Frivolous Friday: I WON Awards!

Okay, so it isn’t the Christy’s, but still…I’m honored to get them!

On Monday, my twitter buddy, Stacy Green at Turning the Page, awarded this to me. She just finished her psychological thriller and is in the revision stages! Woot!  She’s a sassy and talented writer as well as an awesome researcher. You need to read her blog about the tunnels in Vegas! She also writes flash fiction.

Wish I’d have known that word as a kid, flash fiction.
“Jessica Renee, are you lying to me?”
“Uh, no…that was flash fiction.”

On Wednesday, Stacy Henrie awarded me with the same thing! Stacy & Stacy! Love it! Love them! Stacy has a fabulous blog, Live, Laugh, Love and I am so glad I found it and her. She’s precious and funny!

Stacy Henrie didn’t do the random facts, but talked about her cool vacation. Stacy Green answered some fun questions and I’m going to do the same! Why? Because they had vampires in one of them…and I love vampires! Even the pointy-eared ones.

The questions were newly-created by Lyn Midnight. What a cool name.

If you were a vampire, which celebrity would you first sink your teeth into?
Hmmm….Ian Somerhalder (Damon from Vampire Diaries) The fact he plays a vampire might have something to do with it. Maybe not.

What’s your middle name? Not your REAL middle name. Your middle name.
Indiana, because I want to be the female version of Indiana Jones! (as long as I can stay out of tight spaces)

You’re stranded on an island. There’s a monkey with you there, but he’s not too chatty. You also have a ball at your disposal. A ship passes by, but it’s daylight. How will you attract their attention?

Tie the monkey around the ball using his arms and legs, jab a shell into his lower back to get him to screech and launch it with a tree branch toward the ship. I wanna go home!!! (My apologies to animal humane people, but I’m desperate. We can all sing the Sarah Mclachlan Angel song, later.)

What are you secretly afraid of? And what are you REALLY afraid of?
Getting Alzhemiers, guess it’s not a secret anymore. Something bad happening to my kids.

Describe your best friend in five words.
Silly, shy, generous, bright, child-like (in a good wide-eyed wonder kinda way)

What’s the last movie you watched? Was it good? Sanctum on DVD. It was really good, but about a quarter way through I wanted a Xanax. Tight spaces, in pitch dark, alone. Okay, I want another Xanax. Oh and I saw, Morning Glory with Harrison Ford and Rachel McAdams. Loved it and I didn’t need drugs to finish it.
Thanks, Stacy & Stacy, for giving me the awards! I love you guys! 🙂 Happy Friday, all!

Question: Who’s seeing Harry Potter this weekend? Besides me.

17 thoughts on “Frivolous Friday: I WON Awards!

  1. hey, congrats miss Jessica! How cool are you? hehe. Great answers.

    As for your question, Brandon's about to go see the midnight showing but I will probably wait for the dvd. I don't even think I saw the last one. Or two. Not sure.

    Have a great weekend! =)

  2. To Harry!

  3. Seeing Harry tonight. A little nervous about the crowds. I don't like crowds.

  4. Now they were fun questions and answers!!!

    No Harry Potter for me, I'm afraid. (I haven't even read any of the books yet) Shhh!!

  5. You're too "sweet!" 🙂 Loved your answers to those fun questions.

    As for Harry Potter, I don't know if I'll see it – maybe some day. I've only read the first book – more like listened in while my DH read it to our older two. Have fun at the movie!

  6. Not Harry Potter but the new Winnie the Pooh! Isn't that cool and exciting? Aww, the things mothers do for their little ones.

  7. Congratulations on the award, Jessica! I like vampires, too. Have you heard about the new Christian vampire romance series Kiss of Midnight coming out in October?

    I can't see the last Harry Potter because I haven't seen the first one yet. Been meaning to…

    Have a great time at the movies!

  8. Hey guys!
    Michelle: I only do midnight showings of the Twilight Saga, but only b/c one of my friends drags me!

    Loree: Yes! To Harry! lol

    Heather: The Potter crowds can get carried away! Bring Mace. 😉

    Jennifer: I won't tell! 😉

    Stacy: I will have fun! You should wait till they all come out on DVD and watch them as a marathon, although I thought the last few were too scary for my little one!

    Lacie: Aw! I bet the suspense will have you on the edge of your seat! 😉

    Brandi: Yes, I think I tried to get that one for review, but I'm not sure. There's also an Amish Vampire book coming out. I have to read that just because it's Amish vampires…whaat??!!! lol

  9. Congrats on the award! And, you'll have to fight me for Ian….

    I won't be seeing the Harry Potter movie. I'll wait until it's on video and I want to watch all of them….don't hit me, but I've only seen one to date. I do hope to go to a movie though…maybe Horrible Bosses.

  10. Congratulations Jessica! That picture looks good enough to eat! 🙂

    I signed up as a reviewer for "Kiss of Night" too!

    I. Love. Damon. 🙂 Oh, and I'm totally seeing Potter!!!!

  11. I stopped watching/reading Harry Potter around book three/movie three. I just felt like I'd seen all I was interested in. I'm not much into action/adventure, and that's what it became to me. I'm in awe of J.K. Rowling's talent, though!

  12. We'll hit the theater tomorrow to watch Harry Potter. I still need to see part 1. I didn't want to watch it until part 2 came out, so I wouldn't have to wait so long. I know I'm going to cry. I cried reading the book.

    Loved the answers to your questions! Congrats on the awards. Well deserved. 🙂

  13. Loved this post. Fun, fun, fun! :o) Have a great Saturday!!

  14. Fun questions. Your best friend sounds really sweet, and I liked the Harrison Ford movie too. Although I wanted to strangle him at times!

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