God Is…

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and take a few minutes to be calmed, filled with peace, renewed with hope, infused with joy.

Draw Near…


Even closer…

Almost there…

Wednesday, we’ll talk about consecration i.e. being set apart for service. I hope you’ll join me!

The sun came up. God is faithful. What He says He will do, He will do!


6 thoughts on “God Is…

  1. God is … faithful. And because he is faithful he is trustworthy, forever and ever, amen.
    Thank you for sharing that beautiful worship-filled song, Jess.

  2. LOVE.

  3. God is…I AM.

    All I'll ever need. He is the I AM in all my circumstances. Healer. Savior. Father. Hope.

    Love how you're having me stop and think about that this afternoon:)

    BTW. Christy Nockels rocks! One of my favorite singers!

  4. Provider. Whatever I need He already has it ready, waiting, for His perfect timing. What a peace that brings!

  5. God is way cool.

    He's like the ultimate big brother, the kind you want to be like when you grow up.


  6. Mine. Always and forever.


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