The Devil Wears Prada; We Wear Peace


These Prada shoes cost $790.00 I know because I own them. Sort of. Okay, one of my characters in a novel does, but that’s kind of the same thing, right?

I’m going to admit something. These shoes look so much prettier on than a  pair of Roman Soldier cleat-like shoes. At first glance, and probably tenth, I’d choose these suede, sling-backs.  

There’s a phrase that shoes make the man. I believe this to be true.
Shoes for day. Shoes for night.
Special shoes for runners, baseball players, soccer players, going to the beach, scuba diving, etc…
And shoes for Christians
A couple years ago, I was walking “Jane” out to her car after a day of hanging out. I was barefoot. I’m not a barefoot kind of girl. Never have been. My sister could run on gravel, but I barely grazed a pebble and thought I might die.
I stepped off the concrete and the Lord spoke as clearly as He could without being audible. “You’re about to step on a bee.”
I should have stepped back. Instead, I took one more step and the pain that entered my foot and shot up my leg was insane. I hollered out and “Jane” helped me back inside. I made a baking soda paste like I remembered my mom had done when I was a kid and attempted to play in the sprinkler.
The lesson I learned then was listen and obey when God spoke. I’d been going through a “Hear My Voice clearly” time in my life. Second stage: Obey. I’d failed and got stung. Lesson learned.
But I remembered that incident while studying Donna Pyle’s Your Strong Suit Bible study. (click the red link to purchase!) She says, “In our spiritual battles, stability and balance prove essential in remaining upright….Wearing these shoes endues us with God’s strength.”
She’s referring to the way Roman soldiers’ shoes were made. With spikes along the bottom, similar to a cleat. To dig into the ground, to balance.
Special shoes even for war.  Combat boots.
Now, I’ll admit, the Prada shoes look prettier. I’m a fan of pink. But they wouldn’t hold up in war. In fact, most things the enemy entices us with are beautiful but in the end leave blisters on our flesh and aches and pains and cost more than we can afford.
Ephesians 6:14 says to “shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace.” Shod in the Greek is “hypodeo” and it means “to bind under one’s self.”
The gospel of peace goes under our feet. It’s our foundation.
What is the gospel of peace? It’s the glad tidings of the salvation through Christ. It is good news!
Preparation in the Greek is “hetoimasia” and it means: “the act of preparing; the condition of a person or thing so far forth as prepared, preparedness, readiness” When we’re about to head out, the last thing we do is put on our shoes. It signifies readiness. It shows we’re about to leave.
I’ve said it a million times, “You have your shoes on? I’m ready to go.” It’s how I know if my kids are ready to walk out the door or are still lollygagging.
We have to be ready with our spiritual shoes. The gospel of peace. Wherever we go, we’re walking on the foundation of Jesus Christ–His death, resurrection and the hope and peace of eternal life, that we can never be separated from His love, He never leaves or forsakes us. Peace that passes all understanding.
It’s what defines us from everyone else who’s walking around barefoot.
The world is a dangerous place. We have no choice but to walk it’s evil streets. But if we’re prepared and ready. If we’re wearing the right shoewear, we can walk with ease.
It reminds me of the movie Die Hard. Bruce Willis is cleaning up in his wife’s office–wife-beater tank, a pair of pants and that’s it. At that moment, hell breaks loose in the business tower and he has to move quickly. Unprepared.
The enemy looks down at the floor in one point. A shooting match had just taken place, and he notices blood on the floor. He realizes, Bruce is barefoot. He grins and shoots out the glass windows leaving Bruce no choice but to walk on broken glass.
Bruce makes it to a bathroom where he picks shards out of his feet, the pain excruciating. He binds them with cloth, but that’s not enough.
He wasn’t ready for the havoc that had been unleashed. But to survive, he had to fight unprepared. It came at a cost. It came with insurmountable pain. It came without sureness and peace.
A scene or two later, he takes a pair of shoes from a dead guy and gets his hero on. Taking out the bad guys and winning.
The point?
“Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching.” 1 Timothy 4:2
This doesn’t mean hand out tracts to homeless people, but let their stomachs continue to be empty. Nor does it mean stand on a corner and wave your Bible at prostitutes and remind them they’re going to hell. They’re already living in hell. In their minds, it can’t get much worse. It doesn’t mean shout at the drug-addicted that God can set them free, then shake the dust from your feet when they aren’t instantly delivered.
Patience with people.
In love.
When their lives are turned upside down, when your life is upside down– the shoes you wear convince them something about you is different.
That can’t be explained.
Yet…it can.
The Gospel of Peace.
Jesus Christ.
Your foundation.
Bound to the soles of your feet.
You walk down littered streets, scorching beaches, bee-infested grass, boiling pavements, glassy alleyways, gravely roads…
 with ease.
Light in your eyes.
Rain or shine. Snow and sleet.  Tornadoes and hurricanes raging. War and threats of war. In deceiving times. Through the wild jungles where the lion hunts his prey.
You walk.
How beautiful upon the mountains Are the feet of him who brings good news, Who proclaims peace, Who brings glad tidings of good things, Who proclaims salvation, Who says to Zion, “Your God reigns!” 
Isaiah 52:7
Tell me, ladies, are you more of a pretty shoe or all about comfort? Guys, do you even care about what you put on your feet?

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19 thoughts on “The Devil Wears Prada; We Wear Peace

  1. Barefoot all the way. I will say I'm walking through a particular season where my feet are getting sliced left and right and I'm having to learn how far to keep walking like this.

