Must Read Monday: Gray Matter (I’m giving away a copy!)

“The role of prayer in health care is itself a gray matter.”

Dr. David Levy tells his story through the pen of Joel Kilpatrick.

Dr. Levy didn’t start out knowing he wanted to be a neurosurgeon. He started out as a mechanic. He was good at fixing machines, and what machine is as beautiful and complex as the human brain?

He excelled through his classes, the typical overachiever, and was glorified by peers and colleagues. But something changed in Dr. Levy. That “something” was a Someone. God.

So…what if he brought prayer into health care? He grappled with the idea. What if he was rejected? Belittled? Humiliated? Yet he took the chance and started what he knew God wanted him to do–asking patients if he could pray with them before surgeries.

This book describes not only his procedures, which are explained easily for gals like me to understand and are incredibly fascinating, but it details the outcomes physically and spiritually.

Some physical symptoms experienced by patients had no medical cure –but the spiritual cure was forgiveness. Bitterness, hate, and resentment, doesn’t just effect the mind but the heart. These emotions can cause physical ailments and debilitating symptoms. Some of Dr. Levy’s stories are his experiences helping patients find Jesus and experience forgiveness as well as helping lead them to forgive others. It was beautiful!

Don’t expect every single procedure to be miraculous in this book–not all were– and I like that. He doesn’t sugarcoat anything, but what God did in the lives of the patients, families, and Dr. Levy are remarkable. No, not everyone verbally showed that they’d been moved by God, but that’s real life. We don’t always know how we touch others through simple prayers or our behaviors that reflect Christ.

If you question how effective prayer is, read this book. If you’re interested in amazing, complex neurosurgery, read this book, or if you simply need uplifted, encouraged, and hope–read this book. Thanks, Tyndale for giving me this book complimentary for review purposes!

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If you don’t have a kindle or just want the feel of a book in your hand, I’m giving away a copy of Gray Matter!
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