Frivolous Friday: Quirky Is The New Normal

Okay, I think it’s safe to say that everyone has some kind of quirk.

The older I become, the worse I seem to get.  You? Don’t lie.

Here are my top 3. I don’t have all day, so I’m only sharing a small percentage of weird things I must do.

1. If one arm rest is down in the mini-van, then the other one has to be. I can’t handle the driver’s side up while the passenger is down or vice versa. And really, neither can be up. They have to be down. Also, it doesn’t matter whose van we’re in.

My daughter took this for me. She said,
“Let me guess…another blog post.”
Why yes, yes it is!

2. If I’m going to ride in the back seat of a vehicle, it has to be the driver’s side. I hate the middle or the passenger side. My sister says it’s because I want to see myself in the rear-view mirror. I disagree, as some drivers are tall. So it can’t be that.

3. I have tons of coffee mugs, but there are a certain 4 I must have for my early morning Bible study. I make sure that at least one of them is always clean. If they’re dirty, I have to wash one in the morning to use it. I don’t know why! In my mom’s famous words, “Just because.”

So…what are some of your quirks? You have to have some…it’s the new normal. Have a great weekend and don’t forget to show up Monday, and meet  Jill Kemerer!

19 thoughts on “Frivolous Friday: Quirky Is The New Normal

  1. Anonymous

    My quirk is when people take pictures of themselves in the back of my car!!!!

  2. LOL! My quirks – hmm. I have to sleep with a pillow next to me in bed 'cause I sleep closest to the door. Not that it would offer much protection from an intruder. 🙂 Yay, my hubby teases me about it too.

  3. Good morning Jessi!

    Being obsessive compulsive I have a bazillion! I can't stand for things on my desk (or any flat surface for that matter) to not be square with the edges. Picture frames are the worst as most people place them at random angles.
    Also I stack my shoes on the shelf the same way: left shoe with the heel facing out, right shoe on top of it heel facing rearward with the sole facing up–they just fit better that way. I can't just put shoes side-by-side.

    Thanks for the fun Friday morning update!

  4. Hi Jessica! I'm quirky about vacuuming. I like straight vacuum lines in my carpet and it drives me crazy when my kids want to walk on it when I'm finished. Silly, I know.

  5. I'm rather OC, too, so I could write a book about my quirks. I'll limit myself to one.

    I can't stand twist ties. I found an entire drawer filled them when I cleaned out my in-law's house some years back. My beloved mother-in-law had kept every one of hers for years–even those big ones around heads of lettuce. I understand her Depression Era mentality, but does a person really need 5,000 twist ties? I use plastic bag clips to close my bags and toss twist ties in the trash faster than you can say "Keli is an odd duck." =)

  6. Anonymous aka MY SISTER!: Shaddap! Thanks for letting Mom bring it when she came. Just think, your car is on a blog! lol

    Stacy: Pillow might be able to serve as some sort of cushion…um…maybe! 😉 I still can't comment on your blog. It's so aggravating.

    Brad: Um…I don't even know what to say! lol I like my pics katty-korner.

    Lacie: Welcome, and thanks for dropping by. Make yourself at home. 🙂 Funny story: When I married my husband, I came home and he had cleaned the house. I was amazed at the lines and asked him how he did it! lol I grew up with hardwood floors. I vacuum that way too.

    Keli: My grandma saved rubberbands. There were a million dirty green bands from newspapers on her rocking chair armrest. I like plastic chip clips too! 🙂

  7. My quirk: The volume alwyas has to be on a even number. This includes, but is not limited to: TV, radio, computer. There's something about those odd numbers…

  8. I have to have all four corners of the bed comforter even. It's so bad that I will wake up in the middle of the night if I sense the covers are twisted. Oh, and I like to collect pens. Have a great weekend! Fun post 🙂

  9. I have to make my bed when I get up in the morning, and, I have to remake the bed after my husband takes a nap. I cannot get into an unmade bed and sleep well.

    If I wake up in the middle of the night, I have to pray for anyone who comes to mind. I believe God is waking me up for a reason.

    I can't throw away pictures of my family….even if they are really unflattering, but I can toss my own if I don't like my hair.

  10. I must control the temperature in the house…no one touches my thermostat!!
    Have a great weekend!

  11. Ralene and Tamika: You're a even match! ha!

    Brandi: That is hilarious. I don't like sheets twisted around me either, but just uneven…I'm okay with that!

    Jerri: I like a made bed to get into as well. I can leave the house with it unmade, but I don't like it.

    Loree: You sound like my hubby. He goes all wacko if we touch the thermostat.

  12. I count my steps when I walk, but start over at eight. When I am going up or down stairs, I adjust my steps so the last step will be eight. I know exactly how many steps are on any set I come across on a regular basis so I can get it right every time. I have done this as long as I can remember and do not know why I do it.

    I also cannot stand to have a CD or DVD out loose. It must either be in the player or it's case. Even at other people's houses. It really disturbs me.

  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm glad to finally find out I'm NORMAL!!! I was gettin scared there for a minute. LOL

  14. I'm running a blank right now but I know I do have some quirks! 🙂 I know one thing though. I make it a point to meditate before reading my email. The day always goes more smoothly.:)

  15. Quirks? I don't have quirks. 🙂 Now, most people around me? They have quirks, but not me. I'm 100%normal 100% of the time.

    Can't wait to visit with Jill on your blog Monday.

  16. Doors and drawers are what get me. If either is left partially open I absolutely have to close it.

    Our bedroom closet door is a slider and DH often leaves it ajar three or four inches. If I get into bed and discover it's open I have to get up and close it before I can settle down to sleep. I'm not consistent, however, because bathroom doors that we normally leave open when the room is unoccupied need to be halfway closed. I hate looking down the hall into the bathroom, so I like the door pulled partially shut… just not all the way.

    Do these quirks say we're all a little nutty or what???

  17. Brett: There is too much math involved in your quirks. lol

    Nike: You can rest at ease! We all go a little mad sometimes. What movie was that from?!

    Martha: I make a habit out of spending my first part of the morning with the Lord. I agree. It makes the day go smoother, or at the very least, helps me over the bumps of the day better.

    Heather: ROFL…you quirky? NEVER!! See you Monday!

    Carol: I have to shut my closet doors too! Maybe it stems from thinking the Boogie man might be inside! Yeah, I'd say we're all a little nutty for sure! 🙂

  18. My quirk: I don't like to eat out. I enjoy cooking, and I've gotten pretty durn good at it, but my aversion to eating out goes way beyond that. I just absolutely hate ever aspect of it.

    *For 20%, the service is not that great. I'm nearly 40 years old. I'm not anybody's "honey."
    *For $50+ (for 2), the food isn't that good. It's very rare that I can't honestly say, "I can cook better than this."
    *I feel rushed to gobble my food down and free up the table.
    *The noise level in a restaurant sets my teeth on edge.
    *The restaurant is not what I call clean.

    I mean, I just have this deep, deep aversion to eating out. Most people seem to really enjoy it. I could lower my expectations, but if it's substandard, why not just eat at home?

  19. Hiya girl!

    I have to look away when driving past a big rig. I get a shiver every time. And don't get me started about having one on either side of me. I got goosebumps just now thinking about it.

    I, too, must have the volume on an even number! LOL

    I know I have more but I can't think of them right now. 😉


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