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When I see pictures of Sarah Forgrave, I think sophisticated, savvy, and fun. Sarah and I are agency mates and while I haven’t had a chance to meet her in person, I’m looking forward for that day. I like her blog because I get to meet new people, smile when she talks about being a mom to young kiddos, and she gives great health tips, that I never take, but should. 🙂
Sarah writes contemporary romance for the inspirational market and is represented by Mary Keeley of the Books & Such LiteraryAgency. She’s a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and was a runner-up in the 2010 Genesis contest. She’s also a regular contributor to The Writers Alley and the webzine Ungrind, and maintains a blog on her website, where she hosts monthly giveaways. When she’s not in front of the computer writing, she enjoys being a self-proclaimed health and fitness nut and stays busy chasing the bundles of energy that live in her house–her husband and her two young children.
JP: You’re a busy woman when it comes to the writing world. What one thing other than writing are you passionate about?
SF:I have a really strong passion for health and fitness and viewing our bodies as the temples that they are. I struggled with extra weight after my pregnancies and going through medical struggles. Regaining my health has been such a blessing in giving me more energy and strength to be the wife and mother God wants me to be. It really is possible for everyone to achieve! I believe so strongly in it that now I’m studying to become a certified fitness instructor. (Now I just have to pass the exam. Yikes!)
JP: Congrats! I’m sure you’ll pass the test. You’re very knowledgeable! And since you’re so healthy, you won’t need to worry about getting a bug to keep you from the test…speaking of bugs, when did you get the writer’s bug?
SF: How much time do you have? J I’ve had an unconventional path to writing, for sure. I think I’ve always had a writer’s gene tucked away somewhere, but in college I chose a more practical career choice and became an accountant. It wasn’t until after the birth of my son when I faced difficult medical issues that God got my attention. It took a year and a half of the medical journey before I finally heard His voice, but it was so loud and clear, I couldn’t have missed it!
JP: I admit, I’m jealous of those who can write and add. Numbers hate me. They really do. I think you just proved God speaks to us in difficult times and it’s always sweet and wonderful promises! Tell us one favorite line in one of your WIP’s and tell us why?  
SF: Hmm, I’d have to go with the opening line of my second book. “There comes a time in every woman’s life when her heel breaks and her backside meets concrete.” It took me forever to come up with a line that really grabbed me, and I remember it popping in my head while I was watching a movie. (Evidence that time spent in front of the TV is not a waste for writers. J)
JP: Honey, you ain’t just whistlin Dixie! Some of my best ideas come from something I see on TV! And that line? Um, fabulous! So perfect. I’d definitely keep reading, especially if the book came with a trip to the a private island. Ah, sigh. Name one place you’d like to go that you’ve never been and why?
SF: Oh goodness, it’s impossible for me to narrow this down. My bucket list includes wanting to visit all 7 continents, so can I choose the 5 that I haven’t visited yet? I don’t care what order…I just want to go. J
JP: What else is on that bucket list? I love reading them! If you were on one of those continents, what genre do you like to read? Do you write that genre? (Cause you’d also need your laptop while you’re there!)
SF: Mostly contemporary romance, which I also happen to write. I also love a good historical romance or women’s fiction that really brings the characters to life.
JP: Hey, we read some of the same things. I knew I liked you for more than your good looks! Okay, time to see the darker side of Sarah. If you could pick one villain from a book to be for a day, who would you choose?
SF: Hmm, that’s a tough one. I guess I’d choose the mean girl from Anne of Green Gables (I forget her name…Was it Josie?), simply because I’d get to visit Avonlea and meet Anne.
JP: I confess, I don’t think I’ve read Anne of Green Gables. Maybe one of them. It was a cartoon though, right? I’m almost certain, I saw a movie or show about it. But enough of how much TV I watch. It’s cold outside and Old Man Winter is beating us with his cane, what one thing do you love most about this season? What one thing do you like least about this season?
SF:I love watching the snowflakes fall, especially when I’m tucked away in my house with nowhere to go. The thing I like least? Ice storms and trying to chink off the layers from my car when I have to drive somewhere.
JP: Snow is pretty if I can stay behind the glass to watch it. The only thing pretty about ice storms is the trees. Like glass! Okay, I’m getting chills, let’s move on. Do you hunt down pictures of your characters from the internet? Care to share what your hero and heroine look like with us from your current WIP?
SF:I don’t usually hunt down pictures because I have such a vivid picture in my head…It’s hard to match it exactly. I did stumble across a picture of one of my heroes in a catalog. It’s an exact replica, including the dog. J
JP: I really ought to read catalogs more often! What would your characters say about you if they had the chance?
SF:Well, the characters from the book I’m editing would probably say, “When will you finally leave us alone?” LOL. I’ve been editing this thing for what feels like forever, so yeah, they’re probably ready for a break from me.
JP: Hilarious! I feel your editing pain. Really. I do. Can you give us a peek at your WIP?
SF:I would love to, but I’m still polishing this stuff for my agent, so I should probably hold off. I will say that it takes a unique twist on contemporary romance since it’s set in an Amish-centric town (but it’s not straightforward Amish fiction by any stretch). I grew up around the Amish, so I thought it’d be fun to explore the setting through the eyes of someone like me who interacted with them every day.
JP: Very interesting! I’m looking forward to reading it. Thanks so much for coming Sarah! I’ve had a blast. Before you go, tell everyone how they can connect with you and feel free to ask them a question. They’re awesome about chatting in the comments!
SF: I’d love to connect with readers on my blog. I do weekly author interviews and lots of book and Amazon giveaways. And I also blog about motherhood, health, and anything else that strikes my fancy. J 
You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook.
Going with the health theme, what’s the craziest diet you’ve ever tried? Any orange juice fasts or garlic and onion diets? J Or even if you’ve done traditional diets, how did they go?

