Knock off a Few Pounds: Lighten Up with Laughter.

My husband and I have a comical marriage. In fact, just now as I’m writing this, he’s lying beside me trying to sleep and he just said, “Stop typing with such authority. Hard typing does not equal good writing.”

He had a laugh lurking under his tone. However, my key pounding shakes the bed and annoys him. But we laughed. I’m still laughing.

We cackle often.

I think laughter is key in marriage or any relationship, really. You can’t always take everything so seriously.

I know it’s hard to laugh sometimes when life is stressful, careers aren’t launching, ministries seem to be failing, and bad news drops like bombs. But somewhere in all the mess, laughter makes a heart merry. It keeps us sane..or close to it, anyway.
 Laughter is infectious! Start your weekend off with this video!

So what makes you laugh? I was tagged at D.U.O Says which is very cool and I will be answering the questions on Monday! Thanks D.U.!

14 thoughts on “Knock off a Few Pounds: Lighten Up with Laughter.

  1. I love that little baby!! And you are so right, laughter truly is so important to our relationships and our well-being.

  2. That is 100% awesome.

    You are so right. Laughter makes everything so much better. And it feels so good!

    Love this post, Jessica!

  3. We love to laugh too and I think that is what is keeping us sane in a crazy world:)) We laugh at dumb things but it is so nice to be able to do that with the one you love.

  4. I agree. Laughter is so needed…and so fun! Nothin' like a good belly laugh. Cute video!

  5. My life has been the embodiment of the phrase, "Sometimes you have to laugh, to keep from crying." With a kid like mine around the house, there is never any shortage of humor to be found!

  6. So funny. I have to resurrect some of my videos of the kids when they would laugh like this. :o) Thanks for the smiles. I needed it today!

  7. How cute – and no one laughs is cuter than a kids :o)

  8. Delight just has a special sound to it when it comes from children! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  9. Laughter does a body and mind good. Thanks for the fun reminder, Jessica 🙂

    Cartoons and listening to my husband's DJing impressions make me laugh.

  10. What a happy baby! Laughter is contagious! Love it! Thanks for the post and have a great weekend, Jessica! God bless!!

  11. I love that video! lol, it cracks me up every time. Thank you! What makes me laugh? Besides giggling babies? Silly miscommunications like the unfortunately placed ads on Leno's Headlines. In fact, My husband and I used to stay up just for Headlines every week. Maybe we should start doing it again. And funny names too–though I usually feel bad laughing at people's names but I do it anyway. =)

  12. My hubby makes me laugh…still.

    I believe you must have a great sense of humor to be married…

  13. What makes me laugh? I almost hate to answer this question because I laugh at some of the most inappropriate times. I love life and am always laughing, despite the people around me. I tend to find humor in places that are not supposed to be humorous. I have a very morbid job and maybe that is my defense mechanism, but I have always been this way. We only live life once. Why not enjoy it?

    And I love elephant jokes.

    What did Tarzan say when he saw the elephants coming over the hill?

    "Hey, look at the elephants coming over the hill!"


  14. I believe in the motto: Live, Laugh, and Love….without these three, life can be a terrible weight holding us down.

    Now, is it bad that I make msyelf laugh all the time? I might be crazy….


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