    So much to learn here.
    ~ Wendy

  2. I like looking at pretty shoes but usually am barefoot (I live in Florida, lol).

    This is an incredible post, Jessica. There is so much truth in it. Wow.

  3. Hmmm… so the moral of the story is to never wear high heels? Hehe.

    I'm totally a creature of comfort. Almost every day at work, I'm wearing a pair of flats or sandals (when it's warmer). I hardly ever wear high heels. I love the way they look but they hurt. And it is not worth it to me.

    But one time for a musical I was in, I had to dance in 3-inch heels. 3-inch heels! It was quite a feat (pun completely and totally intended). Bwahaha.

    But seriously, great devo here. Like Wendy said, so much to think about.

    (Oh, and yet another movie I haven't seen, though I'm not so opposed to this one…just never seen it.)

  4. Oh dear…here's my confession: I'm not a shoes gal. If I've got money to spend, I'm so much more likely to buy a new pair of jeans or a new book. I do, however, love boots! (And, it's true, I do have this one pair of red shoes which have traveled with me around the world (or at least the northern hemisphere) and I do have a loving relationship with them. 🙂

    But yeah, as always, love the insight you share. Protection. Peace. Two things I love and crave. 🙂

  5. Love it. One of my favorite books is Hinds Feet on High Places. It makes me think of Psalm 18:33 – He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he enables me to stand on the heights.

    I used to love heels, but they're tough to manage when I'm chasing my son. Now I prefer bright, fun flats. I have a red patent pair, a leopard pair, and a pair with a really bright (pink, green, yellow…) floral pattern.

  6. I love pretty shoes, but really, I'd much rather be in my comfy flats than a pair of beautiful heels. I'm just a style wimp that way.

    Good points this morning, girl!

  7. Love this!! I'm right there with you about tender feet. I've got to be wearing shoes. And they need to be comfy if I'm in them for any length of time. 🙂

  8. Loved this post, Jess! I love coming away learning something…

    I remember that scene in Die Hard…ouch ouch ouch! My feet hurt for his after.

    After experiencing some back problems, I'm all about comfort.

  9. Beautiful – and I'll need to read it again b/c there was so much to chew on for me. Truly great post – thanks Jess:) And yes, I am totally a shoe girl. But shoes are much cheaper for my girls, so I live vicariously through them:) I do have my favorite yellow tennies (which Hubby hates) and my red heels are my absolute favorites. I pretty much dress in black or grey, but shoes and my purses are where I bring the color!

  10. I love how you illustrate biblical principles with things we can relate to. You're very gifted 🙂

    I love pink, but I could never wear those seven-inch heels, lol.

    My shoes are a balance between cute and comfort. I won't last long in shoes that pinch or hobble me. I have big wide feet, so it's not possible for me to squeeze my tootsies into any type of shoe, unfortunately. I do envy the women that can find cute shoes on sale, in their size.

  11. LOVE those photos, Jessica! Where do you get them? I take pictures of my own flip-flops for my blog as well as photos of the recipes I prepare.

    I enjoyed this post very much.
    Aloha! –Cheryl

  12. I love the variety and personality over here today! Some comfort, some heels, and even barefoot.

    When I'm walking on the beach, I prefer a water shoe or something but in my chair, I like to dig my toes in!

    So glad you're being blessed today! That blesses me! 🙂

  13. I'm a barefoot kind of girl, but when I have to wear shoes, I'm all about comfort.

    That's why I wear my boots so much. They are comfortable. 🙂 Definitely not so fashionable.

    Loved this post. Thanks, Jess.

  14. I'm a pretty shoe that feels comfortable kind of gal. And my husband actually has more pairs of shoes than me! 🙂

  15. I loved this post! While I don't want to be like the rest of the world, I love being barefoot, experiencing life as it comes…walking through the cool, soft grass, or over the bumpy gravel. I may even get a sticker in the grass, but that's okay. Life will always have stickers, but I do walk in peace, like you said. He is the foundation of my life and any road traveled upon-with-through Him is a road well traveled.

    Beautiful! Thanks for a "heart" post today!

  16. Wow, such good stuff here, Jessica. I'm a comfy shoe girl for sure. I'm usually wearing my tennis shoes and workout gear pretty much every day. Sure, the workout only lasts an hour, but I like to milk the comfy clothes for all their worth. 🙂

  17. Loved those pink shoes! I love cute shoes, especially if I can find a purse to match. Then of course, I need to find an outfit to go with it, then I'll need jewelry, and maybe a new shade of lip gloss. lol.

    On a more spiritual note, I love the reminder to be ready, prepared to share the gospel. Great post!

  18. Love this, Jessica. You never fail to amaze me and make me think. 🙂

    I love flip-flops when it's hot and Converse sneakers when it's cold. But I'm not going to lie– I own entirely too many pairs of pumps, sling backs, heels, wedges, espadrilles, and peep-toes for a stay-at-home mom. I love shoes. I like comfort for everyday, but when an occasion calls for it, the right shoe makes you feel better about yourself. And I don't mind adding about 4 inches in height. 🙂

  19. I'm a flip flop girl whenever possible, and I'm barefoot whenever I'm home. My "Yankee" hubby hates it. (Oh, and, yes, I stepped on a bee once. I've never forgotten it.) Love this post. It's fabulous as usual. Your mind is so amazing… 🙂


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