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  1. What a fun interview, Jess. I loved your questions. Loved your answers, too, Sarah. And Jess, when you meet Sarah, you'll love her instantly. I certainly did. =)

    Don't hate me, but I didn't have to diet until I hit my forties and my metabolism changed. Somehow I managed to pack twenty extra pounds on when I reached middle age. After a rather unpleasant revelation in front of a mirror sans clothing, I decided to shed that extra baggage. It took two years on the South Beach diet and giving up almost all sweets, but I did it. I struggle to keep off the five pounds that like to sneak back on, which is why I never resumed my chocolate consumption. Let me tell you, that takes a lot of won't power. =)

  2. Very fun interview, Jess and Sarah!

    So nice of you to let us take a glimpse into your writing life, Sarah. Your book sounds interesting. I look forward to reading it someday!

    I'm waiting for the chocolate chip cookie diet…

    Hubz and I exercise and juice.

  3. Great interview, Sarah! And CUTE picture!! 🙂 I'm glad you're not Josie Pye in real life – because being you friend is so much more fun. 🙂

  4. Fun getting to know you better, Sarah! And your book sounds very interesting. Can't wait to read it!

    Thanks for the interview, Jessica!

  5. Oh, I loved this interview. I also feel very secure now in my slightly obsessive Downton Abbey and class movie viewing. Hehehe…if a movie helped Sarah write an opening line, I'm totally justified…

    Um, I've never gone on a crazy diet. Unless you count the day in London when I realized I went almost a whole day eating nothing but digestives (tea cookies) and nutella… 🙂

  6. Oh we won't even talk about the way I ate in college. Oh no we won't.

    I love that I knew a lot of this stuff about Sarah. I'm pumped (notice word choice) about her passion for health and fitness. My middle child is loving watching Anne at school. So much so we bought her the movie for her b-day.

    And Jessica, numbers hate me too.
    ~ Wendy

  7. Great interview! It's nice to get to know Sarah better. Thanks Jessica and Sarah, for sharing this!

  8. Jess, this was great! And I have to brag…I got to meet fellow agent mate, Sarah Forgrave, last year at ACFW and she is absolutely as sweet in person as she is here on your blog this morning. 🙂

    I'm 5'6" and waffle between 129-131pounds. And it's harder now to take the weight off! Yuck. I do try to eat healthy, cook healthy, and be as physically fit as I can when my backside's not parked in a chair writing. My downfall, you may remember: mashed potatoes and gravy! Ooohhh…and country fried steak. Hey, I'm from the Ozarks and we love our down home country cookin'!

  9. Yay, I love Sarah! I found her blog several months ago, and she's so relatable and down-to-earth.

    I've really only tried Weight Watchers. It worked well but didn't teach me how to pair together carbs and proteins…so I ate a lot of high-point items and then starved the rest of the time. LOL I think the key for me is everything in moderation, plus 4+ days of working out. My friends and I have been hiking a bunch lately (sorry all of you who live where it snows…it's gorgeous here in Phoenix!), so that's a great way to exercise and spend time with friends! I really like exercise that doesn't feel like exercise because it's fun.

  10. Great to meet you Sarah – and I love that opening line you shared. Definitely hooked me:) I'm slightly jealous of your health nut tendencies – I really need to get my bum moving but just can't outrun the chocolate!

    Great interview, Jess:)

  11. Two of my favorite ladies in one place! Gotta love that! Great interview! And I have to say — knock-out headshot Sarah! 😉

  12. I've never dieted but it could be like Keli I will once my metabolism slows. I have worked out before, mostly because my hubs likes too. 🙂
    Sarah, that first line ROCKS!!! I love it!
    Thanks for the interview, ladies. 😉

  13. Jessica, another fun interview (loved your line about writers who can add!)!

    Sarah, that's so great about your books and the fitness instructing. Do you have a particular class you're planning on teaching?

    Jessica, I have tried crazy diets. The worst was Marilu Henner's. No sugar, no chemical sweeteners, no red meat, no dairy, food combining?? All of that! Was I nuts??

  14. Great interview, Ladies!

    I love that I knew most of those things about you, Sarah. I love how God's opening doors for you, friend. And I love your passion for health and fitness as well. Can't wait to read your book one day.

