Oh, It’s a Fine Line, Honey!

“Wait upon the Lord…”

There is a fine line between waiting and doing nothing. Sometimes waiting feels like doing nothing. Lately, that’s what my life has looked like. (to me anyway) When I’m in a period of waiting, I start out patiently and then as time creeps by…I start getting that panicky-caged-desperate feeling. Anyone relate?

I’m still trusting God, believing His promises and reciting my mantra–well scripture that has become my mantra…whatever, you get my point– “You are my exceedingly great reward.” I say it over and over. I take that from Abraham, you know. God told him that no matter what the great promise he was given, HE was the exceedingly great reward. I take comfort in that and it keeps my focus where it belongs–not on the good things He’s promised into my life but on Him. No matter what, He’s better than all the icing on the cake.

God is so great in the fact that His knowledge of each of us is thorough. And as the craziness starts up in me, thinking I have to do more…He reminds me in super ways that I’ve done what He’s asked me to do. I’m not doing NOTHING…I’m working–relentlessly and waiting at the same time. However, I’m in the stage where I’m not being patient as I wait and that’s what sets me off into the ‘trapped’ feelings. That’s also where I get myself into trouble! I can’t make things happen and neither can you. I mean I can (maybe)–we can, but it’s all about perfect timing and being in the center of God’s will. That’s where I want to be most. Smack dab in the center, permeated by all the treats that wouldn’t be there if I was in the center of my own will.

A BFF of mine told me one morning when I was wigging out to her, that God showed her us. We were trees planted by waters and ripe fruit was hanging from us…she said, “God isn’t going to let it hang there and rot. It’s there for people to come and pick. We just have to be patient.”

I vent all this and make you wade through the paragraphs to simply ask you a question and encourage you. Has God spoken something into your life and you’ve been working toward it but haven’t seen the fruition yet? Are you feeling like you’re barely hanging on…feeling edgy…desperate to make something happen? Are you wondering if you’re waiting or doing nothing?

Take heart, when God makes a promise, when He sets something in motion–it will happen. Keep working toward what He’s asked you to do. Maybe that means studying more, making time to work on what it is He’s asked you to do. Dropping some worthless junk. I don’t know what it will look like, but I do know He never disappoints. Never deceives and He accomplishes everything He purposes.

How long? Who knows? I’ve been waiting for seven, but serious about it for over two so…
I guess you and I will wait together. Keep believing. Don’t give up. God will keep confirming your dreams and promises to you. He has for me…in some seriously crazy ways, but I’m a crazy person!

And above all else  “…the word of the Lord came…do not be afraid…I am your shield and your exceedingly great reward.” Genesis 15:1 NKJV

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  1. I needed this, Jess.


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