Musing on Isaiah 42:16

One of my favorite
hope-filled verses. I can’t wait to unpack this on Wednesday!
Musing/Meditation prompts: Recount the times
God has led you as though you were blind, down ways you never knew before,
sometimes scary, sometimes thrilling. Think on the times God has brought you
out of darkness into glorious light, straightening out the places that seemed
crooked in your life. Praise Him for never leaving you to travel alone. Never
leaving you blind. Always doing these things for you.
you could name a street based on your life or personality, what would you name
the street?
I think my street
would be lovers’ lane. Because truly, Jesus has shown me how much a lover of my
soul he is.

14 thoughts on “Musing on Isaiah 42:16

  1. Beloved:)

    And I LOVE this verse too! Love that He's my light, love that darkness IS light to Him. That He wipes it out…and I love that He leads us on paths "we have not known"–meaning He's bringing us someplace new! He's so into the new:)

  2. Such a beautiful verse. Part of my day job is naming streets, neighborhoods and floor plans. Maybe I'll steal some of the names you come up with here 😉

  3. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness…I love that verse. I've been trying to make a couple decisions lately and they're stumping me. Seriously…I'm ready to resort to the whole fleece thing Gideon did. Do you think a fleece jacket would work? 🙂

    But honestly, I love verses like that which assure God does lead us the way he intends us to go. Can't wait to see how you unpack it.

    And if I was to name a street after my life or personality…hmm…I really want to say "White Way of Delight" from Anne of Green Gables but it really has nothing to do with my life AND she's talking about a path through a field of white blossom trees, not really a street…hahaha… 🙂

  4. Love the assurance this verse gives!!

    And maybe something like Loyalty Lane, because my God has been so loyal to me.

  5. That is such a great verse! Look forward to Wednesday.

    I want to live on Rejoice Road.

  6. I love this verse, because if reaffirms that even if I don't know the way, God does. And if He wants to lead me down a certain road, He has a greater purpose than I can see. BRING IT!

  7. That's great. I think I'd be Grateful Mercy Lane. Because that's what I am: SO grateful for His mercy. 🙂

  8. Ooo, I love this! I think I'd name a street Freedom Fairway. I'm free in Jesus! Amen and Amen.

  9. Love this! My street would be either Positive Place (because I always try to be as positive as possible) or Pure Thankfulness Lane (Because when I'm not feeling positive, all I have to do is thank God for my blessings and I can be positive once again.)
    There is always something to be thankful for…even when discouraged.
    Does it sound like I'm being preachy?
    Well, I am – TO MYSELF!! I need this kick in the pants today. Thanks, Jess!!

  10. I think my street would be called switch back, because God is always changing the direction I think I am going and sending me in a whole new direction. Which, of course, is always much better than the way I was going to begin with.

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  14. God has led you as if you were blind, in ways you never knew before,
    sometimes scary, sometimes exciting. Think of the times God has brought you
    out of the darkness into glorious light, straighten out the places that were seen
    crooked in your life. Praise him for never leaving you to travel alone. Never
    leaves you blind. Always do these things for yourself


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