The Perfect Spring Break


My kids are on Spring Break this week! We’re already packed, the kids have cleaned their rooms and made their beds–Myles’ isn’t perfect, but he’s 7. They’ve already made a list of the games they’ll play in the car since it’s a long drive to the beach. It’s going to be lovely and peaceful. Myles has figured out what kind of castle he plans to build, Bailey is more of a water girl, so she says she’ll spend most of the time jumping waves. The sea air, sand between our toes. We’ll have the family photo on the beach….

Needles scratching across the record…Now! ZZZZZZZZPPPPPP.

We’re not going anywhere, and if my kids made their bed without being told, we’d definitely not spend Spring Break at the beach because we’d spend it in the ER, while they checked me out for possible cardiac arrest. But we have plans to do some fun things locally,and we love board games, so I see a few nights of Battleship (which I hate), Apples to Apples, and my favorite board game of all time…Clue. I rock that game.

I’m sure we’ll bowl, dance, and hunt on the Wii. I’m really looking forward to the week. We’ll hit the zoo with their new dinosaur exhibit and camel rides. And we’ll probably spend a day at Incredible Pizza. 

Needles scratching across the record…Now! ZZZZZZZZPPPPPP.

Oh wait…my daughter has hit 13. Let me back up. This week, I’ll be chauffeuring her to and from Youth events, slumber parties, movies, and wondering why I let her leave the house when I see her room looks like an episode of Hoarders. 

And my son will hole up in his bedroom with his 3DS, until we hit the zoo and Incredible Pizza because he’s ticked I win all the Wii and board games. Life it tough. I never give the game away. He can work hard and win… or lose. Mostly he loses and pouts. I bet there’s a life lesson there.


So that’s what our break will look like! And for the love do NOT google “spring break” because you won’t get family pictures. 

In a perfect world, this is what I’d like to be doing. And don’t judge me because my kids and hubby aren’t involved–they’re at slumber parties and holed up in bedrooms that smell like wet dogs and old milk and he’s at work.


Do your family vacations or breaks ever turn out the way you dream them up? 

*I’ll probably be scarce this week since I’ll be lying in the grass reading i.e. dragging unhappy kids to exhibits they care nothing about…but I’ll try to pop in and say hi! 

24 thoughts on “The Perfect Spring Break

  1. Hope you have a blast, Jess. Cant wait to see that family pic! It founds like the perfect getaway

  2. Wow, your spring break is early! Ours is closer to Easter.
    We usually do nothing fro spring break. This is our first year we'll actually DO something. LOL
    (I hope it goes as planned)

  3. Ha!! I'm reading this while sitting in Firestone after a mini (weekend) vacay visiting family. The break was great but my car didn't want to let me leave apparently! So no it definitely didn't go as planned!

  4. I hear ya!
    We are on Spring Break this week also and going no where.

    Today, I will drag the girls out of their PJs for haircuts and the grocery store. They love that!

    Our big plan for the week is to see The Lorax at some point. Woohoo! High Times.

  5. LOL enjoy your spring break the best way you can! No breaks here–but when we used to have them we usually went to Fl before we moved there and no,vacations never go the way we plan!

  6. We need to have a Clue-off…I rock that game too! 😛

    And yeah, this weekend didn't go as planned. I didn't get the much-needed rest I needed and it's back to the grind today. *sigh* Maybe this NEXT weekend…

  7. After one too many needle scratching vacation moments I've given up "planning" them. Figure if my expectations are on the floor than we can only go up from there:)Seriously, as long as we're all in one spot–it's fantastic, right! And I don't judge you on that picture, that's in my dreamlife too.

    Have a great week with your family! And hope your wrists are feeling better:)

  8. Hey everyone! Popping in while I have a minute. Today is going to be nutso for me! About to go to my deep tissue massage therapy. Pain to bring peace. Hmmm…a lesson there I think! Say a prayer for me!

    Somebody needs to come up with an app for Clue online and we can all play! Who's in? 🙂

  9. LOL, I could just hear the needle ripping across the vinyl. I hope you have a lovely spring break. You can always go to the beach in your imagination. 🙂

  10. I never gave games away either. I taught my son how to play chess and we played for years. I always won.

    When the day came (he was 14) that he beat me, he KNEW he had earned it.

    We started a Spring Break tradition a few years ago. The kids pick the destination. They take turn who gets to pick. One year my son wanted to go to the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame. That led to a few days in Cleveland. It was great.

    The next year, my daughter wanted to see the Tim Burton exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. So we drove to New York.

    I wish we had done our vacations like this starting years ago. The kids think of things to do that would never occur to me.

  11. Jess, my MWF wouldn't be the same without your posts! Love 'em! 🙂

    You had me going with the 1st paragraph. I was sooo envious (in a Christian kinda way, you know) that you were going to my favorite place in the world–the beach!! And then, I read on… Whew! Relief! You weren't going! You were going to be living the mom's life that I'm living after all! LOL

    Seriously, I hope you have a superfabulous week!

    Oh, and we don't get a spring break–we have "long weekends." Oh, and I think I told you that we have a DD the same age as yours. Fun, aren't they?! We spent a day at the mall on her long wk end while her wonderful daddy played pack mule to her new wardrobe purchases.

    …Oh, how you make me digress. 🙂

  12. Never ever EVER as we plan.

    Our spring break is the first week in April – and I'm glad, cuz average temperatures this week are only in the 40s (NOT spring LOL). Should be warmer though!

    Have FUN

  13. Our area is having Spring Break, as well. Since I don't have any kids, I nab time with my sisters, nieces and nephews while they enjoy the down time. We're hitting the Houston rodeo on Wednesday. Yee haw!!! I hope you have an awesome week and that your massage therapy today does wonders. Hugs!

  14. Our Spring Break is the first week in April. But I could use one now! Dare I say it??? A beach trip without the kids and husband! 🙂 Hope you have a somewhat peaceful week and enjoy your massage!

  15. We end up spending a lot of time chilling out which works for me. 😀
    ~ Wendy

  16. Loved your post!

    I love to play Apples to Apples!

    My spring break is coming up at the end of the month. I'm looking forward to it – major plans are still up in the air.

    Jess, I tagged you on my blog today. No pressure!

  17. Vacations and breaks almost never go the way I envision them, but it's usually the crazy, unplanned stuff that makes the best memories. 🙂

  18. Haha! Vacations are never the same once you're a parent. Hope you enjoy your week anyway, Jessica! 🙂

  19. In a word…no. But that's the beauty of them!

  20. Sometimes, but I can be a bit bossy with the trip planning. Despite my worries, things usually turn out to be fun, even if they weren't originally part of the agenda.

  21. Sometimes our family vacations have been better than we planned and we don't want to pack up and come home. And then there have been one or two that we actually cut short, stuffed the suitcases with our clothes and came home because, well, it was the wisest thing to do.
    Have a wonderful what-you-make-of-it spring break. Ours is coming in a couple of weeks!

  22. So perfect, Jessica! I remember many a spring break like yours is going to be–and guess what?? You'll have some lifelong family memories to cherish!
    Aloha! –Cheryl

  23. This cracked me up and reminded me of my post about how our family trip pictures lie. We WILL be attempting a real Spring Break trip for the first time this year and I'm really worried my dreamy expectations will make reality kind of a bummer. Wish us luck! And I hope you get a little time to chill with a book 🙂

  24. Ugh sounds like all your best laid plans went awry.

    My family doesn't plan our holidays except to pick a location, so we're pretty used to unexpected events, but I like it like that. 🙂


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