Urban Word Fun Contest!

My kids went back to
school today so I thought it’d be fun to do a Word Fun Contest, you know, since they’ll be learning new words. From teachers. From students. My stomach just knotted.
The following
urban phrases/words cracked me up and #3 made me feel as old as friggin Methuselah, but hey…
Here’s how the
contest works:
Use the three words
together in a sentence and I’ll choose the winner and announce on Monday, August 13th!
Winner gets a $5.00 Starbucks or Amazon card (winner choice). *Only applies to
the US
A driver and/or car
that goes consistently under the speed limit, causing a backup of 20+ cars,
creating frustration and your ability to be where you want to be on time.
Photo credit: freedigitalphotos
consumption of food undertaken to avoid a dull or arduous task, irrespective of
hunger levels or the time of day.
photo credit: freedigitalphotos
Instead of
keyboarding or texting a long and detailed story, someone suggests a phone call
as a more direct way to have a conversation.
photocredit: freedigitalphotos
*All words and definitions taken from the Urban Dictionary
*Friday I’ll be giving you helpful tips for a writing conference Vlog style.
*We’ll be hanging out with Lisa Jordan at Cuppa Josie’s TBA! Get your coffee cups ready for some gourmet Joe and tantalizing cyber delicacies! 

15 thoughts on “Urban Word Fun Contest!

  1. Happy 1st day of school. 3+ weeks before we start. Cra-zy!

    Okay, here goes…

    I go primitive and procratineat when it comes to delaying getting to work on my MS, but doing those are far better than being a parade maker when I'm so stressed out about how to end the bad boy.

    Yikes. It's a Monday morning. It's all I've gots.
    ~ Wendy

  2. Going primitive, I called Jesse while stuck behind a dang parade maker to let her know I'd be late to our date to procrastineat our day away over Panera bagles.


  3. I got nothing. Heading for a second cup of coffee and some procrastineating before going primitive on my BFF to complain about all the parade makers I've come in contact with lately. Seriously. It's become a joke around here. Thanks for giving them a name. My kids just keep calling them Cottontops…

    Enjoy your quiet house today:)

  4. Be warned. This. Is. Not. Good.

    Even though I was stuck behind a parade maker as I drove, the fact that I was procrastinEating—I didn’t really want to get to work—made it more pleasant, and I decided to really go primitive since I had no fingers available to text Jess about all the hilarity.


  5. I didn't usually text and drive (being more of a "going primitive" type of girl) but since I was stuck behind a parade-maker I shot off a quick message to my sister to distract me from procrastinEating the doughnuts in my front seat.

  6. Fun! Here goes:

    Parade Makers possess migratory patterns, so in moments of forgetfulness when I fall in step with their posse, I keep chocolate in my purse to ProcrastinEat so I don't Go Primitive and end up in the slammer.

  7. That parademaker must be procrastineatin because they sure ain't goin' primitive on me! 🙂

  8. The parademaker in front of me is completely primitive in HIS driving skills which makes me want to reach for the Ruffles for some procrastineatin. 😛

  9. Yes!!! Another urban words contest. I loooove these. And I'm not going to lie, I got a little swoony thinking up mine. As background, this sentence is what I'm imagining Tim Tebow's first words to me to be:

    "Sorry it took me so long to call you, Melissa Tagg-my-future-wife, but once again, I ended playing parade maker 'cause of all the paparazzi around me and then I was nervous so I procastin-eated, but I finally braved up and, well, here I am, goin' primitive."

    Now, let's get real for a minute: if this was truly Tim's opening line, I might have to think twice about accepting his eventual proposal. But, I'd have to give him credit for his urban skillz. 🙂

    Thanks for the fun, Jess!

  10. I'm going to try using the term "Go primitive" the next time someone sends me a five page text 🙂

  11. Stuck behind a parade maker on my way to the store for more Doritoes after some epic procrastinEating, I had to go primitive on my BFF to vent my rage.

  12. I looked away from half-bag of chips in the floorboard, deciding not to procrastinEat, then whipped out my phone, slowed the car to a crawl that would make even a parade maker impatient, and hit the call button–this was definitely a situation for going primitive.

    Ha ha, all I had for this one. Fun game!

  13. Ha. Love these terms. I'll have to think about a sentence after my second cup of coffee.

  14. I love these words! I'm going to try to incorporate them…I have used the term "Go Medieval on your Hiney," which is not QUITE the same as going primitive.

    I'll attempt this…

    "When the blue-haired, toddler-sized old woman nearly ran over me with her Mustang, I had to procrastineat my Starbucks scone while searching out the closest payphone where I totally went primitive and called the cops on her."

    Hee…and this only works with tons of commas.

  15. I'm totally loving these sentences! It's going to be a tough decision! I think I'll procrastineat instead of deciding a winner! 🙂 Keep em' coming!


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