Must Meet Monday: Crimson Danielle Hale-Browning

FOREWARNING: There will be many ! points in this post.
I was going to review Walking on Broken Glass today, but real life precedes fiction! But I will get to it!

Crimson Danielle Hale-Browning. Ain’t that a mouthful of names! And a mouthful of lungs. Takes after her GREAT aunt!

I’m overjoyed about this baby. Can I be honest? I don’t normally get all gooey over newborns. I mean I like babies. I’ve had 2. But I’m not over-the-top-crying-like-one-of them, kind of people.  (I will cry over miracle babies, though.)

My niece, Chelsey, is super special to me. I was 15 when she was born. I remember when my sister (5 years older than me, acts 5 years younger–it’s my blog, I’ll say what I want!) was pregnant with her. We had to pull over on the side of the road and I remember watching her puke Twizzlers out of her nose. Then I had to drive the rest of the way home. I was barely 15. (But, I’d been stealing cars (my parents’ and friends’ parents) since I was 13 so…) By the way, can you do a double parentheses like I just did? Somebody look that up!

My sister, Celeste and her husband,

When Chelsey was born, she stayed at our house a lot or I stayed over there, but point is, I was with her every day of her life, practically, until I left for college at 17.  Grace of God I landed at Bible college and not jail. (If my sister is reading this…ssshh…don’t say what I know you want to.)

She drove me up a dang wall. I’d come home and find her in my make-up,  my dresser, my desk, my shoes…

Chelsey is opinionated, brilliant, and beautiful. She’s had to overcome a lot in her life. She always asks me to write a book based on her. Most people run if they think you’re going to write about them.

Today was her day. To experience motherhood. To see what kind of crap her mom had to endure to bring her ADHD self into the world.

Chels had a scheduled c-section for medical reasons. We all stood outside for the whole 15 minutes it took to take Crimson. And then they brought her to the nursery (Crimson not Chelsey.)

Proud Papa, Taylor
I swear he’s older than 14!

 Wow. It was amazing. Then Taylor came out in his scrubs. Everyone oohed and aaahed, but I watched him as he gazed at his baby daughter. I watched tears fill his eyes, and then him quickly blink them back.

I wonder what he was thinking. Did he realize the huge responsibility of being a dad? Not just a guy who fathers a kid, but a real dad.

Will he model himself after God the Father? Does he know enough to do that?

My mind raced. But I know one thing, I saw love all over his face and it was beautiful.

When we rushed in to congratulate and smooch all over Chelsey, she was in horrible pain. No one brought her any meds yet and the epideral was wearing off. Shudders took over her body and we told her that was normal, but she hurt. Terribly.

Taylor and Chelsey
I’d have
more pics of Chelsey but she was
in a lot of pain

 But she smiled, a little, through the pain. She was a trooper. Really. They finally brought her a morphine drip and she started to fall asleep. She’s a mom now.

Does she realize how hard it’s going to be? Does she know how many tears, happy, sad, frustrated, she’ll shed over her precious one?

I don’t know. But I know she’ll be like a mama bear protecting her cubs.

I’m proud of them.

I also made dang sure I got my first 10 seconds of cuddle time in. Ain’t nobody taking that from me!

Me lovin on CD (Seetie) See
those determined eyes. I also
wore glittery eyeliner–to attract her.
She opened her eyes like once. Heifer.

Today has been a good day for us all. We’re thrilled. We’re anticipating the fun and tender journey of this baby. This special, sweet bundle of love to expand our family.

Oh yeah, we’ll warp her, no doubt. Isn’t that what crazy families do? Warp their kids. But it’ll be fun none the less!

My hubby, Tim, loves babies. I couldn’t believe how patient he was. I finally said, “Would you like your turn?”

My man holding Crimsom.

 He grinned, then snatched her from me.  My kids came inside, in total awe. Myles, my 7 year old, was amazed, and thank God he didn’t ask questions like, “How did that baby come out?” or “How’d that baby get in there?” Phew!

My daughter, Bailey, and my
son, Myles, with Crimson

And of course, my mother was there. Crying and trying not to streak her mascara. Yeah, I watched her carefully wiping tears when she thought no one could see her. She was especially careful around the lash line! Busted.

My mom holding CD

I wish my grandmother was here to hold her. Chelsey named her “Great” since she was “Great grandma.” Maybe I’ll adopt that name as aunt. “Aunt Great” cause, I am and all. 😉

I wish Chelsey’s dad could have been here. But I know that he and my grandma are rejoicing and watching from heaven.

My grandma would have said (because she’s too honest) “That baby is F-A-T. And those toes, why my goodness, Jessica, did you see those?”

And I would have laughed and said, “Yeah, I saw them. Not nearly as horrible as your mismatched polyester pants and pink floral shirt.”

Then Chelsey’s dad, Ron, would have said, “I wonder what prank I’ll play on her first.” And thought how he could put something in her bottle, like lemon juice because he always played pranks. Ugh. I hated those.

This is a joyous time. Whether from Heaven or here on Earth.

Welcome, Crimson Danielle Hale-Browning. We love  you and plan to spend the rest of your life showing you! xoxoxoxo

19 thoughts on “Must Meet Monday: Crimson Danielle Hale-Browning

  1. Awesome!! HUGE congratulations to you and to Chelsea and everyone lovin on that baby girl! I can feel your joy through my computer screen. Love you!

  2. Ok, thanks, this made me tear up A LOT.
    Precious baby. Congrats!

  3. A HUGE congratulations to you and family! Babies are awesome. Seriously loved your post ~ thank you for sharing your little slice of Heaven with us!

  4. What a beautiful, beautiful post!! I'm blinking away tears because, yes, I'm one of "those" kinds of saps. 🙂

    Congrats, Auntie Great!! May CD be a huge blessing to your family!!

  5. She's beautiful. Such a blessing…

  6. Eek! Congratulations GREAT Aunt…or Aunt Great. 🙂 Beautiful pictures.

  7. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures. Congratulations, Aunt Great and to your blessed family. What a beautiful girl!

    And she's gonna LOVE her nursery!

  8. SO beautiful – the post and the baby – and I LOVE the name Crimson!

  9. Awwww, I love seeing little newborns. What a happy time! Chelsey is lucky to have such a wonderful aunt!

  10. Congratulations on your family's new addition. Your grandfather sounds like he was a lot of fun. I am the prankster here, but not everyone appreciates my humor. We had a new baby at our church last week and I asked the mother if the baby could do any tricks yet. I think I was the only one in that conversation that thought that was funny. Congratulations again.

  11. Loved this post. Reminded me of the days my grandsons were born.

  12. There is nothing better than the smell of babies. That is the one thing that I truly miss about LPA. I could get my fix daily!!!

  13. FANTASTIC post 🙂 🙂 Nothing greater to celebrate than new life … even if it screams at you 🙂

  14. Thanks everyone!!! We're so excited. I fed her and changed her first diaper…she decided to poo. UGH. 🙂

  15. Congratulations to you and your family, Jessica! Crimson is a beautiful baby. I know she'll have tons of fun with you as her Auntie.

    Thank you for sharing your family's joyful day with us 🙂

  16. Congratulations! She's beautiful!

    Be nice to her…don't teach her to do naughty things…well, maybe just a few 😉

  17. You have every right to be so excited – she is beautiful, as is the rest of your family. And brave….mine wouldn't let me post pictures on my blog. 🙂

  18. So beautiful! Congrats to all of you! 🙂

  19. A little slow getting here, but I'm honored to be up-ended by a newborn. Congrats to all!


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