Win a Kindle Fire and a Signed Copy of Final Verdict!


Hey everyone! Welcome to my new website. I’m so in love with it and can’t thank Jason Walker at Website Ministries enough for his amazing design, patience, and nailing my vision. I highly recommend him if you’re in the market for a new website or even an upgrade.

Also, today not only marks my new online home, which I hope you’ll peruse, especially my BOOK CLUBS page which is full of bonus features and extras for all the books that have released, but today is RELEASE DAY for Final Verdict! And to celebrate…

I’m giving away a Kindle Fire and a signed paperback copy of Final Verdict to one winner. U.S. Only. 18+  This is no April Fool’s joke! The contest is open for the entire month of April! I’ll draw a winner and email them/announce it here May 1st!

You could win a kindle fire, a signed copy of Final Verdict and this bracelet (there’s a bracelet in the book and it’s important!)
Here is a closer look at the bracelet! The Love centerpiece fits easily into the bracelet. It’s a magnet and Beckett’s famous line to Aurora: “You and me. We’re magnets from here on out.” I love the symbolism and a big thanks to Gayle Adams, a Magnabilities Consultant and friend who donated this precious piece.

Final Verdict is about a sheriff and a defense attorney. Talk about opposites attracting. Tell me, if you had to choose to be a prosecuter or a defense attorney, which one would you choose and why? 


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57 thoughts on “Win a Kindle Fire and a Signed Copy of Final Verdict!

  1. PamB

    Prosecutor I think it would be fun to delve into the evidence and figure out how to question the witnesses.

    1. Jessica R. Patch

      I think it would too! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Connie Fischer

    I commented before reading what I needed to comment on. Sorry! I think I would prefer to be a defense attorney. I would also only take cases where I sincerely thought someone was innocent. Someone should never suffer for something they did not do.

    1. Jessica R. Patch

      I agree. I think it’s tragic when innocent people go to prison for crimes they didn’t commit. And that’s why Aurora is a defense attorney in Final Verdict!

  3. Susan Snodgrass

    I’d hate to be a defense attorney, unless, of course, I was Perry Mason. He never defended a guilty person. I’d rather prosecute.

    1. Jessica R. Patch

      No he didn’t. But I think sometimes it would be hard to tell!

  4. That’s a tough question, I think a defense attorney but when I think about possibly having to defend someone who is guilty of wrongdoing I change my mind and would like to be a prosecuting attorney.

    wfnren at aol dot com

    1. Jessica R. Patch

      It’s definitely a tough choice and one Aurora explains for herself in the book! I think it’d be tough too!

  5. Beth C

    Would like to be the defense attorney and looked for why my client is not guilty!

    1. Jessica R. Patch

      Let’s just hope you find that the client is indeed innocent and not the opposite! ha! Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Jan Hall

    I think that I would rather be a prosecutor.

    1. Jan Hall

      I would be able to look at the facts and then observe the defendant I think.

    2. Jessica R. Patch

      I like the idea of observing the client while prosecuting. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Tracey

    I think I’d rather be a defense attorney who defends the innocent and wrongly accused. Prosecutors definitely put their safety at risk going after the bad guys, yikes! Not for me.

    1. Jessica R. Patch

      They surely do! And defense attorneys could be in big trouble if they lost! Yikers! 🙂

  8. Susan P

    Neither! I hate being in front of anyone. LOL. I don’t know that I could do either job.

    1. Jessica R. Patch

      LOL! I wouldn’t want either job. So much pressure!

  9. Terry Poage

    I would rather be a prosecutor because I couldn’t defend people that do terrible things.

    1. Jessica R. Patch

      It would be a tough job for sure. I can’t even imagine.

  10. I think I’d choose prosecutor – I like the ideal of defending the innocent but too often the accused isn’t innocent and defense attorneys have to ride that fine line between truth and serving their client. For me, truth wins every time. So prosecutor wins this game. Of course, sometimes the accused IS innocent and often the prosecutors tread that fine line (stomp all over it, occasionally!). Still, not knowing either character and only choosing by general profession, this is my choice. Phew, wordy reply – can tell I’m a writer and have Irish heritage (they do so love words!)

    1. Jessica R. Patch

      Hahaha! Hey I love words so I’m all for wordy answers. 🙂 It’s a fine line on either side for sure.

