4 thoughts on “Thank you, Jesus, for…

  1. I love that song!

    And thank you, Jesus, for redemption. Kind of a big, Christianese type word but the reality of it, when I really think about it, is such a beautiful thing.

    Also…thank you for hazelnut coffee on insanely cold Monday mornings. 🙂

  2. Oh, I love that song, too!
    And thank you, Jesus, for friends-like-family who step in and help me when my mother-in-law falls and breaks her hip and needs emergency surgery.

  3. Busting out of my skin with you:)

    Thanking him for warmth, shelter, and safety through this cold, snowy winter!

  4. Thank You for having us at the right place, right time on Friday evening, to find a young Pit Bull who'd just been dumped on a rural road. She was chasing desperately after the car had abandoned her, and was still trusting enough to come when we stopped.

    Now she's got a name – Pitunia JezeBull – and a crate near the fire. She's happy.

    Thank You for that.



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