Today I’m off to IL with my BFF. We’re going to my mom’s. The first time we went together, we got to babbling and four hours later I finally looked up and realized my surroundings were unfamiliar.

“Heather, I don’t recognize any of these buildings…something’s wrong.”

Heather shrugged, “Huh…”

Turned out…we veered left instead of right and ended up in Little Rock instead of Illinois!  We had to back track and what should have been a 4 hour trip, turned out to be 8! I gotta say, I was pretty upset. Even Heather’s animal noises and silly songs to make me laugh were slightly irksome…all that time lost! But after I succumbed to the fact there was no way to make it up…I enjoyed the rest of the ride.

I suppose we veer off spiritually…we stop paying attention and end up way off course! It’s frustrating and irritating when you “come to” and see how far you’ve gone. Suck it up…make the best of it…let God get you where you’re supposed to be going! He makes crooked paths straight!

Today however, Heather and I will be paying attention…and I’m sure several friends will text us to remind us…veer right, freaks!!! 😉

I’m directionally challenged in so many ways! Have a great weekend!!!

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