A Little This and That

So, I’ve been editing a ms for the last few weeks. I’ve felt a little like this…
But mostly, it’s been fun and I still love my characters. 
I’ve been pushing my daughter to get her permit because she has to wait one full year after getting it until she can have a license. Her birthday was in November. I don’t want to drive her to school forever! 
My mom got me an apron for Christmas. And a CD in Hebrew. Wanna know what my sister got? Hand spa lotions and scrubs. Hmm… Did I mention I can’t speak Hebrew or understand it? I need the English spelling when I’m studying. Did I also mention my hands are cracked and scaly from this wintry weather? Yeah. Moving on. *Mom, I love your gifts. Really. I do. Thanks.
I’ve had some long conversations with my BFF that revolve around questions that begin with: Yeah, but like, what if…? Or But could you…? and What kind of a fungus might…? Okay, and some more serious stuff like, If I meet Jesus first, will you be jealous? And, when we’re all living on the New Earth, how are we guaranteed one on one time with Jesus. If he’ll be physical, then like, how can he be with me in a garden and you by a waterfall? So yeah, stuff like that.
I also fell in love with that egg lip loss, no it’s not made from eggs but it looks like it’s an egg. EOS or something? Anyway, I like it.
I bought green post-its. I lost a journal, not really a journal that just sounds cooler. I lost a skinny notebook. I also lost a sock. 
No, that’s not interesting. Okay, that’s all I got. Have a great weekend.

Your turn: Give me a little bit of your this and that. 

13 thoughts on “A Little This and That

  1. Love your face–that's how I look when I'm editing too. 🙂 My this and that: We're going to a sledding party after school today. Should be fun/interesting/stressful. My oldest daughter is in Colorado this week with my parents visiting my sister. We miss her. 🙁 My second daughter and I are going to have a mommy/daughter day tomorrow, so we're having pedicures (her first), going out for lunch and then we'll see Frozen (for the second time…). Our piano was tuned yesterday (which is a long, tedious morning of hearing "ding, ding, dong, ding, ding, dong" for about three hours straight). Oh, I've lost 10 pounds since November! Which will be nice when I go to Florida in four weeks. That's about all I've got! I've been missing you, roomie. 🙂

    1. First off, congrats on dropping those pounds!! Are you going on vacation or to Deep Thinkers? Tuning a piano is probably like that Chinese torture of dropping one individual drop of water on your forehead for hours. I don't know if that's real Chinese torture, but we called it that as kids. Idk…I'm rambling here. lol

  2. Ah, this made me miss you like crazy!!!!

    My this and that…I've been going crazy with work, brainstorming revisions, teaching, and trying to get healthier with my eating and exercising. I miss your face. Also, I have a 3-day weekend! Yay! But it is not going to be all that relaxing, I don't think. Boo. Lots to do, lots of people to see. Yeah, I'm just popular like that.

    This was random and I liked it. 😛

    1. I miss you too! I hope you got all the revisions figured out! You'll have to text me and tell me what angle you went with. We have a 3 day weekend too. Saturday is full of indoor band contests. I'm so NOT excited! LOL You are so popular. I'm happy to orbit just a fraction of your world. 😉

  3. I think there's not a writer alive who didn't recognize (and many times exhibited) that same face. LOVE! Hmmm…this and that. I'm just discovered and in love with Pentatonix. LOVE their music. Randomness… 🙂

    1. I agree! It's such a relatable face. LOL We watch The Sing Off and they were so incredible on that. We watched it over and over. Hard to believe there are NO instruments!!

  4. I'm happy. I just finished the Workout Routine from H***, and I don't have to revisit it until Monday.

    It's kind of a Kiligon thing. I started working out again when my pain doc said she wanted to switch me to a new medicine that might make me fat, drowsy, and suicidal, along with giving me acne.

    So I started exercising. I tell people it's for the endorphins but it's not. It's to inflict so much pain that the rest of the day is a walk in the park by comparison.

    Have some major MS edits to do, blog posts to send to Pinterest, 26 dogs to walk and feed, a bunch of rather nasty airplane parts to build for a friend (compound curved in hard aluminum…ugh…the parts, I mean, not the friend)

    But I would not trade my life for anything. Well, maybe the 'probably going to die soon part'…

    Nah. Not even that. Makes each day more special.


    1. You have a way of making me laugh even when you're talking about seriously serious stuff, Andrew. I've never sent my blogs to Pinterest. Occasionally, I pin my picture and it will link. How do you do that? Email me!

    2. Email sent. The process is not pretty, but it works, and I am looking for ways to streamline it.

      Let me know how it goes!

  5. I'm almost finished with WIP#2 and I'm also obsessed with the egg lip gloss (strawberry shake is my thing). Going to celebrate another WIP finished by re-reading Harry Potter and diving into Self-Editing for Fiction Writers! <3 Miss you!

    1. Isn't it great! I'm almost out. Mine is red. I can't remember the flavor. You have to get used to the smell but if you lick your lips, it's tasty. 🙂 I love Self-Editing for Fiction and my BIG FAT favorite is Making a Scene by Jordan Rosenfeld! Such a great book! Miss you too, pretty thang!

  6. I keep seeing the egg lip gloss. Must get one! I'm revising too, and it's not pretty. NOT pretty. I miss you!!

  7. Loved this post. Let's see. This and that…I think the baby shifted positions so that he's no longer kicking my bladder. Yay. I want to go to bed, but I'm too lazy to get up and brush my teeth. Boo. My husband gets home from Vegas this weekend. Yay. I fished one of my five-year-old's socks out of the toilet a few days ago. Boo. He'd used the toilet before dropping the sock in. Double boo. Tomorrow is Saturday. Yay!


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