I don’t wanna see your girls, dress appropriately! A guide to quality childcare


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Today’s guest blog is from a very dear friend and former colleague of mine, Mary Lange. Mary has taught me how to run a financially tight ship! She can squeeze blood out of a turnip! (not literally, if so I never got to see it!) Every time I entered her center, equipment flowed and she was NEVER over budget! Thanks, Mary!


My name is Mary Lange.  I am a wife, mom of 3, stepmom of 2.  Currently, I attend ASU and substitute teach at the local school district. I was lucky and had the opportunity to stay at home for the last three years with my youngest child.  She went to preschool this fall at the old age of three.  My oldest daughter, who is now 19, went to day care at 6 weeks of age.  My son, now 16 went to an in home daycare until he turned one, then he came to the center that I worked at.  So, I have been there, done that too.    I worked in a licensed childcare facility for 14 years beginning as a toddler teacher and working my way up to academy director and I must say that I enjoyed my time as a teacher more than I did as an administrator.   I have cared for and taught children of all ages, infants to high school.  The greatest achievement as a teacher is when you see that light bulb go off above the child’s head.  I believe that teaching is a calling from God and all people are not meant teachers. 
When speaking of a teacher, yes they can be male or female, but I normally use the feminine term especially when speaking about teachers in childcare facilities.
One of first things that most people look at when they walk into a teacher’s classroom is her appearance.   The teacher should be dressed appropriately.  Appropriate is a word that can be interpreted in different ways.
This is my idea of appropriate dress for a childcare facility.  If the facility mandates uniforms for their employees, does the teacher adhere to the policy?  Is her uniform clean?  Does it look like she slept in her clothes or didn’t take a shower that day?   I feel that personal hygiene is very important in a childcare facility.  If she doesn’t take pride in or care of herself, how can you expect her to take care of your child?  If uniforms are not worn, appropriate means that they are dressed ready for inside and outside active play and bending and stretching without showing any extra skin.  By extra skin, I mean cleavage and the upper thigh area that can and will expose the booty cheeks when bending over. Is she dressed sloppy?
 Are her clothes excessively baggy or so tight that it appears that she has been poured into them?    Clothes should fit well and be easy to move around in.  Shoes should be clean and low heeled.  The only high heels that should ever been worn in a preschool is by the preschooler playing dress up or the Director.  The preferred shoe of choice is a tennis shoe or a comfortable low heeled dress shoe.   Yes, some ladies do like to wear skirts or dresses.  This is okay too, as long as they are able to sit on the floor and play with the children.   Hair should be neat and clean.  Jewelry should be kept to a minimum. 
Remember to look at more than what she is wearing, appearance goes beyond the clothes.  What does her face say when you walk in the room or when you are peeking in the window before entering;  does she look happy, tried, frustrated, or  is there a blank look on her face?   What does her classroom look like; does she take pride in her room?
If you are concerned about what the teacher is wearing, you can and should talk to the Director about you concerns.  I know personally, I do not want to go into my child’s preschool class and see the teacher bending over exposing themselves to the children or to other parents.  (Me either, Mary! -jess)
What are your thoughts? What do you expect? Any stories you’d like to share?


Have a great weekend! See you Monday!

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