Frivolous Friday: Quirky Is The New Normal

Okay, I think it’s safe to say that everyone has some kind of quirk.

The older I become, the worse I seem to get.  You? Don’t lie.

Here are my top 3. I don’t have all day, so I’m only sharing a small percentage of weird things I must do.

1. If one arm rest is down in the mini-van, then the other one has to be. I can’t handle the driver’s side up while the passenger is down or vice versa. And really, neither can be up. They have to be down. Also, it doesn’t matter whose van we’re in.

My daughter took this for me. She said,
“Let me guess…another blog post.”
Why yes, yes it is!

2. If I’m going to ride in the back seat of a vehicle, it has to be the driver’s side. I hate the middle or the passenger side. My sister says it’s because I want to see myself in the rear-view mirror. I disagree, as some drivers are tall. So it can’t be that.

3. I have tons of coffee mugs, but there are a certain 4 I must have for my early morning Bible study. I make sure that at least one of them is always clean. If they’re dirty, I have to wash one in the morning to use it. I don’t know why! In my mom’s famous words, “Just because.”

So…what are some of your quirks? You have to have some…it’s the new normal. Have a great weekend and don’t forget to show up Monday, and meet  Jill Kemerer!