4. YAY for refreshing spring breaks! It's good to have you back. One good thing that happened to me so far is waking up to my kitty cat staring me straight in the face purring like a jet engine to be fed. She looked so cute that I couldn't get annoyed. I was thankful for that smile right off the starting block today!

    1. Okay, you know how I feel about cats, but I guess that is kind of cute. 😉 Hugs!

  5. Had a great talk with hubby over coffee this morning. We always don't have the time on busy mornings. It was nice.

    1. Oh I rarely have those mornings but they are so wonderful when we do! So glad you got to enjoy that!

  6. I realized I had a can of clam chowder in my desk, so I didn't have to get out in a thunderstorm to find lunch! Yay!

    1. I love me a good chowdah! lol

  7. So glad you had a good break. I really miss having spring break, LOL. Hmmm, good things today…I get to work from home. I got an encouraging email from my awesome CP. I worked out on my lunch break. And it's BEAUTIFUL outside. Missed you, friend!

    1. Oooh, working from home…nice. Ah, I love those–or any encouraging email. Way to go working out on lunch. Keep up the good work!

  8. I got to run around a basketball court with my kids – all of us healthy enough to do that. Then I got to go buy groceries to feed my family.

    Bountiful. I LOVE that word!

    1. I do too, I thought of you actually when I read that word!

  9. I had lunch with old friends today. I really miss them. They always motivate me to write!!

    Glad you enjoyed spring break! I'm enjoying mine this week.


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