Frivolous Friday: Here’s What’s Happening In My Neck of the Woods

                                                               First of all a BIG FAT CONGRATULATIONS goes out to  Brandie Boddie! She just signed a 3 book deal with Charisma House! Go by and cheer her on!

                           Now on with the show this it!

1. I have a head-cold. In summer. Yeah.

2. I’m attending a viewing this evening and funeral tomorrow morning. When I wrote about my best friends being like the movie Steel Magnolias, I had no idea how true to life that would be and it’s just hard.

3. My son is spending a week with my mom and having a ball while being spoiled rotten. I’ll have to retrain him when he gets home because he’ll forget that “no” is a real word.

4. My daughter is leaving for camp this weekend. She wants to borrow my shoes. Why can’t her feet grow a size bigger than mine?

5. Funny note: My husband has shingles–brought on by serious emotional stress (see number 2)…okay that isn’t the funny part. The funny part is he had to go to the pharmacy and pick up the medicine, which happens to be the same medicine they treat Herpes with! rofl.

6. I’m about to refinish my bedroom furniture after I finish up the copy edits of my ms. Pictures will be posted–not in my ms–of my bedroom.

7. I’m still beating myself up for not finishing out the last half of the series Smallville, but dadgumit it just got stupid. I have it on TIVO if I break out in shingles over the distress from guilt, it’ll be there to watch. (and maybe cure me so I don’t have to buy herpes meds)

8. “Jane” got a membership to the country club with me. Neither of us belong in a country club. I’m sure we’ll be kicked out by the end of June. Side note: When I walked into the pool she was wearing a black swim suit and a big floppy hat. I think she was going for a Hepburn look. All I saw was the mom whose son got eaten by JAWS.

9. I watched JAWS last night.


10. One of my BFF’s gave me a present. An iPhone. It’s not even my birthday. How great is that? I’ve always suspected she’s cajun mafia so, I’m sure I’ll be owin her one…I don’t know much about making concrete shoes. I have shot a gun…for research. 😉

Next Monday I’ll be chatting with Nike Chillemi about her debut novel, Burning Hearts. Don’t miss it! Have a great weekend.

 So what’s going on in your neck of the woods?

12 thoughts on “Frivolous Friday: Here’s What’s Happening In My Neck of the Woods

  1. Whew…and I thought my week was crazy busy… Love you and praying for you!

  2. Jeez you have got a busy few days ahead of you! My brother loved Smallville, too, but I couldn't get into it.

  3. I need a full post to fill you in on the mishaps of my month:)

    Praying for you on tomorrow at the funeral services. I feel a similar ache this morning thinking of my grandmother who passed last week.

    God continues to pull me close and cover me with His presence! Love Him for that:)

  4. Sheri: Thanks for the prayers! Have fun on your Lunatic tour today! lol

    D.U.: I loved it all these years but this last season has been corny. sigh. 🙂

    Tamika: Thanks for your prayers and I am also praying for you. I'm so thankful our sorrow doesn't have to be like the sorrow of the world. God is wonderful all the time, but especially tender in times of grief.

  5. Well, that's a lot. 🙂
    We own Jaws on DVD and we still end up watching every time it's on TV. 🙂
    I'm sorry you have a head cold–anytime is a bad time but summer totally stinks. And I'm sorry about the funeral you're going to. I just heard some very sad news myself last night.

  6. Keeping you and yours in my thoughts and prayers.

    I know it's been a difficult week for you. Take a moment or two to lean on Him when you need to.

    JAWS? Everyone loves JAWS. I think if you are flipping the channels and you run across JAWS, you find yourself sitting and watching it again…and again…

    "Show me the way to go home…"

  7. Thank you for the congrats, Jessica! You're so supportive 🙂

    I'm sorry to hear about your head cold and the funeral services you'll be attending tomorrow. You and your family will be in my prayers.

    We watch Smallville, too. We have all the seasons on DVD. I think the final season will be out on DVD sometime in August.

    Don't think about JAWS or you'll never get into the water. Not even a kiddie pool, lol!

  8. Ok, I admit I'm not too into Jaws. And Smallville got corny for me as soon as they intro'd the Green Arrow. It's too bad, too.

    Praying for you tonight and tomorrow, sister. I do hope Tim feels better and you don't come down with it too. Hallucinations are the LAST thing YOU need. You're crazy enough as it is. 😉

    Love ya! Hope all of you have a great day and weekend.

    Brandi: I'm thrilled for you, my new friend.

    Jennifer and Loree: My husband would be the same way (Jaws on TV). I use the excuse that it would scare the kids to make him turn it off. he he

    Tamika: sorry about your grandma. I've been thinking about my grandparents a lot lately, missing them. So I feel for your loss.

    Sherri and D.U.: Hello to you, too! 🙂

  9. Sounds very busy in your neck of the woods. Sorry for your loss.

  10. Jennifer: I watch JAWS everytime it's on too! I can't help it, even with the DVD on the shelf. So sorry to hear about your sad news last night.

    Loree: Thanks so much for your prayers. "Bon Bon Bon, I'm tired and I wanna go to bed!" LOL

    Brandie: Your news is so great! I'm excited for you and if it wasn't for you I wouldn't know what Steampunk is! 🙂 Looking forward to sharing the journey with you.

    Michelle: Not into JAWS? WHAT??? And I love Green Arrow. I think he was a great addition.

    Maggie: Thanks so much for stopping by. My neck of the woods is busy, but next week things should settle down.

  11. I'm so sorry for your loss, Jessica. Know that you have a listening ear with me if you ever need it. I'll be praying for you and for your family. Love ya, dear friend! ((Hugs)).

  12. Shingles? a cold? A funeral? Oh my goodness, I pray your weekend didn't get any worse!
    I spent the weekend working in the ER and my main computer program was down so spent a lot of time twiddling my thumbs.
    Happy today though:)


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