Knock off a Few Pounds: Lighten Up with Laughter.

My husband and I have a comical marriage. In fact, just now as I’m writing this, he’s lying beside me trying to sleep and he just said, “Stop typing with such authority. Hard typing does not equal good writing.”

He had a laugh lurking under his tone. However, my key pounding shakes the bed and annoys him. But we laughed. I’m still laughing.

We cackle often.

I think laughter is key in marriage or any relationship, really. You can’t always take everything so seriously.

I know it’s hard to laugh sometimes when life is stressful, careers aren’t launching, ministries seem to be failing, and bad news drops like bombs. But somewhere in all the mess, laughter makes a heart merry. It keeps us sane..or close to it, anyway.
 Laughter is infectious! Start your weekend off with this video!

So what makes you laugh? I was tagged at D.U.O Says which is very cool and I will be answering the questions on Monday! Thanks D.U.!