  11. Susanne

    Prosecutor – because in most cases, they should be representing the actual victim.

    1. Jessica R. Patch


  12. Juli Huber Hall

    I’d rather be the Prosecutor because I would be “putting away” the bad guy

    1. Jessica R. Patch

      I would like being part of helping keep the community/world safer by getting criminals off the streets to hurt people.

  13. Dianne Casey

    I would prefer to be a prosecutor because I would be responsible for building a case and would have to put all the pieces of the crime together.

    1. Jessica R. Patch

      Which is fascinating and also a headache and a lot ofpressure! ha! But yeah, I like putting pieces together too. It’s why I love writing mysteries and reading them/watching them.

  14. Winnie Thomas

    I wouldn’t like to be either of them. It would be too stressful for me. I’d rather just read about them in books! 😀

    1. Jessica R. Patch

      Hahaha! And I’d rather write them, and read them too!

  15. Debbie Clatterbuck

    I would like to be a defense attorney, because I would have to prove my client innocent and that means delving into a lot of mystery.

  16. Jessica R. Patch

    That is so true! Burden of proof is on you! Thanks for stopping by!

  17. Martha T.

    I think I would prefer to be a prosecutor. This article s because I think it would be easier,but what do I know about it?🙂

  18. Sonnetta Jones

    My first thought was defense attorney. I would want to be on the side that defend the innocent victims. I think of Jesus being my defense attorney against Satan the prosecutor. I would want to be some like like Jesus to defend the defenseless and fight for injustice everywhere.

  19. Arletta

    Uhm, neither? It’s all about who can do a better job convincing the judge or the jury. I’d hate to put someone in jail for something they didn’t do.

  20. Charlyn

    Defense attorney; hopefully would have more of a choice on cases

  21. Linda Ortiz

    Really a tough question, either side have an important role to play in convicting the bad, but also freeing the innocent. There are innocent people that are convicted of crimes they have not committed. Than, there are those that deserves to be locked. Both jobs are hard…truthfully, I would not want either position.

  22. Cynthia St. Germain

    I think I would like to be a defense attorney.

  23. Kathy Jacob

    I think I naturally tend toward Prosecutor; always dealing with the guilty (husband, kids, whoever.) As a profession, I don’t want to go there. I think it would conjur up all the meanness in me, instead of grace.

  24. Janice Moore

    I deeply admire Christian lawyers, so I will go with that!

  25. Mary Preston

    I’m quite sure I would not want to be either. Too nerve racking.

  26. Melissa Romine

    I think I’d rather be the prosecutor if I need to choose one, but I’d really rather be that court reporter that just sits and records what everyone says! Personally I don’t think I’m tough enough to be any kind of courtroom attorney.

  27. Alison Boss

    Hmmm……I’m not sure I would want to be either as there is so much stress and risks either way. I’d rather read about it in fiction suspense without all the responsibility 🙂

  28. Laura AKA Loves 2 Read Romance

    I don’t know if I would want either job. There are big risks with either. I would feel awful if I either helped put someone who was innocent away for something they didn’t do or got a criminal off when they should have been punished.

  29. kim hansen

    Neither law just would interest me outside of a book.

  30. JJ

    I’d rather be a prosecutor. I don’t have enough sympathy for criminals.

  31. Abigail P.

    Wow…hard question. Probably the prosecutor. I wouldn’t want to have to defend someone who is guilty.

  32. B Hriv

    I’d have to say…Prosecutor because I don’t think I could tell for sure if someone was guilty and if they were guilty, I definitely wouldn’t want to have to defend them!

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  36. Sarah B.

    Oh, that’s a tough one! Generally speaking, I think I would prefer to be a defense attorney, unless I was positive my client was guilty. Then it would be SO hard to give them my best. On the other hand, just from watching TV shows, I don’t think I’d like to be a prosecutor. To quiz the witnesses and try to place doubt in the minds of the jury. But if I believed they were guilty, it would probably be a bit easier. I don’t know! I think I’m probably too emotional to do either one. I wouldn’t be able to state just the facts, because it’s not my opinion that matters, it’s what the jury believes. You kind of have to be unbiased, in order to not include your own opinion and ideas.

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