    Thanks, for hosting Sarah, Jessica! You seem like such a fun person. 🙂

  15. Great interview, Jessica! Nice to meet you, Sarah! It's interesting how during your time of illness, God revealed to you that you should write. He works in inspiring ways, doesn't He?

    I do try to watch what I eat and exercise regularly. Haven't been on any diets (just can't do it), but I do eat a lot of garlic and onions. Does that count??? 🙂

  16. Jessica Patch, I'm not sure if I can continue to be friends with someone who hasn't read the Anne of Green Gables books. Really! They were the first books that I missed reading when I was done, and my grandmother's copy is one of only a couple of things I have of hers.

    (Kidding! Sort of.)

    When I was in middle school, I tried some crazy diet that was supposedly from a hospital (because that totally made it legit!) It involved eating weird combinations of things and losing 10 lbs in three days. Maybe I need to try it again!k

  17. Hey everybody! Sorry I'm so slow to comment. I went to Pilates this morning and then chased my kiddos around. And miracle of all miracles, they're both napping at the same time! Woohoo, party for Mommy! 🙂

    Keli – I know all about unpleasant revelations. Mine was when I calculated my body-mass-index (Yes, I really did this…I told you I was a nut. :)), and I realized I was only one pound from jumping into the overweight category. That was the wake-up call when I said, "No more." 🙂

    Loree – Oh, that chocolate chip diet had better get invented. I'd be jumping on the bandwagon with you! 🙂

    Bekah – Josie Pye! That's her name! Doesn't Diana have a funny line about "being a pie"? Oh man, I've gotta watch that movie again, especially after my interview with Courtney today too. 🙂

  18. Heidi – Thanks for stopping by! Now I hope I can make my book as interesting as it sounds, LOL.

    Melissa – LOL! Um, I've totally had diets like that too. Who said it has to be a healthy diet, right? 🙂

    Wendy – College diets don't count. 😉

    Karen – Thanks for popping over here! (Okay, that sounded weirder than I meant it to, but you know what I mean. LOL)

  19. Cynthia – Oh, that downhome country cookin' is the best. And you are the skinniest thing…You have nothing to worry about! 🙂

    Lindsay – So fun to see you here! My hubby and I traveled to Phoenix several years ago and hiked up Camelback mountain. So gorgeous! I'm jealous of the views you get to enjoy every day. 🙂

    Susan – LOL! My crazy workout schedule is an attempt to make up for my chocolate addiction. A girl's gotta indulge sometimes, right? 😉

  20. Lacie – Thanks so much! I had a great photographer. 😉

    Jessica – I'm jealous you don't have to workout to stay skinny! And how fun to share hobbies with your hubby. 🙂

    Jill – My certification will allow me to teach general aerobic or toning classes, or I could go on to get a specialized certification. The class I'd really love to teach is kickboxing! 🙂

  21. Melanie – Thanks so much for stopping by here. And I agree, Jessica is a hoot! 🙂

    Brandi – LOL, It definitely counts! Garlic and onions are big-time health boosters. 🙂

    Melissa – I agree! I can't believe Jessica has never heard of Anne, either the books or the movies. Definitely a must-read/watch. 🙂

  22. Oh, and to answer your bucket list question, Jessica, I did a post several months ago with the top 5 items in my bucket list (Here's the link for all the spare time you have, LOL:

    One of them is teaching a fitness class. (Go figure! :)) And I would love to make it to all the tennis Grand Slam tournaments. I figure that could help me knock out a few of those continents too, right? 😉

  23. Hi Sarah! Great to see you here. 🙂

    I've never really been a dieter. Basically, I work out so that I can eat what I want (within reason, of course). I once went on a diet that was supposed to improve my skin because I was having some skin problems. All it did was make me extremely oily. Lol. I guess that's moisturizing, but it really wasn't the result I was looking for.

  24. Awesome interview!

  25. Jess, I nominated you for the Liebster blog award. :-}

  26. Hi Julie! That's too funny about the skin diet. Hmm, maybe you can get a refund? 🙂

    Thanks, Martha! 🙂

  27. Sarah is very pretty and so fun sounding! I wish her the best of luck!

  28. Getting to this late in the day — but oh, I loved this extra-close meet & greet with Sarah! And I love that opening line she shared.

    As far as diets — well, I tried that crazy soup diet. Made up the whole pot of the darned stuff. Tried one bowl. And tossed it all down the sink.

  29. Maggie – Thanks so much! 🙂

    Beth – LOL, I know all about dumping things down the sink. It makes you wonder how some recipes were born in the first place. 🙂

  30. Thanks, everyone, for coming by and making Sarah feel welcome. I'm reading about all these diets! Man! I've never really done a diet, but my friend did the grapefruit and soup one. I never did.

    Thanks, Sarah, for gracing us with your presence! 🙂 I'm glad you came.

  31. Ha–Sarah, just read this and I have to admit that your photo of the "Chaps" guy in the ad is one of MY visuals for a character in my books! We're thinking along the same lines! Grin.


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