5 thoughts on “God isn’t finished….

  1. Love this! I was driving back to Des Moines late at night last night and during the drive I was actually thinking about my life and faith and how sometimes I feel very far from the person I think God wants me to be. I'm sure we all have those moments–where are shortcomings seem to be the only thing we can see. But I had this thought, then, and I'm pretty sure it came from God: "Dude, Melissa, you're 32. I'm not done with you." 🙂

    1. …and by "are" I meant "our." Sheesh.

  2. We're about to dig into the book of Jonah for our church's next sermon series, so my brain automatically went there as I read your post. Even after being swallowed by the whale as he tries to run from God's calling to Nineveh, the book of Jonah still ends on a question. It remains unresolved. That's how our life will be until we're called home. 🙂

  3. There are times when it all seems to late, and darkness closes down around the edges of my world. With so much having gone wrong, and seemingly so little time left, how could there be room for something good?

    And then there is a sliver of light in the gloom, a guide to a path that doesn't hit a wall.

    It's not over.


  4. I cling to this so much! I don't know what I would do if I thought this was it. So thankful it is not and He will continue this work until completion!


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