Inside Out: Maria Morgan, guest blogger!

I’m happy to have Maria Morgan with us today to share In the Word Wednesday. I’m over at Sheri  Salatin’s blog sharing about writing and crazy stuff I do! So come by and say hi.

If you haven’t visited Maria’s blog, Life Lessons, you should. She is a woman with much wisdom! She’s inspiring and encouraging. When you leave her blog, you know you’ve been near someone shining with the love of Jesus.

Welcome, Maria!
Outward appearance.
I’d be lying if I said it didn’t matter to me. Every day I spend time preparing myself to face the world. I shower, put on makeup, fuss with my hair, and choose just the right perfume or body splash in order to make a good impression. Looking my best is a good thing, as long as I don’t forget what’s most important – what’s on the inside.
One day last week, I’d gone through my usual routine of getting ready. I felt put together on the outside, but something was bothering me on the inside. I didn’t realize it had begun to affect my mood and even my countenance, until my daughter, Riley, innocently asked, “Are you mad at me?”
I wasn’t exactly mad, but I was frustrated. Conflict bothers me, so I had attempted to deal with my frustration without mentioning anything to Riley. I may have looked the same on the outside, makeup on and hair in place, but what was inside was bound to come out.
Addressing the issue openly and honestly, made a world of difference. By the end of our conversation, we had worked through the situation and our mother/daughter relationship was back on track. I was reminded of the importance of speaking the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15). And peace took the place of frustration.
It’s easy to get focused on the outward things, giving little attention to what’s on the inside.
A familiar passage reminds me, “…for the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart,” (1 Samuel 16:7b; KJV). My tendency is to give the impression that I’ve got everything together, even when I don’t. Ultimately, what’s on the inside will come out.
God’s work is done from the inside out.
Remember when the Lord gave Moses the instructions for building the tabernacle? He carefully detailed what should occupy the inside of the structure; the ark, the table of showbread, the lampstand, etc. before he went on to describe how the tent should be constructed. Mere coincidence? Definitely not! What’s inside matters to the Master.
The Pharisees of Jesus’ day seemed to be religious giants, yet He saw through their outward appearances, and spoke harshly to them, “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness,” (Matthew 23:27). These were the men who made a show of tithing on everything they owned, and doing no work on the sabbath. They certainly appeared to be keeping God’s commandments, yet they were jealous of Jesus’ following and were determined to destroy Him.
As I read God’s Word and pray with a heart that’s open to His still, small, voice, the Lord will reveal areas in my life that need His attention. I have a choice. Ignore His conviction and continue on as if everything is fine, or submit that area to Him and allow Him to do a transforming work on the inside that will affect the outside. Today I’m going to let Him work from the inside out!
Do you struggle to maintain appearances? Identify one thing that needs to change and give the Lord access to what’s on the inside. You’ll find that He’s a Master builder!
Prayer: Heavenly Father, Thank You for caring about the important thing – what’s inside. Help me identify areas that need to be changed, and help me to submit to Your will as You do a transforming work on me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
Amen! Thanks, Maria, for sharing your heart and wisdom with us today. I feel so blessed.
Maria Morgan

26 thoughts on “Inside Out: Maria Morgan, guest blogger!

  1. Sometimes our kids understand more than we give them credit for! Thanks for sharing.

  2. What an excellent post! Yes, I do work hard to be a good person and control myself, but I know what people can't see, God does. Thank goodness He's always helping and loving me, no matter what! LOL Thanks for sharing!

  3. Jessica – Thanks so much for the opportunity to be a part of your In the Word Wednesday! It's always a privilege and honor to share God's truths! Hugs and blessings! 🙂

    Laura – You're absolutely right! I know what's on the inside is going to come out eventually, that's why it's so important to stay close to the Lord! Blessings to you and yours!

  4. Jessica N. – Great to see you! I know it's unrealistic to expect zero conflict. Staying in the Word helps me to share the truth in the right way – in love (and not in anger, my natural default!). Have a wonderful week! God bless you!

  5. I really liked the piece of scripture you posted – I recognised it instantly as Luke chapter 11 from verse 37. One of my favourites! :o)

  6. Excellent reminder. As we grow older and our bodies don't look so great on the outside, that's when it's REALLY important to have something good on the inside. :o) Love the inside-out teddy bear pic too!

  7. D.U. – That IS a great portion of scripture! One that steps on my toes all too often! Sometimes I find myself polishing up the outside, when what I really need is an overhaul on the inside! Have a blessed week enjoying His blessings!

    Carol – Nice to make your acquaintance! And you bring up a great reminder! True beauty goes far deeper than the skin (wrinkles and all!!). It's good to know who we truly are in Christ and be able to radiate His beauty, no matter our age!! God's blessings to you!

  8. Love the focus on inward growth and grace! I should do that more often … 🙂

  9. Great teachings here!

    You're so right that ugliness inside seeps out so easily. Perhaps that's God's way of calling us on what's inside through those in our path.

  10. It's good to meet you, Maria, and thank you for your thought-provoking post. We should give as much thought, if not more, to our inside rather than our outside. I'm glad I came across this reminder.

  11. Jaime – So glad you stopped by! Comparing what's inside with the Word of God shows me what needs to change. Taking some time to really examine my thoughts and motives goes a long way to keeping me on track. Have a great week and God bless!

    Eileen – Great insight! The Lord often uses my daughter to teach me things! Does He do this with your kids too?! No wonder He tells us to 'grow in grace'! Hugs and blessings to you!

    Brandi – Wonderful to meet you! Thank you for your words of encouragement! I'm in total agreement that we should give more thought to what's on the inside than what's on the outside. Have a wonderful week and God bless!

  12. Thanks for the reminder about what matters.

  13. I've always been the type to hold what I really feel/think close to the chest.

    It's not healthy.

    Lovely post!

  14. Maggie – Nice to meet you! It's so easy to get caught up in outward appearance, not giving much thought to our thoughts and the motives behind them. The choice to concentrate on inner growth is a daily one for me! Have a great week! God bless!

    Wosushi – Wonderful to meet you! Thanks for sharing. Sometimes it IS easier to hold things in and pretend that everything is fine, then to address difficult issues that invite conflict. The key for me is identifying what's bothering me and praying about it, before speaking. Crucial – so I can share my concerns in love and not in anger! Have a beautiful week and God bless!

  15. Thanks. Inner growth is very important. And prayer is a major part of that for me. 🙂

  16. It's funny that my favorite pink lipstick can't hide my bad mood. So true, Maria!

  17. Perfect post for me today, Maria. I'd even just read the verses about Moses and the tabernacle, but didn't see it through those eyes. Thanks for opening that up for me:)

  18. Inspiring post Maria, thanks for sharing! God is a master builder indeed!

  19. I'll be tagging you on my blog today. Drop by and pass it along :o)

  20. Kathi – Thanks for sharing the part that prayer plays in your inner growth. So very important! Have a great weekend enjoying His blessings!

    Jill – Great observation! Something about a bad disposition affects everything about us! Hugs and blessings!

  21. Susan – So good to meet you! Love the way the Lord continues to speak to us about the things we've studied in His Word. I can't take credit for the insight about the temple – I was captivated by this fact though, and thought I'd pass it along! Enjoy your weekend and God bless! 🙂

    Marja – Hello! I'm sure with your exciting new project, you and your husband can definitely relate to 'building'! Know that I'm praying for you, my friend! Hugs and blessings!

    D.U. – You're so sweet! I'm headed over!! Have a beautiful weekend!

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